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Top Chinese Wholesale Websites 2024 - All You Need to Know

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites

Last updated: January 2024

Chinese manufacturers are unarguably the most famous when it comes to importing. Companies from all around the globe would want to import from China, but never want to take the hassle of personally meeting with the suppliers.

Thankfully, the Internet has been a boost ever since it was invented. In today’s world, business owners can now rely on Top Chinese Wholesale Websites to get their supplies.

They do not have to go to China, with just some click on the computer, you are all set for your business.

Today, we will guide you through the best Chinese websites that you could ever find online. To help you better, we are going to review them according to these criteria:

  • Type of supplier
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Communication Medium
  • Payment Transaction Methods

In starting up a business, a superior supplier is one key to success. Now, let’s make your business boom!

Here are some of our top picks on:

Top 5 Chinese Wholesale Websites


dhgate wholesale

DHGate - Chinese Wholesale Websites

DHGate is considered as one of the first and largest online websites that you can find wholesale items in a whole new level.

They pride in their innovative platform, allowing business owners to buy directly from high-quality factories at a much lower price. Let us take a look at the detailed review of DHGate.

Type of Supplier

DHGate has about 1.4 million suppliers that customers can choose from. This website is perfect for newbies in online selling.

Customers can access small to medium-sized suppliers on this website. There is just one thing to remember when selecting suppliers from these small-sized factories.

Customers must keep in mind that these small scale businesses also get their supplies from large factories.

Hence, it is essential to ask the seller regarding your re-orders because the color, appearance, or size can be different the next time.

Minimum Order Quantity

The great thing about DHGate is that this website has no minimum order requirement, so it is indeed perfect for starters.

Customers may buy as little as one or two items from the sellers, but since we are talking about wholesale, DHGate can give you a much lower price when you buy in bulk.

You can also bargain with the supplier to get more discounts on your every purchase, especially if you agreed to get most of your supplies from them.

Communication Medium

Currently, there are two safe ways to deal with your suppliers. These are chatting through the DHGate website, or e-mailing the seller.

In these communication platforms, you are secured that DHGate records all your interactions with your suppliers. In this way, in case any mishap occurs, or you need to file a dispute, DHGate can collect pieces of evidence quickly.

Payment Transaction Methods

DHGate has a lot of payment methods from customers all around the globe. Most of it depends on which country you are from, so paying would never be a hassle for you.

Alternatively, they also collect payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Moneybookers, etc.

Buyer Protection

Purchases made on have comprehensive buyer protection system.


AliExpress has been with the Alibaba Company for years, and it is unquestionable that these two e-commerce websites are one of the most trusted ones from people all over the world. Here is the detailed guide for your wholesale experience with AliExpress.

Type of Supplier

One thing that you would notice with the items sold on AliExpress is their price difference. You would see that even if the items are similar, there is a wide range of the price. The explanation of this occurrence is the type of suppliers available on AliExpress.

There are large-scale factories and small-scale sellers on this website. The large-scale ones can produce items in bulk and are capable of producing more. This is why they generally have a higher price than other similar products.

Small-scale businesses, on the other hand, get their supplies from these big factories, and since they want to expand their businesses online, they sell their items at a relatively lower price. This results in a small profit, but this does not mean that the things they sell are of lower quality than the rest.

Minimum Order Quantity

Just like DHGate, there is no minimum order quantity on AliExpress. So this website is also perfect for people who simply want to shop. If you're buying in bulk, make sure to negotiate the price with the seller to get the items at a much lower price.

Communication Medium

Same as DHGate, you can chat with the sellers online or send them emails. These suppliers usually respond within 24 hours or even quicker when they are online.

Payment Transactions

We can say that AliExpress has a flexible payment scheme since aside from the regular banking transactions, Paypal and Western Union are also available.

Buyer Protection

Online shipping is very convenient yet risky. You would never know if the items you ordered are of correct quality and number. That is why buyer protection is essential. With AliExpress, you can get all your money back in 15 days, if your order was not as described or if your order was not delivered within the buyer protection period.

Online shipping is very convenient yet risky. You would never know if the items you ordered are of the correct quality and number. That is why buyer protection is essential. With Aliexpress, you can get all your money back in 15 days, if your order received was not as it was described by the seller. This also applies when you have not received your package within the Buyer Protection Period.

You can also request a local return if you are residing in Italy. All of their return services are free of charge and are available for 15 days upon the receipt of your package.


alibaba wholesale

Alibaba - Chinese Wholesale Websites

For over 102 years, Alibaba gave satisfaction to its customers on every purchase. They want to make small businesses turn into champions through their unwavering support to the customers. This website can make you a successful entrepreneur, and here are the reasons why.

Type of Supplier

This website boasts about the vast array of its suppliers, which are usually large manufacturers. But if you are new to the market, it will take some time for you to know the ideal supplier.

Nothing to worry, all you need to do is make a list of what products you want to focus on and interact with these big suppliers until you get the hang of the supplier searching process.

Minimum Order Quantity

For most of the products, there are no minimum order quantities. But if you would be buying large machinery and electrical products, MOQ is usually required depending on the seller.

Communication Medium

Alibaba has several communication mediums that you can choose from depending on your preference. You can reach out to your suppliers through the TradeManager, their online chatting platform. You can also make use of emails, direct phone calls and texts, and WeChat.

Payment Transactions

Through Alibaba’s Trade Assurance payment platform, customers are given more security when it comes to their payments. This platform has several payment methods like Pay Later, card, and bank transfers.

Global Sources

global sources wholesale china

Global Sources - Chinese Wholesale Websites

They have been operating for 49 years, and Global Sources aimed to give their services to Asian countries. But for those 49 years, their business has expanded worldwide!

Type of Supplier

If you want your products to come from large trading companies, you should try checking out the suppliers from Global Source. Small traders generally cannot sell on this website because it requires more funds and quantity from the traders.

Minimum Order Quantity

This website is known for its high MOQ, which is usually hundreds or more. Our recommendation is to select a high-quality supplier to ensure the excellent quality of their products, especially that you are buying in bulk.

Communication Medium

Sellers usually respond faster through online chatting, so you can both interact in real-time. There is also an Inquire Now button if you prefer communicating through emails.

Payment Transactions

Paypal is commonly used for smaller transactions, but you can also opt to use Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Western Union, etc.


yiwugo wholesale

Yiwugo - Chinese Wholesale Websites

This e-commerce site is not usually heard, but you can actually choose from over 3 million goods in over 25 categories! If you are interested, here are more details about the wholesaling process of Yiwugo.

Type of Supplier

This e-commerce website has its own factory, which is the Yiwu International Trade City. And they have various suppliers, supplying different kinds of commodities to choose from.

Minimum Order Quantity

The MOQ depends on each seller, but most of them require you to buy ten or more items. The price would, of course, depend on the quantity that you buy, the more, the cheaper!

Communication Medium

Like the regular communication medium, customers can communicate with the suppliers through Send Inquiry, or you can check out the Contact section to get the supplier’s mobile number, e-mail address, and business address.

Payment Transactions

Yiwu Go has a Yiwu Go payment transaction where most of the suppliers accept the payment. Otherwise, you can opt for PayPal for small orders, or Telegraphic Transfer, or a Letter of Credit.

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