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How to get free SHEIN Gift cards 2024

shein gift card

If you sign up for the newsletter, SHEIN, like the majority of websites, also provides SHEIN gift cards for your purchase. By signing up for the newsletter, you'll always be the first to learn about SHEIN promotions and get a sneak peek at the most recent gift cards from SHEIN along with their expiration dates, compatible products, and discount amounts. Simply navigate to the SHEIN page and scroll to the bottom.

You can subscribe to the SHEIN newsletter by entering your email address in the "Your Email Address" box at the bottom of the page, where you can select from a variety of product notifications, surveys, tips, news and trends, offers, and promotions notifications based on your preferences for SHEIN products and content options.

shein newsletter for gift card

Open your email program now, and by clicking the window in the email SHEIN sent you, you may verify the address.

Your SHEIN special bonus gift card will be included in a new email that you will soon receive. To paste the SHEIN gift card into the cart at the conclusion of the purchase, all you need to do is open the email and copy the gift card's URL. Take advantage of the most recent SHEIN gift cards for SHEIN discounts and offers by subscribing to the newsletter right away.

Shein Gift Card: What Is It?

how to get shein free gift cards
Free SHEIN gift cards

Like any other gift card you might buy online, a Shein gift card works the same way. You may buy Shein gift cards directly from their website in a variety of denominations. Gift cards start at $25, and you may use them for your own purchases or give them as birthday or anniversary presents to others.

Shein gift card codes have a pin number of four digits and are 16 to 20 digits long. These gift cards can be distributed to family or friends by simply providing their name and email address after purchasing the card. The gift card's details are emailed to the buyer through email.

Simply input the card number and pin on the Shein gift card page to use the gift card, and the recipient's Shein account will be credited with the value of the gift card. The buyer will be responsible for paying the remaining balance if the order's value exceeds the gift card. This sum can then be used to buy anything on Shein.

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How to get a Shein gift card

The official Shein website is where you can buy gift cards. Unfortunately, SHEIN doesn't offer gift cards in other stores, so you can't buy them from independent merchants like Walmart and Amazon. They are only available for purchase online at in the form of digital E-Gift Cards.

How to get a Shein gift card

Source from Shein website

If you're looking for a free gift card, we're sorry to announce that you won't find one very often. Some offers that promise free gift cards may catch your eye, but they are actually phishing sites that con you into completing surveys for nothing.

But if you frequently shop in Shein, there are lots of methods to cut costs, and pretty soon you'd have enough money for a gift card.

On incentive programs and websites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or MyPoints, you can acquire SheIn gift cards for nothing. Play games, complete surveys, and perform other online tasks to earn rewards. Then you can exchange your points for free gift cards or PayPal cash.

Or you might buy a Shein gift card straight from the store. Only eGift cards can be purchased for Shein, and they are only available on the website.

Recommended Way

The best option is to visit a store that sells gift cards and get a prepaid Visa gift card if you're searching for an actual plastic gift card (that you can tuck into a birthday card). The receiver may then use that card at Shein and any other Visa-accepting merchants.

1. Visit the website.

On the company website, use the search bar to look for a Gift Card.

2. Select Your Style

Eight different designs of Shein e-gift cards are available, five of which include words like "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations," and "Thank You."

3. Select Your Amount to Save Money!

The values of Shein gift cards range from $25 to $1,500. But if you select a bigger quantity, you can significantly save. Shein gift card promotions begin with $200 gift cards. The deals get better as you spend more. It's basically free money because a $1,500 gift card only costs $1,350.

Keep in mind that Shein gift cards can only be used online. So, upon checkout, insert them in the Shein promo code or coupon code field within ten years of the transaction.

4. Rules & Conditions for Redemption

During checkout on the company's website, you must properly enter a Shein gift card or Shein gift card number. Despite the fact that Shein and Romwe are related websites, customers can only use their Shein gift cards at Shein. If a gift card's remaining balance is inadequate to cover the entire purchase, it might be paired with another payment option. Now that every Shein gift card code is region-locked, the gift card can only be used in the nation or place where it was bought. So, for instance, a customer from the United States is unable to give their Shein gift card code to someone in Canada or use it themselves while traveling abroad.

5. VIP Shein

Shein users can earn points and awards through the excellent rewards program Shein VIP, as well as cashback when they shop and Shein promo codes for further discounts on future purchases. However, VIP benefits cannot be used to buy Shein gift cards.

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Are Shein gift cards still valid?

Yes, regardless of their value, all gift cards bought on Shein will only be good for 120 months from the date of purchase. There is little you can do once a gift card has run out, and Shein will be unable to assist you in reactivating your card.

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Can we combine Shein points and Shein gift cards?

Yes, the Shein gift card can be used in conjunction with Shein points and other promotions and discounts offered on the website.

How to Receive a Free Shein Card Code

You can apparently get a free Shein gift card code of your choice, with a value that can reach USD $750, if you visit select third-party websites. First, the website will allow you to select a gift card code, with values ranging from $50 to 750. The first half of the code will be sent to you once you choose the most suitable gift card, however the final four digits will be grayed out.

You must go through a verification process and fill out a survey or two in order to reveal the gift code's final four digits. You must provide either your mobile number or your email address in order to unlock the final four digits of the code because these surveys are now made to capture your personal information.

The issue here is that the website will immediately freeze and all you'd see on the page is a notice claiming that the surveys are waiting to be finished or are being processed once you enter your personal information and finish the surveys to unlock the final four digits of the code.

But instead of receiving the last four digits of the gift card code, you will constantly receive spam emails, calls, and telemarketing adverts. One of the examples presented is this.

The Free Shein Gift Card Code Scam: How to Avoid It

By first examining the page to see if they have free gift card codes for other businesses, you can escape the free Shein gift card code fraud. If so, the website is probably a phishing site that will gather your personal data.

Additionally, you ought to read consumer reviews and comments regarding the website. To dispel any uncertainties you may have, proceed to step two and enter incorrect information if they have previously received gift coupons and appear to believe that the website is legitimate.

There are safer alternatives to posting your confidential information online for public viewing if you're seeking for ways to save money on your Shein orders.

How to Use Shein Gift Cards to Save Money on Orders?

Not many people are aware of this, but you can actually save money on Shein by purchasing high value gift cards rather than paying with a credit card or PayPal account. Depending on the value of the gift card you select, you will be able to save up to $150 on it.

shein gift card

Is the Shein Gift Card worth $800 real?

Internet scams abound, and one of the more well-known ones involves a pricey Shein gift card. You may find posts about the "free" $750 or $800 Shein gift card fraud on blogs, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. And a lot of people think that downloading dubious apps, completing the necessary surveys, and using code generators will genuinely bring them a free Shein promo code.

However, these requirements are just in place so that the con artists can profit from your clicks and efforts. Anything that seems too good to be true typically is. And the story about the $800 Shein gift card code belongs firmly in that category.

Shein is not a high-end designer store that offers long-lasting clothing. Instead, it's quick fashion geared for modern, busy consumers who adore bargains and value finding stylish clothing at affordable prices. To receive the best prices and discounts each time you shop, combine the money-saving Shein gift card advice with the current specials and Shein promotions.

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