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Ebay vs Aliexpress - Price and Shipping Comparison

ebay vs aliexpress

AliExpress and eBay both are the booming global online shopping portals of the current time, the sites are known for larger availability of the products at the lowest of prices. eBay is one such example where the user can shop whatever he/she desires. The site ensures the availability of all the major products amidst the biggest of brands. The site is a pro when it comes to e-commerce support & service.

Ebay was one of the pioneers that started this whole online shopping craze. A platform that started nearly 30 years ago as a place where people could buy and sell stuff online has since given birth to this entire industry of online shopping, and the world knows it. Ebay has since evolved since it debuted in 1995, so it’s not as old and dated as you might think.

Even when you compare it to something as big and new as AliExpress, Ebay holds its own as one of the best places to shop online.

In this guide, we’re comparing the shiny new Chinese shopping platform AliExpress with the granddaddy of all online shopping, Ebay, to find out which one comes out on top. We’re reviewing everything from pricing to app support to help you figure out which online shopping platform will respond the most to your needs.

Aliexpress vs Ebay Web Traffic

If you find it hard to shop physically then you might want to consider shopping online. When you are shopping online, the first thing that might come into your mind is, “Is the quality okay?”, “Will it be worth it?”, or “Is it genuine?”. A lot comes in our mind when we look for a product online. We always check for reviews and comments to know if the product that we are seeing is worth buying or worth the money that we will pay. That is why, we try to check different online shopping platforms as well as checking different shops online to bargain or check products for the best price with the best quality.

I tried to look for a product in two of the most used online shopping platforms which is eBay and AliExpress. Based on a site called “similarweb” eBay ranks in 2nd, while AliExpress ranks in 6th. What would be the result of looking for a product on two different platforms?

Which online shopping platform would be able to satisfy the quality and price of the product that we might find?

AliExpress vs Ebay Comparison Table

In the table below, we compared AliExpress and Ebay using key factors that contribute to the overall shopping experience for users. That said, AliExpress and Ebay are essentially two different kinds of platforms – one is a massive online wholesale platform, while the other is closer to being an online bazaar where users from all over the world can come to buy and sell products. Check out the key differences below:





AliExpress offers some of the best deals and cheapest prices you’re likely to find online, or elsewhere.

Since Ebay is more of a bazaar than a single, unified store, you can expect prices to vary greatly. That said, Ebay prices are higher on average than what you would see on AliExpress.

Product Selection

Wide range of products that include everything from home appliances, to clothing, to food and health products, with one of the biggest selections of electronics available online.

Wide range of products. You can pretty much buy anything on Ebay, including collectibles and rare products.

Buyer Protection

Comprehensive buyer protection policy that offers refunds and returns.

Ebay Money Back Guarantee applies to almost everything on Ebay, making it one of the safest places to shop.

Payment Methods

Secure payment channels including Wire Transfer, Credit Card via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express, as well as a number of digital payment platforms.

Ebay has a wide selection of payment methods to choose from, including PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Cash on Delivery.

Delivery Time

Products are shipped from China. International shipping times vary between 15 and 25 days.

Ebay ships its products from the seller’s location, with each seller specifying their handling time. On average, Ebay shipping can take as little as a day to as many as 20 days depending on where you are.

Shipping Costs

Products are shipped from China. Shipping costs vary depending on your location.

Shipping costs vary from seller and seller, with sellers specifying the courier services they use.

Refund Processing Time

5 to 10 days

3 to 5 days

Seller Contact



Customer Service

AliExpress Dispute system handles all returns, refunds, and requests via a Ticket system.

Ebay disputes are typically settled between buyers and sellers, but Ebay also has dedicated customer service in case a resolution cannot be achieved.

App Support

App available on iOS and Android.

App available on iOS and Android.

Below we’re going into even more detail about AliExpress and Ebay, and how each of these platforms compare to one another in the categories provided.

AliExpress vs Ebay Price Comparison

AliExpress is widely-known for having some of the lowest prices on products available online, and at least in this aspect, Ebay finds it hard to keep up. That said, Ebay prices are pretty much arbitrary since you’re dealing with personal stores instead of multinational operations.

ebay vs aliexpress price compare
price of ebay vs aliexpress

In the case shown above, you can get a pair of Redmi AirDots for around $56 SGD on Ebay, whereas a pair on AliExpress can cost as low as $20 SGD with their deals and discounts. Ebay does have the upper hand when you factor in shipping fees, since this particular seller offers Free Postage.

Verdict: Ebay prices can be arbitrary, and you can end up paying more or less for the products you want depending on the product. AliExpress, on the other hand, is a great place to find the best deals anywhere for wholesale merchandise.

Another Price Comparison on Aliexpress vs EBay

Let us compare a branded product like MI BAND 4 - Both products are to be shipped from China. Both are top sellers in their respective portal.


ebay vs aliexpress cheaper?


ebay vs aliexpress comapre

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Another price comparison from reputable sellers in their respective portal.


ebay vs aliexpress price


ebay vs aliexpress

AliExpress vs Ebay Product Selection Comparison

When it comes to product selection, both AliExpress and Ebay offer an impressive selection of products available for sale. However, what makes each platform unique is that while AliExpress offers excellent wholesale supplies in all kinds of categories – from electronics to apparel, and more – Ebay is a great place to find all kinds of products, including collectibles and rare items you’ll never be able to find in traditional retail stores.

Verdict: AliExpress and Ebay both have a wide selection of products to choose from, but the former is better for cheap, mass-produced goods, while Ebay works better a specialty store for things you won’t find anywhere else.

AliExpress vs Ebay Buyer Protection Comparison

AliExpress is covered by a comprehensive buyer protection policy that allows users to process refunds and returns quickly and hassle-free. Similarly, Ebay offers a Money Back Guarantee on just about every single product available on their platform, but disputes are settled with very little bias towards consumers.

Verdict: Both AliExpress and Ebay are buyer-safe, but you might have an easier time demanding a refund or return on AliExpress compared to Ebay.

AliExpress vs Ebay Payment Methods Comparison

When it comes to payment methods, AliExpress has arguably the most number of partner payment channels, particularly digital and mobile wallets. Both platforms offer the industry standard payment methods – Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and even Cash on Delivery, depending on the seller.

Verdict: Both AliExpress and Ebay offer convenient and secure payment methods, but AliExpress has access to more mobile wallet and credit platforms.

AliExpress vs Ebay Delivery Time Comparison

AliExpress products ship from China to anywhere in the world, whereas Ebay ships from anywhere in the world, depending on the seller, to everywhere else. As such, delivery times on Ebay can vary from same-day delivery to as long as 20 days, while AliExpress averages at around 15 to 25 days before delivery.

Verdict: It’s hard to tell with this one, but if you manage to find a seller that’s close to your location, then Ebay wins hands down.

AliExpress vs Ebay Shipping Costs Comparison

Again, since Ebay ships products from all over the place, shipping costs are going to vary greatly depending on the point of origin and the destination. AliExpress always ships internationally from China, so shipping costs are more or less fixed depending on where you are in the world.

Verdict: For this one, defer it to a product-by-product basis since shipping fees vary depending on the Ebay seller.

AliExpress vs Ebay Refund Processing Time Comparison

AliExpress promises refunds within 5 to 10 days after the issue has been brought up. By comparison, Ebay offers the faster, more convenient system with the Ebay Money Back Guarantee taking just 3 to 5 days to process.

Verdict: Ebay refunds process faster than AliExpress, on average.

AliExpress vs Ebay Seller Contact Comparison

One way that AliExpress and Ebay are very similar is the point of seller contact. AliExpress and Ebay both let sellers handle buyer disputes and complaints, so your first point of contact will always be directly to the seller you bought from.

Verdict: Both AliExpress and Ebay let you communicate directly with the seller for faster resolutions.

AliExpress vs Ebay App Support Comparison

AliExpress and Ebay both have iOS and Android apps for convenient mobile shopping experiences. However, in terms of overall polish and usability, AliExpress comes out on top with its app-specific features.

Verdict: AliExpress is a better overall mobile shopping experience with incentives and mobile-only features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying from AliExpress

+ Comprehensive Buyer Protection program
+ Cheaper prices and frequent deals and discounts
+ Best for bulk purchases and wholesale

- Product quality can be hit or miss
- Delivery times are quite high
- Very few Western branded items

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying from Ebay

+ You can buy almost anything on Ebay
+ Convenient payment method with fantastic PayPal integration
+ Money Back Guarantee works for customer benefit

- Prices can vary greatly
- Shipping times and delivery costs can vary greatly
- Mostly operated in the U.S. and Canada

AliExpress vs Ebay Final Verdict

While AliExpress is more like an online mega-store, Ebay is closer to being an online bazaar. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, so depending on your needs and what you’re looking for, Ebay and AliExpress are secure and convenient places to do your shopping online.

The biggest difference: AliExpress is one of the best places to buy cheap products online, whereas Ebay is a premiere destination to find all kinds of things, from electronics and clothes to rare items and things you won’t be able to buy in any traditional retail store.

Why consider AliExpress?

What comes as a great fact is that whenever you see your favourite product, there are high chances that the same product will be listed on the AliExpress with a much lesser price tag. The odds are most of the time times in favour of the AliExpress. The fact is that on AliExpress majority of the sellers are wholesale producers and distributors. On the contrary, eBay showcases the retail manufacturers as well as the retailers. AliExpress can be a viable option for your diverse shopping needs, the site ensures a humongous variety of goods since the containers ship directly from the China.

AliExpress can be of great worth in finding the products not listed on the other online shopping portals. AliExpress supports PayPal, you can easily pay using the famous online merchant PayPal. AliExpress is also compatible with the majority of the Debit as well as the credit cards. The sad part is that finding the seller on eBay who’ll accept your particular card can be cumbersome.

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ebay vs aliexpress

What eBay has to offer?

As we know the prices on the alluring AliExpress can be lower than the eBay, but the reason behind the low prices on the AliExpress is the high shipping fees. As the goods are sent to the countries, high shipping fees apply on its vicinity. One must know that the products from AliExpress are shipped directly from the China, you’ll need to pay freight charges and you’ll have to wait for weeks to get your single desired product. eBay can be trusted for timely deliveries for your important occasions like weddings, birthdays and more. While the site may not support all the major debit/credit cards but eBay supports PayPal which is a great addition. For the users looking forward to buying or selling in the same region must opt for eBay.

If you’re a traditional manufacturer or wholesaler, AliExpress can be your best pick. The feedback system of the eBay is a winner when it comes to the customer aid and protection. Users can also return the items, they can check the particular seller’s past records and more. While on the AliExpress, most of the times, the bio about the seller is unknown, this endorses the inconvenience and degrades the buyer protection.

Final Take

Both the sites are great in their respective expertise, while eBay provides a great customer satisfaction to the user, AliExpress is great at ensuring low prices. It totally depends on the buyer and his/her preferences.

eBay is still expanding but the shipping portal holds a great potential and can give fierce competition to the likes of AliExpress, Amazon and more.

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