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Types of Men’s Crossbody Bags | Practical & Durable Sling Bags for Men

best mens crossbody bags

Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a quick ride to another town, you will need to have a functional bag to carry your most important personal belongings. 

That’s where a high quality crossbody bag comes into the picture. These bags for men not only look great, but they are versatile and can be used no matter the circumstance.

Men's crossbody bags are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and even designs. Picking the most appropriate crossbody bag for yourself may be a task since they all look the same. 

So, which is are best men's crossbody bags?

The best men's crossbody bags are those that are comfortable to wear and offer ample storage space. They should also be made from high-quality materials and must be durable. The best men's crossbody bags you can buy today are the Under Armuor Loudon, the Waterfly Crossbody and the IVGT Leather Crossbody bag.

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Things to consider when buying a men's crossbody bag

When you're buying a crossbody bag, there are a few things you need to take into consideration so you have the best.

  • Practicality - The most important thing to consider when buying a crossbody or a sling bag for men is how practical the bag is. Make sure you choose a bag that is large enough to hold your personal belongings and one that is durable enough so it's safe to use if it's raining, depending on where you reside.
  • Material - The second thing to consider is the material of the crossbody bag. Many bags available are made from fabric which may not sit well with everyone. You can also try opting for a leather or polyester blend crossbody bag as they are highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Price - Crossbody bags are not expensive and you can get a reasonably good quality bag for under $50. Depending on your budget, there are hundreds of bags to choose from, so make sure you don't go overboard because you will easily be able to find a good quality crossbody bag for well under $100.

Benefits of using a crossbody bag for men

Crossbody bags are ideal mainly because they are built to hold all your personal belongings for when you plan a trip or if you're heading to the store. They help keep your pockets free and can be either worn on your back or across the chest.

  • They are lightweight and portable - Crossbody bags are designed for traveling. They are compact, made from high-quality materials and are easy to handle.
  • Crossbody bags provide easy access - It's easy to access your personal belongings stored in a crossbody bag. If worn on your chest, the pockets are easily accessible as they're right in front of you.
  • Ideal for your personal belongings - Regardless of whether you're going on a trip of if you're simply heading out, a crossbody bag will easily hold all your basic necessities such as your wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera lens, batteries, smartphone, passports, and more.
  • Crossbody bags are in style - Men's crossbody bags are in style today and you can find big brands such as LV or Chanel manufacturing crossbody bags for men. You can wear a crossbody bag anywhere without someone having anything negative to tell you about it.

Men’s Crossbody bags

Under Armour Loudon Crossbody

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Probably one of the best crossbody bags for men out there that is ideal for everyday use is the Under Armour Loudon Crossbody bag. I really enjoyed using this slingbag mainly because it's practical and and it offers more than enough space to hold a small 8" tablet.

The feel of the bag is nice, with a premium polyester interior lining and a waterproof finish on the outside, you can wear this bag where ever you go and never have to worry about your belonging getting wet. It's available in two colors, but I prefer the finish on the black version better.

Key Features

  • Made from high quality polyester and nylon with a water proof lining.
  • Equipped with two pockets, one for a small tablet and the other for your personal belongings.
Pros Cons
Well designed sleek outdoor crossbody bag Under Armour could have offered different storage sizes of this bag
Budget-friendly and costs less than $25
Ample amount of storage space to hold your personal belongings

Waterfly Crossbody Travel Bag

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

The second on our list is a well-designed travel crossbody bag from the house of Waterfly. This durable and sporty looking crossbody bag is perfect if you want to head out on a trek or to the supermarket. The thing that appealed to me the most about this bag is that it's made from a durable material and has a polyester lining, quite like t he Under Armour.

You can keep anything you want in this bag from mini iPad's to your wallet, cash, deodorant, a bottle of water, some snacks and even your smartphone. The adjustable shoulder strap comes with a small pocket on the front which you can use to store loose change or your house keys.

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Key Features

  • Comes with a concealed earphone hole and two side pockets to hold your water bottles.
  • The bag is made from high grade nylon and polyester which helps circulate air through the bag making it great for long walks, treks and more.
  • It comes with multiple compartments to store items such as your wallet, phone and even an iPad or tablet.
Pros Cons
Good quality finish Looks can be deceiving, was a little small when it arrived
Loads of pockets along with slots for your water bottles
Cost effective and well built

Leather Sling Bag - IVTG Store

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

The leather sling bag from the IVTG store is a highly functional crossbody bag and features a vintage design. It is made from genuine leather and weighs hardly 1.5lbs. This bag has a primary zipper pocket, a front pocket, a back zipper pocket and a cable hole to slide your earphone through.

We loved this crossbody bag as it looked unique and felt great to carry. It’s available in three colors, black, brown and coffee so you can pick the best looking one. Another great feature about this bag is the anti-theft rear pocket that you can use for your smartphone and wallet and also for the fact that this bag is both fireproof and scratch resistant.

Key Features

  • 100% Genuine leather
  • Rust-proof metal zipper
  • 1 zipper pocket, 2 front pockets, 1 anti-theft pocket, 1 earphone hole
Pros Cons
Premium quality leather N/A
Well built and large enough to gold a small sized tablet
Made to be fireproof and scratch resistant

Oxford Small Sling Bag - Pine

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

This unisex bag is one of the best men’s crossbody bags to buy today. It’s made from high density oxford and features a simple design along with numerous pockets. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and is the perfect choice for men who tend to carry many things in their pockets.

The small sling bag from Pine comes with some level of water resistance and is even equipped with an earphone hole so you don’t have to keep the phone in your pocket. You can easily carry your everyday items in this bag such as your wallet, phone, tablet and even other personal items you may need. It’s perfect for camping, shopping, or traveling and can be worn at the front of back depending on your preference.

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Key Features

  • High density oxford material
  • Water resistant to an extent (not ideal for rainy weather)
  • 1 tablet zipper pocket, 1 secondary pocket, 1 front vertical pocket for your wallet, 1 earphone hole
Pros Cons
Decent storage space within the bag Could have had more color options
Big enough for a small laptop
Mesh bottle holder on the side

Anti Theft Crossbody Bag - Mark Ryden

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

The Mark Ryden is one of the sleekest looking crossbody bags that features a built in charging port adjustable straps, waterproof material and an anti-theft design. This bag has been crafted to provide all your personal belongings with the best levels of protection and is equipped with a front pocket that can fit an iPad, a secondary pocket for your other belongings and an anti-theft pocket at the back where you can store your wallet or mobile.

This bag happens to be one of the most affordable bags you can find in the market that looks amazing. It’s available in black and comes with a unique mini zipper and holster on the shoulder strap that you can store your phone when it’s charging and also some loose cash.

Key Features

  • Waterproof & Breathable material
  • SBS Zipper with USB charging design
  • Adjustable strap, 1 anti-theft pocket, 1 main pocket for iPad, 1 secondary pocket, lightweight
Pros Cons
Comes with a built-in USB port for your charger Slightly heavy
Hard shell casing to protect your belongings
Hidden zippers with anti-theft protection

Kadet Crossbody Bag - Chrome Store

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Here’s another great looking, highly functional crossbody bag, the Kadet sling from Chrome industries. This bag features Chrome industries signature belt buckle closure and is a low profile bag that is lightweight and easy to carry.  It features an iconic seat belt buckle and has been manufactured from military grade nylon making it extremely durable.

This crossbody bag is your everyday bag that comes equipped with a range of pockets and storage compartments allowing you to carry practically anything from cameras to tablets and even a jacket. The Kadet crossbody bag is definitely one of the best men’s crossbody bags to buy today.

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Key Features

  • Built to carry a 11” laptop
  • Total capacity is 9L
  • Military grade design and durable material
  • 1 front pocket,  1 interior organizer pocket, aluminum buckle, daisy chain mounting loops, padded shoulder strap
Pros Cons
Extremely large, great for trips No water bottle storage
Smooth zippers and premium finish
Comes with multiple compartments for different items

Vintage Full Grain Leather Crossbody Bag - Lannsyne

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

This crossbody bag from Lannsyne is another pure leather chest daypack that comes with a 2mm thickness providing the bag with a sturdy and durable feel. It’s equipped with multiple pockets and has a functional design allowing you to store or carry more of your belongings rather than crowding up your pockets.

The Vintage full grain leather crossbody bag is available under $100 and comes equipped with durable metal zippers that make it easier for you to access your stuff. Another thing we loved was that this bag has a retro and wild look since the leather appears all scratched and wrinkled. This plus the one year warranty make this crossbody bag one of the best choices out there for men.

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Key Features

  • 2mm thick full grain cowhide crazy horse leather
  • 3 Primary pockets
  • Comfortable straps with breathable mesh layer
  • 2-way metal zippers
Pros Cons
Made from authentic horse leather and cowhide Low on space, can't hold a tablet well
Faded leather look
Mesh back rest that is breathable and keeps your belongings cool

Carbon Fiber Smart Crossbody Bag - Bange

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

The Bange carbon fiber crossbody bag is a premium quality bag that’s available at a fraction of the cost you’d spend on others. This bag is entirely made from lightweight, high density carbon fiber that is scratch resistant and wear resistant. It features a design quite similar to the Anti theft bag from Mark Ryden  with the only difference being the material used.

It comes equipped with a USB 3.0 port built into the side of the bag that you can use to connect a power bank and smartphone. The zippers and pockets on this bag are designed to be concealed and come with an  anti-theft TSA lock so it’s safe to say you can carry this bag with all your important belongings and rest assured they are safe throughout your journey.

Key Features

  • High density carbon fiber
  • USB 3.0 charging port
  • Can hold a 9.7” iPad or laptop,  available in black and grey
Pros Cons
Made from carbon fiber which is very durable No water bottle storage
Comes equipped with a built-in charging port
Extremely lightweight with a TSA friendly anti-theft locking mechanism

Sidewall Sling Crossbody Bag - Puma

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Puma is a brand we’ve all come to love thanks to their brilliant range of shoes and sportswear. Their No1 logo crossbody bag is a high-quality adjustable bag that comes with one primary pocket along with a slightly smaller one that can easily store your wallet, smartphone or other personal trinkets.

This crossbody bag is made from high grade polyester and has a large Puma brand logo across the front of the bag. At the front of the crossbody bag there’s one small zipper that open to a third and final pocket that is just about large enough for either your phone, pack of gum, loose cash or bus pass.

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

Key Features

  • High quality polyester
  • Branded Puma YKK zippers
  • Two primary large pockets, 1 small pocket, adjustable strap, branded logo
Pros Cons
Practical design with soft materials Quite flimsy, could use some support
Good for going to the shop and for treks
Large enough to hold a small laptop

Delve Crossbody Bag - Briggs & Riley

Best Men’s Crossbody Bags

The Briggs & Riley delve crossbody bag is probably the only 5-star rated bag on this list and there’s no reason to doubt anything, it truly is an amazing product. The only problem however is that this bag costs nearly 3 times more than any of the others on this list and might not be something everyone would be interested in buying.

This crossbody bag is your perfect travel companion and comes equipped with a load of pockets and storage compartments allowing you to keep anything from the size of a pin to an 11” tablet safely. 

The bag also comes with an RFID pocket that you can use to store your wallet or cards while traveling and what really stood out to me is that this is the only bag to offer extra storage. Simply expand the bag and you automatically receive an additional 6.5” of storage space.

Key Features

  • Weather resistant polyester fabric
  • 6.5” expandable storage
  • Large pocket for 11” tablet
  • RFID pocket for your wallet and cards
Pros Cons
Offers RFID protection from data theft Pretty expensive and not meant for everyone
Ample storage space and large enough to hold a 11" iPad
Can be used in any climate

FAQ's on crossbody bags

Which brand is best for crossbody bags?

This is a difficult question to answer as not all crossbody bags are designed alike. The major things you have to look into are the material and size if you want the best men's crossbody bag.

Are crossbody bags good?

Crossbody bags are built for functionality and to be aesthetic. They are not meant for everyone as the total weight of the bag is applied only on one shoulder which may not sit well with buyers. Whatever you do, never overload the bag as it can be uncomfortable and painful.

What's the difference between a sling bag and a crossbody bag?

Sling bags and crossbody bags are not the same. A crossbody bag has a strap that goes all around the body in a diagonal fashion. Whereas, a sling bag has a slim strap or chain that rests on our shoulder. Sling bags are quite common among women unlike crossbody bags that have started growing popular amongst men.

How should a man wear a crossbody bag?

There are two ways you can wear a crossbody bag depending on the clothes you have on and the occasion. If you're heading out to the shop or the mall in shorts and a t, you can wear the crossbody bag around your waist or over your chest. Whereas, if you're dressed up and need to carry a crossbody bag, you can strap it on over your shoulder and rest it on your back.

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