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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Types of Men’s Belts That Are Popular in 2023

Best Men's Belts

Belts are an important accessory that can make or break an outfit. With a variety of types of belts available, choosing the right one for a specific occasion can be a challenge.

From leather and fabric to braided and reversible, the options are endless. In this article, we will explore the different types of belts for men, and highlight the top-rated belts on Amazon.

We will cover everything you need to know and also take a closer look at the materials and features that make each belt stand out, and provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right belt for the occasion.

So, whether you're dressing up for a special event, or just want to add a stylish touch to your everyday outfit, this guide will help you find the perfect belt to suit your needs.

Top 10 Best Men’s Belts on Amazon Key Features Price
Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt 100% Leather,
Multiple color options,
Buckle closure
JUKMO Tactical Belt 100% Nylon,
Buckle closure
Available in 6 colors,
Carhartt Men's Casual Rugged Belt Cowhide leather,
Multiple color options,
Perfect for semi- formal and informal outfits
Amazon Essentials Men's Classic Dress Belt Bonded leather belt,
3 colors and sizes up to 56,
Formal look,
Lacoste Men's Thick Buckle Belt Leather belt,
Adjustable closure,
Thick buckle,
Metallic logo,
Fits well with all outfits
Columbia Men’s Trinity Logo Everyday Casual Dress Belt 100% genuine leather,
Heavy duty buckle,
11 color options
GRIP6 Web Belts for Men 100% nylon material,
Military belt strap,
Easy sizing
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Braided Belt Braided style,
Genuine leather material,
Single prong buckle
Under Armour Webbing Men's Belt Durable and flexible,
100% premium polyester material,
Fits well with denims
Michael Kors Signature Leather Gift Set Belt Hardware buckle,
100% leather,
Two color options

Which is the best men’s belt? 

I recently purchased the Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The leather is of exceptional quality and the buckle is sturdy and well-crafted. Its simplicity makes it a perfect addition to my casual and formal attire. The adjustable sizing is also a plus, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. I love that this belt is versatile, durable and will last for years to come. It is, without a doubt, the best men's belt I have ever owned and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and stylish accessory.

I love wearing belts in all my outfits as it’s the perfect waist-clincher that involves great fashion. Literally nothing can go wrong with wearing belts.

Also, they’re quite easily available. You can find some of the best men’s belts for suits, casuals, outdoors etc. on Amazon itself.

If you’re facing trouble in looking for one for yourself, I’ve got some great recommendations for you. Below are some of the best men’s belts to choose from. 

Top 10 Belts for Men - For All Occasions

Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt - $17.54

mens belts

The Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt is a versatile and durable accessory that combines classic style with practicality. Made from genuine leather, this belt is designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining a timeless look.

The belt features a single-prong buckle that is both sturdy and easy to use, and the 1.5-inch width fits comfortably through most standard belt loops. The leather strap is available in a range of colors, including black, brown, and tan, allowing you to choose the option that best matches your wardrobe.

Also, this belt is suitable for a variety of casual occasions, whether you're running errands, working around the house, or heading out for a night on the town.

Key Features

  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • 100% Leather
  • Adjustable
  • Multiple color options

JUKMO Tactical Belt - $20.98

mens belts

The JUKMO Tactical Belt is a heavy-duty, adjustable belt designed for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is made from durable and breathable 1000D nylon material, which is resistant to wear and tear, abrasions, and water.

The belt features a quick-release buckle, which allows for easy and fast adjustment and removal. It also has a cobra buckle made of aviation aluminum that can support up to 5000 lbs, making it highly reliable and secure.

Key Features

  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Cowhide Suede
  • Adjustable
  • 2 colour options

Carhartt Men's Casual Rugged Belt - $39.99

mens belts

If you're looking for a durable and stylish belt to wear with your casual outfits, then the Carhartt Men's Casual Rugged Belt is an excellent option. Made from full-grain leather, this belt is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday wear, making it a long-lasting investment for your wardrobe.

The silver-tone buckle gives it a classic and timeless look, while the heat-stamped logo adds a touch of brand recognition. The belt is available in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit that suits your waistline.

Key Features

  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Cowhide Suede
  • Adjustable
  • 2 colour options

Amazon Essentials Classic Dress Men's Belt - $18.00

mens belts

This Amazon Essentials men’s belt is made with bonded leather, polyurethane as well as polyester. It’s extremely affordable and looks like the original leather belt that has a soft and smooth touch. If you have a low budget and want a leather belt, go for this one. 

This is one of the formal belts for men to have in your wardrobe. It looks great with suits and semi-formal outfits. You can find 3 colour options in this one like black, tan and dark brown. It’s long lasting in the sense that you won’t find the material chipping off easily. 

You will find sizes till 56 which means it’s great for men with any body shape. It’s one of the best men’s belts for work. You'll love this belt as it looks so basic yet so smart.

Key Features

  • Formal belt
  • Made with bonded leather, polyester and polyurethane material 
  • Affordable 
  • 3 colors and 15 sizes till 56

Lacoste Men's Thick Buckle Belt - $75.99

Lacoste belt is a belt for men's jeans that will make you look extremely smart and fashionable. It’s made with leather and adds a timeless style to your outfits. The closure is adjustable with a metal loop to make sure the fit is perfect. It’s amongst the best men’s belts in this list. 

This pure leather belt for men is extremely durable and can be hand washed if you find it dirty. This is one of my personal favorite belts because it looks good on everything. The metallic logo of Lacoste looks extremely stylish and will make you stand out. This belt is the most stylish in the list.

Key Features

  • Leather belt
  • Adjustable closure
  • Durable and hand wash required
  • Stylish 
  • Fits all outfits

Columbia Men’s Trinity Logo Everyday Casual Dress Belt - $41.00

Made from genuine leather, this belt is designed to last. It features a classic silver-tone buckle, which has the iconic Columbia logo embossed on it and whether you're wearing a pair of jeans or dress pants, this belt will add a touch of sophistication to your look

The supple leather material is soft to the touch, and the belt's design ensures a snug and comfortable fit. You can wear this belt for hours without feeling any discomfort and the best part is it's available in various sizes ensuring a perfect fit for any waistline.

Key Features

  • 100% genuine leather belt
  • Heavy duty buckle
  • 11 colors available

GRIP6 Web Casual Men’s Belt - $39.00

Grip6 belt is a very different belt from the rest in the list. It has no holes, just the buckle does the job. It’s a classy belt that goes well with golfing, hiking, ratchet as well as work. This military style belt is made with 100% high quality nylon material. 

This belt looks extremely smart and can pull over 2000 pounds without breaking. If the size is too large for you, you can cut one end and fit it. This belt is just another level of style. Wear it with any outfit and feel the difference yourself!

Key Features

  • 100% high quality nylon material 
  • Can pull over 2000 pounds
  • Stays tight all day

Tommy Hilfiger Braided Men's Belt - $26.78

Tommy Hilfiger’s braided belt is extremely stylish and made with 100% leather. It looks really elegant and the dark brown colour is very elegant and smart. You can wear it to work for leisure, it’ll definitely suit you. It has a single prong buckle. 

It’s extremely comforting and doesn’t tighten up too much. The quality is too good and the price is also decent for the branded tag. I love how it looks on jeans as well as formal pants. It’s definitely one of the best men’s belts that I've ever owned with a great style. 

Key Features

  • Braided style
  • Single prong buckle
  • Decently priced
  •  Goes well with jeans and formals

Under Armour Webbing Men's Belt - $18.77

The Under Armour webbing men’s belt is a great belt for sporty and casual looks. It can be sported while hiking, fishing, golfing etc. It’s made with 100% polyester material and is pretty strong. 

This belt is extremely durable and flexible. The clamp closure has an under armor logo on it which makes it look even more extraordinary. I love wearing this belt especially with jeans and denim shorts to make my outfit stand out. 

Key Features

  • Durable and flexible
  • Clamp closure
  • 100% premium polyester material 

Michael Kors Signature Leather Men’s Belt - $72.48

This is one of the best men’s belts from a luxury brand, Michael Kors. It’s made with 100% leather and coated with the MK logo all over it. The buckle is made with the letters MK of stainless steel material and looks super classy and elegant. 

There are 5 holes to adjust your size. This MK belt is available in two colors: black and blue and both look really nice. You can choose whichever colour you like the most. It’s one of the best men’s belts to wear. 

Key Features

  • 100% leather 
  • Authentic and premium 
  • Two colour options 
  • MK hardware buckle

What are the Different Types of Belts For Men

Belts are an essential part of a man's wardrobe, not only serving a practical function of keeping pants in place, but also adding a stylish touch to an outfit.

There are various types of belts available for men, ranging from formal to casual and made from different materials.

  • Leather Belts: Leather belts are the most popular type of belt for men, available in different colors and textures. They can be worn with both formal and casual outfits, and the quality of the leather determines the price.
  • Fabric Belts: Fabric belts are usually made from cotton or canvas and are suitable for casual wear. They come in various colors and patterns, such as stripes or checks.
  • Braided Belts: Braided belts are made from intertwined strips of leather or other materials and add a stylish touch to casual outfits.
  • Reversible Belts: Reversible belts have two colors or textures and can be flipped over to match different outfits.
  • Suede Belts: Suede belts have a soft, velvety texture and are a great choice for casual outfits. They come in various colors and can add a touch of sophistication to an outfit.
  • Chain Belts: Chain belts are a unique accessory that can be worn with jeans or over a shirt. They are made from metal chains and can be styled in different ways.
  • Dress Belts: Dress belts are usually made from high-quality leather and are designed to be worn with formal attire. They are often thin and sleek, and come in classic colors like black and brown.

How to Select the Right Belt for an Occasion?

Selecting the right belt for the occasion is an important part of putting together a well-coordinated outfit.

The right belt can complement your clothing, enhance your style, and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Here are some tips for selecting the right belt for different occasions:

  • For formal events, such as weddings, business meetings, and black-tie affairs, a dress belt is the best option. A dress belt is usually made of leather and is thinner and more understated than other types of belts. The color of the belt should match the color of your shoes, and a classic black or brown leather belt is always a safe choice.
  • For casual occasions, such as weekends, casual get-togethers, and outdoor events, a fabric belt or a braided belt is a great option. These belts come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches your outfit. A wider belt can also work for a more casual look.
  • For business casual occasions, such as dress-down Fridays or semi-formal events, a leather belt is still appropriate but can be a bit wider and more decorative than a dress belt. A reversible belt with a classic color like black or brown on one side and a more vibrant color on the other can add some personality to your outfit.
  • For athletic activities, such as going to the gym or playing sports, a sports belt made of stretchy fabric is ideal. These belts are designed to be comfortable and move with your body, so you don't have to worry about them slipping or becoming uncomfortable during physical activity.
  • For casual wear, such as jeans and t-shirts, a classic leather belt or a braided belt is a great choice. You can also choose a wider belt to make a fashion statement, or opt for a belt with a metal buckle to add some edge to your outfit.

What Should you Consider Before Buying a Belt?

  • Consider the material: Look for a belt made from high-quality leather, as it is durable and will last longer. Other options may include synthetic materials, woven fabrics, or exotic leathers like ostrich or crocodile.
  • Check the size: To ensure a perfect fit, measure your waist and buy a belt that is one or two sizes larger than your waist size. Most belts come in standard sizes, so choose the size that is closest to your waist measurement.
  • Choose the right width: The width of your belt should match the loops on your pants. If your pants have narrow loops, choose a belt with a width of 1-1.25 inches. For larger loops, choose a belt with a width of 1.5-2 inches.
  • Determine the style: There are many different styles of belts, including dress belts, casual belts, and western belts. Choose a style that matches the occasion and your personal style.
  • Pay attention to the buckle: The buckle is an important part of the belt, and should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choose a buckle that matches the style of the belt and your personal taste.
  • Look for quality stitching: A well-made belt will have even and tight stitching, with no loose threads or fraying.
  • Check the brand reputation: Research the brand and read reviews from other customers to ensure that the belt is of high quality and will last a long time.
  • Consider the color: Choose a belt that matches your shoes or other accessories, or choose a neutral color that will match a variety of outfits.
  • Think about the price: A high-quality belt is an investment that will last for years, so don't be afraid to spend a little more for a belt that is well-made and will last a long time.
  • Try it on: Before purchasing a belt, try it on to ensure that it fits well and is comfortable. Walk around in it and make sure it stays in place and doesn't ride up or down.


In conclusion, when it comes to men's fashion, belts are an essential accessory that can elevate any outfit. With so many styles and materials to choose from, it's important to consider the occasion and personal style when selecting a belt.

From dress belts to casual belts and everything in between, the right belt can make all the difference.

The top belts for men to buy are those made of high-quality materials with a well-crafted buckle and proper stitching.

By following the tips and recommendations in this article, men can confidently select a belt that not only looks great but will also last for years to come.

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