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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Under $1 Dollar ITEMS with Free Shipping Online - Cheap NON FREE Stuff on Aliexpress

free shipping 1 dollar items

The internet era has blessed people with many facilities that save their time and energy. One such big advantage that has become a part of most people’s lives is online shopping. Online shopping has eased and enhanced the shopping experience of an individual as one can get information about the newly arrived items along with reviews by other consumers.

Cheap Shopping is HERE to last. List of items under $1 dollar with free shipping is not easy to find.

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There are a large number of online shopping platforms with a wide variety of items priced from $0.01 to $1000 and above. AliExpress is one such online shopping platform that has a significant number of consumers all over the globe.

Best Items under $1 Dollar with Free Shipping Aliexpress (expired)

It is no longer easy to find good CHEAP items less than $1.

If this is your first time to hear about AliExpress, then here’s a primer. This platform is owned and managed by the Alibaba Group, one of the most established B2B buy and sell portals in the world. Today, this global brand has expanded its reach and operation and is now into cloud computing, payment services, and more. 

Now, before we go to the list of the amazing items which you can have for less than a dollar, we might as well give you some good reasons why you should also be patronizing this online retail platform.

Let us have a look at the 10 best items on ALiExpress that can be bought for under $1 dollar in this article.

Note that the products listed below are selected based on the consumer ratings along with the number of orders placed under the given pricing from a wide range of categories.

best awesome aliexpress products under $1

If you are a NEW USER, here is a huge offer for you from Aliexpress and most of these offers are under $1.

Best For Aliexpress Item Price
People who need fast chargers Suntaiho USB C $0.61
Sporty individuals who love music ANBES Sport Headphones $0.52
Girls who want trendy yet affordable accessories OPPOHERE Metal Hair Grips $0.22
Trendy summer fashion Shengmeiyu Vintage Sunglasses $0.01
Women who love accessories Zhenshecai Pendant Necklaces $0.01
Washing dishes with convenience Weeddie Multi-usage Holder $0.80
Keeping baby's teeth healthy Baby Finger Toothbrush $0.01
Keeping cash in handy Cellphone Slim Sticker Case $0.69
Protecting high-end phones Tempered Glass for iPhones $0.98
Keeping mosquitoes away from babies VOGVIGO Mosquito Repellent Bracelets $1.00

Most items are above $1 this 2021 because SHIPPING rates have increased!

#1 - Suntaiho USB C

best things under $1 on aliexpress

Type C USB cables are data cables that reduce that time needed for maximizing your smart phone’s battery charge.

Most of the Android smartphones nowadays are sporting the Type C charging ports including Samsung s9, s8, One Plus 5t, XiaoMi mi6, mi5, and many others. Suntaiho provides reliable type C cables in five colors with lengths varying from 0.25m to 3m.

The charge is working, which is main for me. The braid is a little shiny. The connector is long, for the socket is excellent!! Alas, on this cord there was no lock-Velcro, only the rubber band is symbolic. I like this brand for a long time, everything works always.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Black and White, Black and Blue, Black, Gray, Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Red
  • Micro-fast charging
  • 480 mbps file transfer

Price of $0.61

#2- ANBES Sport Headphones

best things on aliexpress under $1

The ANBES Sports Headphones comes with a 3.5mm mic along with an ear hook styled earbud. Though they provide headphones in only two colors black and white, the product has a positive feedback of 96.9% and is priced at $0.78 which has earned a place for it in our list.

Please do not expect a surround sound effect on this kind of cheap wired earphone. This is just a simple product which enable sound.

Key Features:

  • On and off key
  • Compatible for computers and smartphones
  • Colors: Black, White

Get it at $0.52

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#3- OPPOHERE Metal Hair Grips

best items under $1 on aliexpress

Oppohere metal hair grips are stylish and sleek hair clips that come in over 10 different shapes. The Shapes are much attractive and simple which will definitely draw the attention of your mates. Women who have a hobby of sporting new hair clips every day will surely fall in love with this collection. The user rating for this product is 4.8 and over 6500 orders have been placed so far.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alloy
  • Available in geometric shapes

Price: from $0.32

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#5 - Shengmeiyu Vintage Sunglasses

aliexpress items under $1

Shengmeiyu lists sunglasses for men in goggle style with a frame made out of plastic. The lenses used are Mirror, UV400 and Anti-reflective made out of CR-39 lens material. The glasses come in many colors and the price starts at $0.66. The product has a positive feedback of 97.2% which ensures the customers to give a go at it.

Key Features:

  • With anti-reflective features
  • Lightweight
  • With integrated nose pad

Price: $0.01

#6 - Heart-shaped ring holder

The heart-shaped ring holder comes in two colors - black and red. The hearts have two eyes on it that adds some amount of quirk to the ring holders. It is compatible with all phones and flat surfaces. The adhesive is strong and lasts you for a long time. You will love the prettiness of this ring holder.

heart ring holder

Get this heart-shaped ring holder from here.

Price: $0.65

#7 - Zhenshecai Pendant Necklaces

Women who love to sport simple and artistic necklaces with pendant or link type necklaces must surely have a look at the below-mentioned page as it hosts a nice collection of eye-catching necklaces. The product boasts over 21,000 orders and a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Key Features:

  • Looks like real gold
  • Material: Zinc Alloy

The pricing starts at $0.01

#8 - Weeddie Multi-usage Holder

holder aliexpress less than $1

The weeddie multi-usage holder is one of the best household items that can be bought for under $1 on AliExpress. It is a wall mountable holder that can be used in your kitchen or bathroom to hold towels, body sponge, robes, or dish washing sponge. Its user rating is 4.8 out of 5.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Fits all scouring pads
  • Sticks to almost any wall type

Priced at $0.80

#9 - Baby Finger Toothbrush

baby toothbrush

Brushing an infant’s teeth is not an easy process for their mamas. Though there are many baby toothbrushes available on market, the Sozzy finger toothbrush allows parents to insert their finger into the brush which will ease the process of effectively cleaning their toddler’s teeth and gum.

The price of this product ranges from


#10 - Cell Phone Slim Case Sticker

aliexpress under 1 item

One of the hot item to dropship this 2021 include this item that cost under $1 dollar. Comes in 10 different colors, the case enables you to fit cards and earphones with ease. You can put your cash and slot inside the pocket if you are going shopping too.

Key Features:

  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Convenient for putting cash and cards
  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow

US $0.69

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#11 - Tempered Glass for iPhones

Want a cheap and good screen protector for your iPhone 7, 8, X, XS and XR or even 11?

Do you know why this tempered glass is so cheap as compared to the retail shops? Reason 1 - no additional marketing dollar spend to design a box to contain the screen protector. This screen protector comes in raw package. Also, it is cheap to deliver such thin and light product. We love this product so much is because it is super clear, effective anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, 9H hard, ultra-thin 0.3mm, and most important of all easy to paste.

Key Features:

  • Available for iPhone 5s to iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • UP to 9H hardness

Priced from $0.98

#12 - VOGVIGO Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

These mosquito repellent bracelets come along with an anti-mosquito capsule that can be inserted into the bracelet. The bracelet is made up of silicone and is adjustable to suit different hand sizes. The key ingredients of the repellent are citronella, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and lemon essential oil. The repellent is toxic free and environment-friendly and also safe for infants. The band comes in eight different colors.

Key Features:

  • With essential oil ingredients that are safe for babies
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Red

Priced at $1.00 per set

#13 - Avengers ring holder

If you are an Avengers fan like me, you will love these ring holders. I love showing off SpiderMan and Iron Man ring holders. And because these holders can be reused, I can change as per my mood. The adhesive is very strong and sticks to your phone well. It is high in quality. You can get any or all the ring holders available including Captain America and Iron Man.

iron man ring holder.JPG

You can get the ring holder here.

Price: $0.68

#14 - Quirky ring holders

In the range of quirky ring holders, these are probably my favorites. The fun and colorful ring holders catch the eye at first sight. There are several variants available such as ice cream, rainbow, banana, lipstick, and cactus. You will get compliments for these ring holders. They will add a nice touch to your phone. It is super cute and strong that sticks nicely to your phone. 

rainbow ring holders

You can get these quirky ring holders here.

Price: $0.69

Buying cheap things from Aliexpress

Despite the fact that AliExpress did not show official numbers, site movement estimator showed that AliExpress gets more than 500 Million guests every month. Or, in other words an eCommerce stage. To place things in context which is the business to the business rendition of AliExpress, provided details regarding November 11, 2015, $14.32 billion out of one single day.

Truly, that is one single business day and not a year.

People love us because we help them to save. Shopping on Aliexpress can be tricky at times. Reason being you have the same products marketed by different sellers on the platform. So it comes to a point which are the best seller and which are the best prices. Do take note, those with the most sales do not always translate into the Best Price or the Best Delivery.

Is it Safe to Buy on AliExpress?

While these cheap items might seem sketchy to buy, AliExpress is truly one safe platform to shop. They have a buyer protection program that always keeps all customer transactions safe, no matter where you are around the globe.

What is the cheapest thing on AliExpress?

These items listed above are only 10 among the hundreds and thousands of items that are under $1 value on AliExpress. You can also search for other items with the same price range by adjusting your price preference on the website.

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