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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Stores like Torrid and Cheaper - Best Alternative Brands

stores like torrid

If you're a plus-size fashionista, then you already know that Torrid is the holy grail of stores. How could it not be? With their trendy clothes, killer accessories, and knockout lingerie, Torrid reigns supreme in the world of plus size fashion.

But let's face it: as much as we love Torrid, we also want to branch out and explore what else is out there. Fortunately, there are many stores like Torrid that cater to the curvy and confident fashion lover.

8 Stores like Torrid

ASOS Curve

Stores like Torrid asos curve


Asos is the only option if you want to appear and feel like a social media influencer while wearing reasonably priced, trendy clothing. There are a ton of dresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, and statement tops in sizes 1 through 22. Even better, US customers may subscribe to premier delivery for $19 per year, which provides limitless two-day delivery on any item in the shop.

Their selection of plus-size women's clothes has something for every feeling, from date-night outfits to basic designs. Browse Yours for day-to-night wardrobe essentials such plus-size jeans, black t-shirts, and flowery blouses, or upgrade your glam look. Get a peek at that purple metallic two-piece outfit. It has a strong vibe– sizing can be a little difficult because ASOS has absolutely everything, from comfy clothes to ball caps to evening dresses, but generally speaking, ASOS design runs true to size. These distinct size ranges make it easier for you to obtain your ideal fit than at other merchants the majority of the time.

Do you work from home? Plus-size tracksuits in traditional black or beige are stylish and cozy, and they're great for going out and about. Not to be forgotten is ASOS Curve, which offers colorful clothing for women with curves and some pretty positive moods.


Stores like Torrid madewell


We appreciate its relaxed yet chic design, as well as its cozy material. Also, its jeans are well known for enhancing the appearance of your outfit. Curvy girls will discover the same timeless trends and ideal fits from the internet and in stores thanks to its vast assortment of styles' size inclusivity. Madewell's efforts will make you happy if you're a mindful consumer who doesn't want to give up style for clothing that has a beneficial impact.

A wide variety of plus-sized fashion basics in sizes up to 3X are available on the company's website. Even the retailer's immensely popular denim is available in curvy versions. Madewell also offers sizes for ladies above 5'9" or 6', depending.

It's instant fashion, Madewell. Once more, a company is manufacturing a lot of apparel, but there is little transparency and there is a lot of turnover. Though just a tiny portion of their output, Madewell does appear to have some improved initiatives, including such a few Fair Trade Certified items. Also, J. Crew owns Madewell as well and I believe J. Crew is likewise in a quick fashion.

Lane Bryant

Stores like Torrid lane bryant


Almost all trendy plus-size shops are modeled after Lane Bryant. The company became the very first in the country to sell plus-size apparel, and it is still regarded as one of the leading suppliers of this item today. Lane Bryant is loved for producing well-made essentials in a wide range of modern hues, designs, and patterns.

The business wanted to foster relationships with current consumers in order to boost in-store traffic, sales, and loyalty. It aimed to boost its mobile website while also giving customers a satisfying buying experience. Further, the most well-known brand of plus-size apparel with a focus on style is Lane Bryant. Clothing for women ranging sizes 14 to 28 is available in Lane Bryant locations, along with a few items in petites.

Did you know that American supplier of women's clothes Ascena Retail Group, Inc. Ascena is the majority owner of Ann Inc.? Which runs the Ann Taylor and Loft retail chains, and it also owns the Lane Bryant apparel shop brand.


Stores like Torrid


Captivating hues, attention-grabbing patterns, chic detailing, and tough decorative elements? Plus-size clothes from Eloquii are everything but plain. The company provides sizes 14 to 28 in a variety of looks that range from casual weekend attire to stylish going-out outfits. Eloquiii was established in 2012 mostly with the intention of demonstrating that size 12 is not the end of fashion. Eloquii plus size outfits follow all the most recent trends and offer you the self-assurance you need to flaunt yourself as you stride through the city because they believe in the changing power of fashion.

How Fitted Are Eloquii Clothes? Eloquii is not a company that offers size sizing. It is a brand designed for plus size people, and its sizing and fit reflect that. For various shapes, they offer three separate size charts.

In addition to ongoing discounts and offers for certain of its best-selling items. Moreover, Eloquii now offers a monthly membership program that enables you to rent items. Fashion clothing in sizes 14–28 is designed and sold by ELOQUII, a private firm with offices in New York as well as Columbus, Ohio. Together with other nations, they sell to the US and Canada.

Girlfriend Collective

Stores like Torrid girlfriend collective


Girlfriend Collective is indeed an athletic apparel company with ideals. Their premium athletic gear is created from a silky textile spun from recycled water bottles and spandex. They are distinguished not only by their inventive use of recycled materials, but also by the fact that they come in sizes XXS to 6XL.

The company supports recyclable materials and moral production. Because rusty fishing nets and water bottles look a lot better on you than they do filling up landfills and contaminating the oceans. We think that representation is important and that health and wellness come in a variety of forms and sizes.

In addition, they have a recycling system of their own. Girlfriend Collective will recycle old apparel into new ones by deconstructing it once more. For your effort, you will get a $15 in-store credit. Moreover, Ellie Dinh, the company's creator, was struggling to discover women's leggings that had been produced responsibly when she got the idea for Girlfriend Collective. She plus her partner, Quang Dinh, made the decision to launch such a company after seeing there was a need for more environmentally responsible sports gear.

Universal Standard

universal standard vs Torrid


Plus-size consumers will adore Universal Standard. They are well recognized for its fit size guarantee, a brilliant system that enables you to return pieces of clothing whenever your size changes for a larger or smaller one.

An investment in high-quality fundamentals will eventually pay back. While the initial cost may be more, you'll get more use out of each item, benefiting both the environment and your money. The diverse fashion line provides a variety of cozy but stylish items. Discover comfortable loungewear, relaxed dresses, and leggings that you can wear every day of the week. Women who are 5'4" or shorter might also find tiny plus sizes at Universal Standard.

Fashionable women's apparel is created by Universal Standard. Its comprehensive necessities collection comes in a wide range of sizes, from 00 to 40. In order to encourage women of all sizes and shapes to enjoy shopping, the company promotes "Fashion Freedom." In addition, this Universal Standard clothes review will look closely at the company, their top-selling items, client feedback, promotions, and more to assist you in determining whether their clothing is the perfect match for you.


modcloth vs Torrid


It's not necessary to get vintage-inspired clothing from a thrift store because it is fashionable and ageless. Among the most popular sites to get clothing with vintage and retro influences is Modcloth, a long-running online merchant who walked so that other stores with vintage-inspired designs may run. You've come to the correct place if you've never known of Modcloth or would like to learn more about it.

Although ModCloth is perhaps most recognized for its eccentric, vintage-inspired apparel, it also happens to be among the most inclusive businesses out there in terms of size. The store gained notoriety in 2015 once it demanded its suppliers provide goods in sizes XXS to 5X.

In an effort to be inclusive, they also started combining plus sizes with some other sizes. But if you're looking for a quick and simple method to shop, they still have a distinct plus-sized area. Bonus: Free shipping and free returns are available with all purchases when you spend $60 or more.


Stores like Torrid shein


Shein is among the most well-known fast-fashion companies, and it's best recognized for offering really affordable, on-trend clothing. When I initially learned about the company, I was intrigued since I have a strong affinity for affordable apparel. My interest was further heightened when I realized that it includes a plus-size division labeled Shein Curve and Plus. Although the term "plus-size" is used broadly here, Shein Curve and Plus is Shein's category for plus-size clothing. With one restriction, it provides sizes XL to 5X.

The sizing chart indicates all items are at least two sizes smaller than standard plus sizes. In Shein, 0XL is comparable to a size 12, not a size 16, and 5X is equivalent to a size 22, not a size 30 to 32. More than 75,000 different items of apparel are available at Shein Curve, ranging from blouses and workplace to swimsuits and undergarments.

Shein is a recognized Chinese fast fashion company that exports to more than 220 countries worldwide. When you make an order, it typically takes 2-4 days for processing before your purchase is prepared for shipping.

Shein's goal is to provide clients with stylish clothing at reasonable prices, therefore the company produces lower-quality knockoffs of well-known, stylish, higher-end things that can be purchased for a considerably lower price.

Torrid Alternatives

In conclusion, stores like Torrid aren't hard to come by, and with a variety of options available, it's easy to see that plus size fashion is truly in its prime. Whether you're searching for trendy clothing, affordable prices, or ultimate glamour, these stores will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. So why stick to Torrid when you can broaden your fashion horizons and find a whole new world of plus size fashion right at your fingertips?

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