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Best Kindle Alternative for EBook Readers 2024

Best Kindle Alternative for EBook Readers

Last updated: December 2023

If you're an electronic book (ebook) fan, then you are likely familiar with Kindle. Introduced by Amazon in 2007, Kindle immediately got international traction.

The brand’s first generation of ebook readers was sold out within 5 ½ hours after the launch. This amazing sales feat backs up the idea that Kindle is spearheading the competition.

Until now, it is hailed as the "rock star" among other e-book readers. 

Well, with great market research and attention to the needs of modern readers, it is not surprising why Kindle tops the market. Amazon has definitely taken the extra mile to ensure that its products have the most advanced and most valuable features.

However, as with any other technology that makes our lives easier, Kindle also comes with a cost. And as the need for practicality becomes more prevalent worldwide, more and more consumers are looking for cheaper alternatives.

And if you are one of them, then you are on the right page.

Amidst Kindle's supremacy are other e-book reader brands that are relatively cheaper. More or less, these alternatives also boast the same features as Kindle. Unfortunately, they are highly underappreciated, underrated, and are usually unseen within our radars. 

Are Kindle worth it?

In this post, we have outlined the best Kindle alternative for Ebook readers. But before that, let’s take a look at the features of the leading ebook reader which you can use as your guideline when you are looking for a more affordable product.

1. Storage

Would you believe that with Kindle, you can store data that is as good as a massive library?

Kindle offers a minimum of 4GB of default storage – with 2.8GB available for use. It is sufficient enough to store approximately 1,000 to 1,400 books. But here’s the top-up.

The maximum built-in capacity of Kindle devices is 32GB which allows you to save up to 15,100 books!

When it comes to cost, Kindle also comes with a more reasonable pricing system compared to the actual market price of the books. Furthermore, there is an ample amount of free reads that you can access via online collections.

2. Dictionary

Come on, let's face it. Whenever we read books, especially the classic ones, there are many words that we find difficult to understand.

Good thing for Kindle users, it has an embedded dictionary that allows you to see the definition of a word by just hovering the cursor in front of a word.

 3. Translations

If you are a Paulo Coelho fanatic, the translation feature will surely make your day. There are many books that are originally published on a different language.

Amazon Kindle gives its users ease and comfort by automatically translating a word or a sentence in your desired language.

4. Risk-Free Purchasing

Kindle allows you to test the waters first before spending your money.

You can download the first chapter of any book for free. This feature gives you the opportunity to get the feel of the book, and ultimately, decide whether to purchase the entire copy of the book or look for another.

Most of the time, readers undervalue this testing system. But, the fact that you get to review what you will pay for makes Kindle a great e-book platform.

Which is the best Kindle to buy? Amazon Kindle. The best Kindle on a budget. Kindle Paperwhite suit most people children and elderly alike,Kindle Oasis is The best highend ebook Kindle, Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is The best Kindle for small children. Amazon Fire 10

Is it worth buying a Kindle?

Why is Kindle so expensive?

Are books free on Kindle?
5 Best Cheaper Alternative to Kindle Best Price to Get (USD)

ONYX BOOX Darwin 7 eReader


Kobo Clara HD 6" Carta E Ink Touchscreen eReader


Likebook P6 E-Reader


Pomya E-Book Reader E-Ink 6-inch E-Reader


Eboxer-1 E-Book Reader


Where to Buy Ebook Readers Similar to Kindle?

Best Kindle Alternative for E-Book Readers

1. ONYX BOOX Darwin 7 eReader

ONYX BOOX Darwin 7 eReader is Best Kindle Alternative for E-Book Readers, a device for reading electronic books with the E Ink Carta Plus screen of the latest generation, ONYX BOOX Darwin 7 review

ONYX BOOX Darwin 7 eReader - Kindle Alternative

Arguably one of the top contenders of Kindle, this eReader flaunts three groundbreaking technologies: Moonlight Technology, a Snowlight System, and International Support.

The Moonlight Technology is an extra layer added to ensure that the contrast of the text is more detailed.

This feature is significant because readers are susceptible to eye strain. Meanwhile, the Snowlight System prevents the annoying full-screen refresh that happens when you turn a page. Imagine reading a 600-page book and then going back all over again – it can get frustrating.

And lastly, the International Support feature gives the readers the ability to open documents in many international languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese). 

Apart from the three main features that are almost similar to Kindle's technology, ONYX also boasts a multi-touch screen, screen front light, built-in dictionaries, and a smart cover. 

Get this product for

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2. Kobo Clara HD 6" Carta E Ink Touchscreen eReader

Kobo Clara HD 6

Kobo Clara HD 6" Carta E Ink Touchscreen eReader - Kindle Alternative

Are you after a compact and lightweight e-reader? Well, lo and behold as the Kobo Clara HD would amazed you with its sleek design and portability features.

It may remind you of a small notepad on the outside. But guess what? It might have a minimalistic design but it is jam-packed with systems and features that would make you a happy reader!

Kobo Clara also flaunts an anti-glare, 6" high-definition Carta E Ink touchscreen that delivers a print-quality and smooth reading experience.

The ComfortLight PRO technology provides optimal lighting and automatically adjusts the screen's brightness depending on the environment.

It also has a Wi-Fi-enabled connection that allows you to access the media library anytime.

As for the memory, this reading device comes with an 8GB storage capacity, allowing you to save up to six thousand ebooks! 

It also boasts a remarkable battery life --it can last for weeks on a single charge!

Get this item for only

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3. Likebook P6 E-Reader

Likebook P6 E-Reader, this etablet has features a 6 inch E INK Carta HD display with a resolution of 1448×1072 with 300 PPI, Are books cheaper on Kindle, Are Kindle worth it?, Likebook P6 vs Kindle,  we love a good Boyue Likebook P6 e-reader Review - Good e-Reader

Likebook P6 E-Reader - Kindle Alternative

One of the top competitors of Kindle, Likebook P6 E-Reader flaunts a storage capacity of up to 128GB. Imagine how many electronic books you can store with that space! 

Like the other products on this list, Likebook also comes with a 6" E-ink Touchscreen pad that displays pictures and text in a crystal clear resolution.

You can read your favorite books for hours and any time of the day without worrying about your eyesight ---thanks to its built-in single color temperature adjustment system that comes with 24 levels!

Furthermore, Likebook P6 E-Reader is also more convenient than any other brand because you can obtain new reads online and offline.

It is fully supported by USB, Bluetooth, and Wifi for quick transmissions. You would also appreciate the roster of incredible features such as FM radio, clock, dictionary, calendar, calculator, and comics.

Get this product for

4. Pomya E-Book Reader E-Ink 6-inch E-Reader

Pomya E-Book Reader E-Ink 6-inch E-Reader is the Top 5 Kindle Alternatives You Can Buy this year, Onyx E Ink ebook reader This Onyx's E Ink display looks nearly as good as print.Which Kindle is most like reading a book?, Are there other devices like Kindle?, What ereaders can read Kindle books?, Is Kobo better than Kindle?

Pomya E-Book Reader E-Ink 6-inch E-Reader - Kindle Alternative

Are you longing for the authentic feel of a book's page? You do not have to worry anymore because Pomya E-Book Reader E-Ink 6 inch E-Reader can give it to you!

This e-reader primarily features an E-Ink electronic Ink screen display that provides an immersive optical illusion. The screen is also reflect-resistant and has a high-contrast ratio, so, even if you are reading under the sun, the texts are still visible. 

Aside from the goal of delivering the most immersive reading experience for readers, this alternative allows you to translate the texts into 29 languages. As for the battery, it can last for a week if you only use it for a maximum of 4 hours a day. 

They’re also amazing accessories that come for free.

Get this e-reader for only 

5. Eboxer-1 E-Book Reader

Eboxer-1 E-Book Reader is Best E-Readers for this year with Ebook Reader Reviews and Best tablet to buy for reading, 6 inch E-Reader, Electronic Support Font Zoom/Font Transform/Bookmark/Skip Page/Read Aloud

Eboxer-1 E-Book Reader - Kindle Alternative

The most affordable on our list, Eboxer-1 E-Book Reader, is one of the most practical choices amongst ebook reading tools.

Embedded with E-Ink electronic Ink screen, it gives you a better reflectivity and contrast ratio on your reading material. Furthermore, this technology allows for better readability, flexibility, and low power consumption. 

Talking about comfort, you would find it a breeze to bring this e-reader with you wherever you go. All thanks to its adorable package design of 6-inch screen and weight of 189 g.

And by the way, aside from a built-in dictionary, this product also allows you to read books in 29 various languages.

And what's the best part of the deal? When you order this e-reader, expect to get a pair of headphones, a USB cable, and a blue case cover for free! 

Start reading now at 

Is there a cheaper alternative to Kindle?

Is Kindle being phased out?

While it is unclear if Kindle will be completely phased out, there are indications that this might happen in the near future.

In 2022, Amazon has informed users of older early gen models that store functionality will no longer be available, after 18 August.

Furthermore, when a new version of the Kindle Fire was released last year, it did not come with support for books purchased from Amazon's physical bookstore operation.

So while there may still be some users who own a Kindle device, things seem to point towards its imminent demise.

If you're planning on buying a new electronic reading device soon, make sure to do your research and choose one that supports both e-books and print books!

Which eBook reader supports the most formats?

If you're looking for an eBook reader that supports the most formats, the kobo might be a good choice.

The kobo eReader supports a wide variety of formats, which makes it the perfect eBook reader for those who prefer to read in multiple languages or have files that are not compatible with other devices.

Moreover, the kobo has an adjustable light and easy-to-use touchscreen display that makes reading on the go a breeze.

Kindle Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Kindle has revolutionized the way we read in this modern times.

Who would have thought that a single piece of equipment can allow you to read thousands of books? It's like having a massive library right at your doorstep.

And as with time, more and more amazing technologies are being added, making most of us think, what could be next? Perhaps, we'd be reading on a hologram in a few years. 

However, as with the ever-rising demand comes the fierceness in the competition.

Today, several brands on the market offer the same experience, features, and benefits but less of a few dollars on the tag.

If you value your money to the bit, you would surely search the market for a cheaper yet equally valuable alternative.

However, there are tons of options at your disposal, and you might easily get overwhelmed! So, consider the products on this list and save yourself considerable time, effort, and money! 

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