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Best Nail Stores on AliExpress 2024 - Gel Nail Polish as cheap as $1

Best Nail Stores on AliExpress

I love getting my nails done, but going to a professional salon is not always the most practical and economical option for me. So, I am always looking for other inexpensive options that let me get salon-like nails at home.

During my search, I came across AliExpress, which is an excellent eCommerce site where you can find so many amazing nail stores that cater to your needs.

So, today, I have brought to you the best nail stores on AliExpress that you can check out today for all your nail needs.


Things You Can Buy at the Best Nail Stores on AliExpress

If you are fond of nail polish, colors, and art, you might probably wonder where nail salons buy their supplies and materials to create perfect nail art. As you have your nails done at a salon, you think of this particular item they used, what exactly it is, and where to find it.

Luckily, there are the best nail stores on AliExpress to find some materials. If you are unsure what things you can buy, we have listed some common materials nail salons use.

Base and Top Coat
When you start your nail session, it's important to add a base coat on your nails and end it with a topcoat. These two are the basic and most important items you need for your nails.

Nail File
On AliExpress, you can buy a piece or tons of nail files to shape your nails.

Rocks, Diamonds, and Rhinestones
These are not necessary, but if you wish to do your own nails at home and prep it with some elegant design, then look for the best nail art gems and rhinestones on AliExpress.

Gel Polish
Gel polishes are trendy these days, and you can find them in different colors on AliExpress.

Nail Glue
If you buy fake nails, rhinestones, or gems, you will really need nail glue.

Polygel Nail Extension
This is different from gel polish. Polygels are used to build your nails if they are short or you want a diff

10 Best Nail Stores on AliExpress

If you want to know what is trending on TIKTOK, Check here to find what TIKTOKERS love to buy.

#1 Venalisa Official Store

Venalisa is one of the top-notch nail gel stores which has made its name into this field with great perfection. It has been running its operations on AliExpress for seven years now. This brand has bagged positive feedback of 98.1 percent and excellent reviews on Aliexpress because of the quality and affordability of the products.

Venalisa offers quality products in different price ranges and I am sure you will love the vast variety of products that they have to offer. I personally love the transparent nail gel in soak-off UV & LED types available in different colors. I can easily match my nails with my outfits with the help of these.

In 5 timeless steps, you can have the perfect spar cat eye nails. These are beautifully decorated and gentle. Other than that, the neon gel polish is also available and is one of their most loved products. These are quite pigmented and you can flaunt them anytime!

There are so many other types and variants that you can get from this store.

#2 KADS Official Store

With 97.9% of positive and amazing feedback, KADS professional nail store has set its foot in this nail industry. It has been serving clients for about 10 years now. Other than just the quality, it is known for its wide range of product availability. This store, with its excellent products and great service, is one of the top brands on AliExpress.

If you are somebody who wants to do your manicure by yourself, then you must get professional nail items from this store. Get your basic manicure kit from here that includes tools like fine brushes made with Kolinsky hair and which are easy to handle.

Get the pack of amazing quality acrylic nails and paint them your way. I am pretty sure you will never feel like going to the salon when you can have things done at home, without spending a fortune.

You also get a lot of stamping tools at the store that you can get to give your nails a whole new life


#3 Nail MAD Official Store

Nail MAD official store is an angelic store where you can play with all nail styles, be that simple and sober, or bold and beautiful. This store has made its name in the field and has been operating on AliExpress for five long years. In all these years, it has caught a good amount of attention with 98.8% positive feedback.

Although you can get anything you need for a professional manicure, but if you ask me my favorite one from all the products, I would definitely say that the set of pastel nail glitters in different shades are my go-to to rock the day.

You can also get nail stickers if you don’t want to undergo the lengthy manicure process. You must try out the nail supplies from this store for the most perfect and beautiful nails.

#4 CANNI Official Store

From base coat to gel polishes, you can get everything at this store. CANNI official store deals with handsome quality products and has been around on AliExpress for three years. In these years, it has managed to garner over 25 thousand followers and positive feedback of 98.3 percent. It is also one of the top brands of the platform.

This store is known for its healthy and organic products to keep the nails safe and healthy.

They sell all types of products like chameleon gel, primer, builder gel, and much more. The store has made its name across many countries, making itself one of the best stores on Aliexpress.

If you also cannot stand the smell of harsh chemicals in your polish, then you must opt for this store that goes for organic products with a natural smell. The products in this store speak for themselves and leave the customers happy and satisfied.

#5 Monja Official Store

Creating a name in a short amount of time, Monjo official store, is one of the top brands on AliExpress that sells glamorous and funky products to keep you lit always. Aliexpress has the most studied brands on its website and this is one of them with approximately 98 percent of valuable and lovely feedback. In only four years, the brand has over 13 thousand loyal and satisfied customers.

From basics to gorgeous, they have products of all types. You must try the set of six shiny and glittery nail stickers to decorate your nails and stand out. If you have been failing to have a perfectly sticky glue to adorn the nails with rhinestones, then you can get one from here. There are also tons of other striking items at this store that will surely grab your attention.

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#6 ERUIKA Official Store

We all love beautiful nails! Eruika store has been making this thing possible for quite a long time now. With worthwhile feedback of more than 95 percent, this store has become quite famous on Aliexpress. In three years, the store has become one of the top brands on the platform and has gained over 25 thousand happy followers.

Most of all, this brand is famous for the drill bits of different materials. These drills are ideal for manicures and mostly for nail cleaning and polishing. With an extremely useful nail set tool and nail drill set, it becomes easy to mend your nails.

These tools help in removing the dead skins as the structure of the tool is designed in that way. You must go and buy such satisfactory products for your regular manicures.

#7 Nibiru DU Official Store

Nibiru DU official store has been in this industry for a long time and is quite famous these days. The store has become well known due to its top quality and unique products.

It has been selling on AliExpress for five years and has positive feedback of 97.7 percent. It also has almost 30 thousand loyal followers.

Nails enhance your nails’ beauty and decorate your personality in a very beautiful way. You must try some of the amazing products from this brand, such as sandpaper nail filers that help shape the nails perfectly.

If you want to play with some glitter and want to create a party look, then you can also try rhinestones for beautiful nail art.

Even for the cuticles, you get clippers and other tools to maintain hygienic hands.

#8 Born Pretty Official Store

Other than just applying nail polish on the nails, there is an ample number of products that are used for professional nail manicure. BORN PRETTY believes in change and creates beautiful change with the help of unique and amazing products.

Beauty is innovated here with quality and this brand has now become famous on Aliexpress for the same reason.

The store has been running its operations on AliExpress for five years and since then, it has managed to get positive feedback of 95.7 percent. It also has a loyal fan following of over six hundred thousand people.

There are some gorgeous products that you must try to experience that change with innovative ideas.

There is a wide range of nail stamps and you can also get stamping plates, gels, and polishes. You also get festive printed nail stickers to enjoy the mood. With a wide range of products, you truly can go creative with your nails.

#9 Biutee Official Store

Biutee official store is famous on AliExpress because of its high-quality materials and the choice of products they sell. With extremely good and valuable feedback, this brand store has worked and is still doing better for all the nail lovers.

With over 25 thousand satisfied followers and positive feedback of 97.6 percent, the store has made it into the ‘Top Brands’ list on AliExpress. No wonder it is one of the best nail stores on AliExpress.

You must try trending nail templates and must go with the ongoing fashion. You can also check out the modern way of drying nails from the store. Now don’t wait for long to dry those nails, just use an LED flashlight dryer to do that. The innovative products will definitely grab your attention and make you want to get them all.

#10 AIEIL Official Store

AIEIL nail store deals with polishes and tools mainly. To maintain nail beauty with affordable tools and unique shades of polishes, this store is the best option too. Listed in the top list of the best nail stores on AliExpress, it assures an excellent experience.

The store has been serving customers for three years now and has over 48 thousand happy customers. It also has positive feedback of 97.9 percent.

Some of the most famous and top-selling products on this website that you must try are fast drying nail lamps with timer and smart sensors. You must also try the electric pedicure machine for your personal pedicure spa at home. Enjoy beautiful nails now at home with these amazing products.

Your nails, your way!

These were some of the best nail stores on AliExpress that you can check out today for an excellent manicure and pedicure job at home. You no longer need to go to a salon for beautiful and pruned nails. Are you excited?



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