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18 Best Shirt Brands In UK | Traditional British Clothing For Men

Best Shirt Brands in the UK

If you want to look like the perfect and dapper British gent, you can check out the best shirt brands in UK to create a custom wardrobe.

The British are well-dressed people. Be it a casual summer day brunch with friends or a business meeting or a late-evening dinner date, you can expect British style to be impeccable.

It’s no wonder that the rest of the world wants their wardrobe from the British brands. With some of the oldest shirt brands to the recent trendsetters, the UK has it all. 

We have narrowed out list from the top clothing brands for men in UK to the best shirt brands.

Here are some of the best Shirt brands from the UK.

Top 18 Shirt brands in the UK 2023

Top 18 Shirt Brands In the UK Link To Website
Marks & Spencer View the Site
Albam Shirts View the Site
Dunhill View the Site
Folk Clothing View the Site
Universal Works View the Site
Vulpine View the Site
Ted Baker View the Site
Topman View the Site
Harry Stedman View the Site
Gieves & Hawkes View the Site
Hackett View the Site
Paul Smith View the Site
Burberry View the Site
Pringle of Scotland View the Site
Fred Perry View the Site
Organic Basics View the Site
Alexander McQueen View the Site
Turnbull and Asser View the Site

Marks & Spencer shirt brands in UK

Marks & Spencer's is as English as it can get with the slim fit shirts designed to make every man wearing it look like a model. What is now regular office wear for many across Asia, Paris, and USA, started in the UK in 1884.

The motto of this company is to use quality materials and quality fabrics, to create quality products! When it comes to menswear, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the wide range offered by this label.

That is as old as the British brands can possibly get. Having evolved over the years from dress shirts to womens wear, kids wear, boots and furniture, M&S has always maintained one thing through the centuries - its quality.

Fabric, including the purest cotton, sourced from the best, you can be assured that the shirts you buy here are going to feel great, fit you like they are tailor-made, and last forever. These are premium clothing meant for everybody as they have reasonable prices and are affordable.

Albam shirt brands in UK

Albam is the new kid on the block who has managed to become a heartthrob fairly quickly. Launched in 2006, this brand strives to bring us original designs, cuts and colours for everyday wear.

The four unique collections produced every year is one of a kind and something you need to try out if you already haven’t. Albam’s dress shirts, casual shirts, and tees that are designed under the “Utility” tag are wearable fashion.

We liked how their modern trendy clothes are Instagram ready. Plus, you can always go here if money is an issue as the place is super affordable. The family brand has something for women too.

They are something you know you will be comfortable in, something you want to live in, day and night. The other accessories that this brand produces, like the shoes and bags, keep up with the contemporary fashion theme as well. 

Dunhill shirt brands in UK

High street fashion industry, no doubt, Dunhill has a history that is unmatchable. Dunhill is clothing designed for the serious fashionista and while a lot of their designs are straightforward, some are definitely not for the faint-hearted. Nothing is basic when it comes to Dunhill.

Even the so-called “basic” polo shirts are made of fabric sourced from all parts of the world, from the best cotton to the merinos of Australia. These amazing fabrics have the most skilled designers, workers and tailors working on them to bring you the perfectly cut, perfectly fitting clothing. In fact, these workers are more like a team of artist creating the perfect suiting creations that you can wear about town in England.

While you are browsing for basic wear, take a look at their collection of casual, dress, and formal shirts. Looking for white shirts to wear under your tuxedo? This is the place to go!

These might be expensive but for sure, you will be one of the most debonair looking guys wherever you go! They have a fantastic selection of trousers, loungewear and footwear, including oxfords, moccasins and more.

The best part about the Mayfair-based, Dunhill Label is that they also offer a bespoke tailoring service. So you don't have to worry if any tall sizes are available or the range of selection fits you. The craftsmanship doesn't give you any cause for complaint.

Folk Clothing shirt brands in UK

If high street fashion is not really your style and what really does it for you is funky, contemporary designs, give Folk Clothing a shot. From soft pastels to cool summer style prints, Folk brings you fashion that is young and trendy.

With new collections released right through the year, you always have something to show off in when you become a regular shopper at Folk Clothing. Experimenting with colors and cuts does not mean Folk does not have something traditional.

Their “something borrowed” comes from the Brit tradition of never compromising on the quality of the fabric. With excellent fabric that is soft and comfortable and skillfully tailored shirts (including dress shirts) you have something that you will enjoy wearing right through the year. 

Universal Works shirt brands in UK

In a world where you either find extremely high fashion, priced to break the bank or fashion that is very basic and simple, maybe even bordering on boring, it is hard to find a mid-ground.

Except if you are David Keyte. Then instead of waiting around, you sit down at your kitchen table and design some clothes that are appealing to the common man who loves to be well dressed.

Designed with passion and choosing to work only with the factories they respect across the world, this brand is expanding across the world slowly, yet steadily. Wear their panel jersey tees and jeans for a fun evening out with friends or the fancy shawl collar shirt to win over that special date.

The spring-summer lookbook is trending currently with their layers of fun shirts and light jackets to keep you feeling cool and looking hot. 

Vulpine shirt brands in UK

Shirts can get no more comfortable and wearable than with Vulpine. Proudly established as the best when it comes to biking apparel, simply so that the garments “function superbly on and off the bike”, Vulpine must be your go-to brand if you want something super comfortable, yet stylish and trendy.

Made with top-notch quality of fabric, to keep you cool and help you move, cut and tailored to sit perfectly on you, not only while you’re still riding but also when you arrive, this is a dream come true for most men.

Take these clothing a step higher and wear them to school or to the movies and you have a winner there. Created out of a 100% pure merino that is soft on your body, keeping you warm yet breathable, this is an essential piece of clothing for early spring or mid autumn.

Wear the tee shirts for a totally casual look or the polos for a business casual style.  The label also feature sports outfits, swimwear, knitwear, and holiday wear, and other workout gear.

Ted Baker shirt brands in UK

What makes Ted Baker special? Among many many qualities, the British brand Ted Baker follows the “fast fashion” culture in terms of refreshing their collection every month, yet not compromising on the quality of the fabric or the skillfully designed apparel.

Keeping up with the times and understanding what the young man of today wants, you find printed shirts that are semi-formal, plain shirts in colours and cuts that are formal and some great looking tees for any occasion. They have comfortable trousers and shirts in cotton and other natural materials.

These styles feel fresh and the lookbook on the website is very inspiring. And the best thing? Since Ted Baker, Britain refreshes their styles every month, you are sure to find a huge lot on sale all the time.

Not that the full priced items are going to burn a hole in your pocket, but hey, I’m not one to complain when I find a fantastic shirt for half price. Another bonus is that Ted Baker tries to keep their manufacturing sustainable and ethically right.   

Topman shirt brands in UK

If you want affordable fashion, check out Topman. Designed for the young urban man, Topman has clothing options that you can rely on for any event or occasion. The competitive prices are definitely a plus! When it comes to modern British menswear, Topman remains undefeated.

Be it a beach party or a sober study group, Topman has you looking neat and trendy. The Topman streetwear department is also out favorite. Try out their denim shirts or the patterned shirts to go with a pair of crisp white shorts or chinos, for just a few bucks. Or go for the more elaborate two-piece and three-piece suits for a formal occasion.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will fall within a small budget with no compromise on how dapper you will come out looking. What we also love is that Topman has a section dedicated to bigger sizes, in styles that are no less trendy than the common ones in Britain.

You can also shop for multiple pieces and get a good discount, which you have to admit, is quite tempting. It's one of the best shirt brands in UK.

Harry Stedman shirt brands in UK

Harry Stedman is truly British in every sense. Brought up on a healthy diet of old English tales, Harry Stedman threw his inspiration into clothing designs that are sought after by men in Britain who love to be groomed stylishly, every single day. It's one of the best shirt brands in UK

Stocked by various major sellers across e-commerce sites and in physical stores, the Harry Stedman line is a force of its own. Adventurous, rugged, yet with the classic feel of English tradition, these shirts and jackets are something every man must own.

What sets this brand apart is that you will never find plenty of it anywhere. They are manufactured in small quantities, only in select factories across the USA, UK and Japan, designed to be unique and in fabrics that are of the best quality you can find.  

Gieves & Hawkes, Britain

While Gieves & Hawkes as a company may have come about in 1974, Hawkes existed way back in 1771, and Gieves since 1784. So you can be assured that the class, standards, and services offered by this clothing house is the best in the country. (If not the planet).

The extensive range of clothing includes bespoke shirts, single menswear, trousers, oxfords, footwear, wool items, and even underwear, in impeccable British style. It's among the best shirt brands in UK

They have something for every season. And since the story of this shirtmaker cum shoemaker has been told through generation, you can hardly doubt their vision.


A blend of heritage and simplicity, the idea behind Hackett was to create the very best of British bespoke clothing.

Established in 1979, this British shirt manufacturer has established itself a reputation for being the best in the business. Created by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, this company has been doling out shirt classics and modern innovations for decades now.

Comfort and sustainability top priorities for this shirtmaker. Hackett is one of the best shirt brands in UK

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a British men’s clothing brand named after the founder and fashion designer Sir Paul Brierley Smith. Sir Paul Smith opened his first outlet in 1970 in Nottingham, England.

Paul Smith has become a global luxury brand and has several chains of products such as men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, and fragrances. Paul Smith is popular for its high-quality shirts and suits for men. The design is everything in Paul Smith shirts. It’s modern, unique, and very chic.

They offer a range of shirts from formal, casual, and short sleeves. Most of their formal shirts are tailored-fit and slim-fit and they come in light pastel colors. You should check out their  ‘Artist Stripe’ Cuff Shirt. This shirt has colorful stripes in its cuffs and they make a boring white formal shirt look more appealing.

They have a range of casual shirts that are available in different designs, styles, and colors. Since Paul Smith is a luxury brand, the prices are quite expensive.


This is one of the oldest fashion brands in the UK that is over 160 years old. Burberry is a luxury fashion brand that offers a wide variety of products from clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Their shirts are made out of high-quality fabric materials like pure cotton, cotton poplin, and silk. This brand provides casual shirts with unique designs such as pleated shirt dresses and geometric print shirts.

Do you have a party on the weekend and want to stand out from the rest of your friends? Then it’s the geometric print shirt you should go for. It’s sophisticated, colorful, and would definitely make you look like you’ve just walked out of the runway.

The geometric print shirts are overpriced but they are definitely worth it. They sell ties that match the color and design of your shirt. Choose a formal shirt and tie with matching colors and you will earn more respect and appreciation in your workplace. Burberry also provides coats and jackets.

Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland might be the oldest clothing brand out of the rest mentioned here. It dates back to 1815 founded by Robert Pringle in Scotland, UK. It is well known for its luxury knitted garments, especially the Scottish cashmere knitwear.

They sell clothes for both men and women. Men’s clothes consist of hoodies, cardigans, and jumpers. Although they are different types of clothes, they all look similar to ordinary t-shirts with different styles.

Their cardigans and jumpers for men are made from top-quality fabric materials like wool, lambswool, and cashmere. They are durable and come in choices of bright colors.

Pringle of Scotland is the ideal brand if you want to purchase the best knitwear for men. They keep you warm and comfortable, especially during the winter season. However, they do not offer many formal and casual clothes for men. The prices of their clothes are expensive and moreover depends on the fabric material you choose.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry was a popular and prominent tennis player of all time. He founded the company ‘Fred Perry’ in 1952 which began as a luxury sportswear brand. Eventually, Fred Perry diversified their product range. Fred Perry now provides a distinctive variety of clothing for men and women.

Some of the clothing they provide for men are shirts, tees, sweatshirts, jackets, trousers. Their iconic Fred Perry shirt comes in multiple colors and designs and is very comfortable to wear. They are eye-catchy and would definitely get all eyes on you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with good quality and splendid shirts, then Fred Perry is your go-to option. They provide you with the best quality shirts that are attractive and stylish. The price range is quite affordable as well.

Their sweatshirts are worth taking a look at. They come in various designs like zipped and hooded. Hands down the best outfit for the fall and winter seasons.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics might be the newest clothing brand mentioned in this article. It was founded in 2017 in Denmark. The motto of this company is to manufacture clothes sustainably by using recycled materials in order to produce less waste.

The name of the company itself gives away their main goal. They provide a range of clothing for men such as shirts, tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Their organic cotton tee comes in shades that are quite minimal and unique. They represent the ethical motives of the company. They are super cozy and bring out fall vibes. The tees are best worn with matching colored sweatpants.

However, they would still be compatible with your denim and trousers. They also have Oxford Shirts with basic colors. Their prices are expensive. However, it’s worth purchasing since they’re eco-friendly and it gives you the satisfaction of doing good for the environment.

Alexander McQueen Shirts UK

Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house that was founded in 1992. The brand is known for its avant-garde and highly imaginative designs, which often push the boundaries of fashion.

Their shirts are no exception, featuring bold prints, asymmetrical hemlines, and intricate embroidery. The brand's attention to detail is evident in the high-quality materials used, such as fine silk, cotton, and linen, and in the intricate workmanship of each piece.

Alexander McQueen shirts are designed to make a statement, and they have become a staple in the wardrobes of fashion-forward individuals who value individuality and self-expression. The brand's legacy is evident in its continued success, and its designs have become synonymous with innovation and creative expression.

These high quality fashionable shirts are a true testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and exploring new creative avenues.

Turnbull & Asser Shirts UK

Turnbull & Asser is a British shirt maker founded in 1885. It is known for its exceptional quality, attention to detail, and elegant design. The brand uses only the finest materials, including Swiss cotton, to create its shirts, which are handmade in its factory in Gloucester, England.

It is the official shirt maker to the British monarchy, and its shirts have been worn by many famous figures, including Winston Churchill and James Bond. What sets Turnbull & Asser apart is its commitment to traditional craftsmanship, combined with its use of modern technology to ensure a perfect fit.

The brand also offers a bespoke service, allowing customers to design their own custom-made shirts, choosing everything from the fabric to the collar and cuff style. With its rich history, exceptional quality, and elegant design, Turnbull & Asser is a true British icon and the epitome of style and sophistication.

What are the most popular clothing brands in the UK?

he most popular clothing and fashion brands in the UK for men:
Marks & Spencer
Folk Clothing
Universal Works

Marks & Spencer, Britain is easily the most popular clothing brand in the UK for the affordable, daily wear clothing they produce. The fabric (especially cotton) they use and the skillful British tailoring place them on the very top.

They also source the most quantity of fabric from across the world, so you can be sure that the clothes you wear from M&S are the most comfortable and most breathable. 

What clothing brands are made in the UK? Popular brands in London

While there are plenty of clothing brands that have originated and are designed in the UK, not all of them are actually manufactured there.

Most brands outsource the production to factories in other countries where there is an abundance of skilled labor. Here are some brands that are proudly made in the UK:

  • Captain Currey
  • Wolf in Sheep’s clothing
  • Dawson Denim
  • Touch of Tweed
  • Timothy Everest
  • Sir Plus
  • Son of Zeus
  • Tina Loder
  • Purple Hat
  • Dashing Tweeds
  • Burberry
  • Prada

Which is the best UK brand for formal shirts?

There is no single best brand for formal shirts. There are certain brands that offer the best and they are Marks & Spencer, Paul Smith, and Fred Perry.

What’s the most expensive shirt brand in the UK?

The most expensive shirt brand is Gucci. It is also the most expensive brand for all types of clothing.

Are Paul Smith shirts good?

Paul Smith shirts are renowned for their high-quality material and everlasting features. They are worth the price and it is definitely one of the best shirt brands.

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