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Alternatives to Textsheet 2024 for Students to Find Homework or Academic Answers

Alternatives to Textsheet

Last updated: January 2024

Apart from the social changes brought on by the “new normal” instigated by governments around the world to better cope with the novel coronavirus, the pandemic has impacted almost everything in our lives, including education.

Students around the world have had to cope with numerous changes in the way they receive and pursue education.

Classrooms have been replaced by online video conferences, examinations have been replaced by online forms, and even the way we study has changed drastically.

Even with all of the changes that students have to deal with today, the educational system demands their determination and hard work.

That’s why now more than ever, it’s important for our students to have access to the best tools to help them meet the ever-growing demands of society particularly in terms of their knowledge, formation, and education.

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet was a popular educational tool that was used by students around the world as a source of review material and homework assistance.

Primarily, Textsheet provided students with solutions to common problems found in textbooks.

However, due to the nature of the platform, the sources of the information Textsheet used filed copyright infringement claims against it that eventually led to it being shut down permanently.

Top 7 Textsheet Alternatives for Students to Find Homework or Academic Answers

Textsheet may be down for the count, but that doesn’t mean that our educational institutions will demand any less from our students. To help cope with the demands of school and society, here are few helpful online learning tools to keep everyone working efficiently and effectively.

1. Chegg - Study Tool from $15.95/ mth

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Chegg - Best TextSheet Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Textsheet, it’s hard not to recommend the online tutoring and learning tool known as Chegg - especially since this platform is where Textsheet got most of its hits and search results.

On paper, Chegg is a paid-for service subscription that provides students and young learners with tools and tutoring services to help them improve their performance in just about any subject.

Starting at $15.95 per month, Chegg offers several study packages which typically include step-by-step solutions for questions and problems found in thousands of textbooks used worldwide, millions of expert-submitted homework answers, and a 24/7 online hotline to Chegg’s accredited professional tutors.

Another great thing that Chegg does is that it’s one of the best places online to purchase textbooks at discounted rates. If you’d rather not spend so much money on a text book you’ll only use for a few months, Chegg also lets users rent textbooks for much cheaper - and for college students who typically have to spend thousands of dollars throughout their college career on textbooks alone, these discounts matter.

Unlike Textsheet which was a free service with no strings attached, Chegg offers some of the highest-quality services and most polished user experiences you can get in the online education industry. It’s a premium option, but if you don’t mind the cost, Chegg will definitely not disappoint.


2. Skooli - Unlimited on-demand tutoring from $0.65/ minute


Skooli - Best TextSheet Alternatives

If you want an online education platform that’s more direct and hands-on than just providing answers and resources like Textsheet did, then you may want to consider Skooli.

Unlike other platforms that aim to give you online tools to help you learn faster, Skooli uses a more traditional, guided approach, which has proven to be extremely effective, especially for students who have shown exceptional difficulty in performing well academically.

Skooli’s approach is personal, one-on-one tutoring services to help guide students better by providing them with a tailored study and learning approach that suits their needs and their unique personality.

Private tutoring is among the most effective methods to improve your academic performance, especially when you’re struggling with a particular subject, but it’s also one of the most expensive - after all, you’ll be paying one person (an expert, supposedly) for their time and expertise to teach you something you need to know.

While private tutoring lessons in real life can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - depending on who you get to tutor you - Skooli offers a much more practical and inexpensive route to academic improvement.

In fact, Skooli private tutoring starts as low as $0.65 per minute, and sessions can last as long or as short as you want, making it a great choice for when you need quick answers, solutions, and explanations.

3. SparkNotes - Simplify Study from $4.99/month or $24.99/year

SparkNotes is an alternative to Textsheet

SparkNotes - Best TextSheet Alternatives

If you need help with anything involving English literature and other humanities like arts and creative writing, SparkNotes is the place for you.

Similar to Textsheet which provides students with answers to common problems, SparkNotes is a massive database designed to help students around the world find solutions to problems experienced in the fields of literature, humanities, and the arts.

SparkNotes’ most popular features include the comprehensive study guides on the most commonly studied and discussed icons in English literature.

From Shakespeare to Hemingway, SparkNotes has an extensive database of study guides and notes on literature, making the deep dive into art and humanities fun and exciting, even for those with no prior knowledge on the humanities.

4. Quizlet (Previously known as Slader)


Quizlet (Previously known as Slader) - Best TextSheet Alternatives

Favored by college students all over the world, Quizlet is one of the best online homework assistance tools that gives students access to step-by-step solutions and answers to problems presented in a database of over 50 million textbooks used worldwide.

Unlike other homework assistance platforms, Quizlet is available for completely free, and offers one of the most comprehensive databases of knowledge and information designed specifically to help students overcome difficult subjects from high-school math to college-level engineering.

Quizlet is also one of the easiest platforms to use, with the availability of premium tools and features such as a barcode scanner and a ISBN search engine to help you find the best solutions to your specific textbooks.

5. CliffsNotes

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CliffsNotes - Best TextSheet Alternatives

Although it lags behind SparkNotes in terms of popularity and usage, CliffsNotes is another great website that’s oriented more towards the study of books and literature than other subject matter.

That’s not to say that CliffsNotes is lacking - it certainly does include study and review material to help with various aptitude tests and fields of study - but where it truly excels is the summarization of texts - particularly novels, suggested reading, and excerpts from texts involving various subject matter discussed at all levels of learning, from primary school all the way through to post-grad.

CliffsNotes categorizes its services into three unique offerings - Literature Notes, Test Prep, and Study Guides.

Through literature notes, students who struggle with reading comprehension or have difficulty finding the time to read assigned texts all the way through can still receive comprehensive notes, summaries, and detailed dissections of texts to help them understand what it’s all about and answer any homework questions that revolve around them.

Students preparing for admission tests or standardized tests can also benefit greatly from CliffsNotes Test Prep services, which makes use of past test questions to prepare students for the various possible topics covered in these tests to give them the best possible outcomes.

Study Guides, on the other hand, are specialized systems that help students fully comprehend more difficult topics of discussion using study and memorization tools that have been proven effective for others.

Check it out here!

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6. Quizlet


Quizlet - Best TextSheet Alternatives

Another great Textsheet alternative is Quizlet - a community-driven self-study platform that makes use of quiz cards to help you achieve mastery and comprehension of any subject matter using a tested-and-true method that students - from primary school to postgraduate school - have been successfully using to improve their academic performance and subject mastery.

Technically speaking, Quizlet is a community-powered collection of notes and quizlets generated and submitted by students from all over the world as a way to help themselves while sharing their learning systems with others.

Since the system of education used worldwide is roughly the same, this helps students from different places all over the world to communicate and learn together by sharing notes, revisions, and answers with one another.

One of the best things about Quizlet is that - since it’s entirely community driven - this online study service is completely and utterly free. Students, parents, and educators are free to use and expand the platform as they see fit, and you typically won’t even have to spend a dime to get everything that this platform has to offer.

However, the best thing about Quizlet is also what makes it sort of a double-edged sword. Due to its nature as a community-driven platform, Quizlet results and answers may not always reflect truth and generally accepted fact, and if you take into consideration the existence of trolls, it may shed doubt on the validity of the responses you find on the platform.

Fortunately, verification and source-checking is also an important part of academic work, so make sure to exercise vigilance in fact-checking your sources before incorporating their knowledge into your academic work.

7. Paper Help

Paper Help - Best TextSheet Alternatives,

Paper Help - Best TextSheet Alternatives

Although it’s not technically a Textsheet alternative, PaperHelp is an excellent service that lets students around the world create well researched and properly formatted academic papers tailored to their specific needs.

Textsheet was a search engine that provided students with information and answers to common textbook questions, but PaperHelp is a full-fledged online service that connects you to academics, experts, scholars, and writers to help you out with your academic tasks, particularly when it comes to research and academic discourse.

Textsheet Alternatives for Students

Here we have some of the greatest study platform and Textsheet replacement, as well as a great place to get study materials.

These Textsheet Alternatives for Students promises to include more than 25 million pieces of study material tailored to particular courses and provide expert solutions to tackle your toughest home work problems.

All of these websites are properly laid up to make finding a course, notes, and answers simple for students.

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