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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Fake PS4 Controller Price Review 2024

fake ps4 controller review

Whether you an ardent fan of gaming or a novice just entering the world of gaming, you know the importance of a good controller or joystick. Sony changed the way we gamed with their introduction of the Play Station. Many companies have followed suit with their own brands of gaming consoles but Sony stands strong.

This means that a controller is very important for you to hold on to, no matter where you go to play. It is also a known fact that Sony controllers are super expensive and not everybody can afford it, especially because controllers don’t last very long depending on the way they are used.

It certainly helps to know that there are nearly accurate imitations or replica controllers sold in the market that function just like the original. 

Review of Buying Fake PS4 Controller

Before buying a fake PS4 controller first we have to know about PS4. PS4 is a home gaming console which is made by Sony. It is the 8th generation console and made to carry on the legacy of ps3.

It was launched on 20th February 2013 and very soon became popular among the masses. Now there is a controller in the PS4 box but sometimes it malfunctions or sometimes you have to buy an extra one. That is where the replica aka Fake PS4 controller comes in place as the original PS4 controller is very costly to buy.

The people who play games a lot in PS4 are always in need of controllers and they usually buy the replica version due to its low price. These kinds of replica controller are made by various companies and they work fine in the gaming consoles according to the users.

You cannot find any differences between the original and the replica controller unless you are a pro player who is very much addicted to ps4. These replica controllers are in fact more fun than the original controllers as they can be found in many designs and for all kinds of gaming consoles. They are compatible with ps4 and Xbox but some of them are Sony knockoffs.

As there are many brands making and selling these fake controllers, it can be a bit confusing for you to pick ones that are reliable. Even if these are much cheaper than the originals, you are spending your hard-earned money and we would not want that to go to waste. Aliexpress is one website that has many reliable and highly rated sellers with genuine feedback from buyers. We have curated a list of fake PS4 controllers for you from Aliexpress to take a look and buy the one you prefer.

Fake PS4 Controllers from Aliexpress under $50

Here are some wonderful replica PS4 controllers that are priced below $50. These come in many different colours and are designed to be just like the originals in terms of build quality, thus giving you optimum comfort while playing your favorite games on your PS4.

#1 - 14 Color Controller Housing Shell for Playstation 4

Price: $3.63

Sold for less than $7, and available in several attractive colors, this is a controller that you must have if you are addicted to your PS4. This controller functions as smoothly as an original and you won't find any difference.

If you want to have a very affordable yet fantastic PS4 replica, this should be added on your carts today!

#2 - PS4 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Controller 

Price: $18.69


For less than $20, get this dual-shock controller that uses Bluetooth to connect. The build is sturdy and you can be sure this will last a long time. Available in several attractive colors, this is definitely value for money.

This controller can offer you with 360° high precision and higher stability in every game you play. You can even play in full power for up to 5 hours!

#3 - Ps4 PlayStation 4 Bluetooth Wireless Controller Dualshock Double Vibration Joystick Gamepads

Price: $18.34

These replica PS4 controllers from the brand Blueloong have dual shock vibration enabled and are great for frequent gamers. Also available in various colours like the rest of the items on this list, this makes gaming more fun and very interesting.

Unique Design: Hours of comfortable game play with ergonomically designed grips. Make your gaming experience more enjoyable and give yourself and edge over your opponents with this custom controller for the Playstation 4.

Charge Efficiently: Any standard charger with a micro-USB port. It can also be easily be recharged by plugging it into your PlayStation 4 system, even when on standby, or with any standard charger with a micro-USB port.

#4 - Datafrog Wireless Gamepad for PS4 Controller

Quality is good, all buttons are in place, everything works correctly. Unlike the original controller a little different shape of grips, but for me it is even more convenient. They're kind of elongated. Otherwise, the difference from the original did not find. I advise you to buy, who need an inexpensive controller in a pair to the original.

Price: $16.45

As good as the cheaper ones on this list, these joysticks function very well. What sets them apart is the way they are designed to look. The funky prints they come in are every gamer's dream and to own these are a pride!

Enjoy the revolutionary features like the touch pad, integrated light bar, and built-in speaker to make your every game extraordinary!

#5: Detroit Wireless Joystick For PS4 Games Console

Price: $17.99

Feel every movement and click using your Detroit Wireless Joystick For PS4 Games Console, without feeling tired while playing for hours. This joystick gives you new ways to play with your PS4, making it one of the must-try joysticks in AliExpress that you can buy in less than $20.

Awesome PS4 Accessories Must Have

There are lots of people who own PlayStation but very few know that there are many more accessories available from Sony that can help in getting a better experience and using the PS Console with ease.

Play Station Platinum Wireless Headset

Most of the gamers use headphones to get better sound and this is something that redefines the gaming audio and made it more detailed. The gamer gets better sound quality and it is easy to feel the virtual world. You feel like that you are in the game and there is nothing better than this thing.

Action, adventure, and battle games seem real. On the other hand, playing the horror game is something really interesting because you feel like dragging yourself into the game. There are lots of things that are related to the sound of the game. You hear everything well and it is easy to find the opponent or target in complete silence using these headsets.

This headset has the virtual surround sound. This is powered by 3D audio technology. There are also dual Mics to capture your voice and then it cancels out the distractions. The noise cancellation is better than most of the headset. This is the reason that gamers prefer this to get a better gaming experience. The battery is quite enough to provide good battery backup so it lasts longer than usual headset batteries.

Retailing at $49.62 on Aliexpress

USB Wireless Adapter

With the help of this adapter, you are able to connect your PC as well as Mac wirelessly. In order to use this feature, there are two applications available. You can use any of those and get the benefits. PS4TM Remote Play For Windows.

The application is available for Mac that can help in many ways. You can use PlayStation Now for Windows that is used by many. As you connect the devices to PC or Mac’s port, it is easy to connect adapter. All this happen with the help of Bluetooth and now, this is the time to utilize the feature of the adapter. You are able to enjoy every feature and this is a really easy method.

Check it out

Wireless Keyboard for PlayStation 4

This is a mechanical keyboard in misusing style that is specially developed for PS4. But the users are able to access PS3 with the help of this one. This is the unique method to use your PlayStation as comported to other consoles.

On the other hand, this product has so many users and good reviews. It is helpful in enhancing the gaming experience because your method of playing games will be changed with the use of this device that’s why you can rely on this. It works seamlessly perfect with the PS4 system. There is one analog stick that is a better method to play.

Available for $13.30 on Aliexpress

Other PS4 Controllers Accessories you must get

Check out some of the other accessories you can get to pep up your gaming evenings and stand out from your friends. Product - PS4 Controller Charger USB Charging Dock Station with LED light For Sony Playstation 4 / PS4 / Pro /Slim wireless Controller Product - PS4 Case PS4 Slim Console Travel Bag Play Station PS 4 Accessories Hand Bag for Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Games Product - Foleto New PS4 Pro Hub USB Ports w/ 5 USB Port High Speed USB with-(1*3.0)-(4*2.0)-USB Ports Cable Adapter for Sony Playstation

Differentiating between Original and Fake PS4 Controller

Now there are a whole lot of ways using which you can find a fake Ps4 controller. Normally it can be checked by logos but the online shops nowadays are not interested in showing or rather, are careful about not showing the logo to the customer, which makes it a lot difficult to find out if the product is an original or a fake Sony controller.

You can find it though if you read the product text thoroughly but our suggestion is that you ask the seller about it. It will be much easier than reading and more reliable. But what needs to be done first is finding a fake ps4 controller. For that, you have to search for the ps4 controller or dual shock controllers.

You will be able to see a lot of controllers on your screen and your next step will be to buy the controller for which you need to choose a shop or seller. Now while choosing a shop you have to read through and keep in mind the feedback from the customers that the shop has been getting.

So first check the feedback thoroughly and then only decide to contact the shop. Not only do you have to check the feedback about the shop but also try to check the feedback about the product from the users who have bought and used it.

Recommendations can’t be given as there are virtually many shops to choose from but it will not be that difficult if you follow the reviews and product details properly.

An original ps4 controller costs around 60$ while a fake ps4 controller costs around 20$ to 30$ which includes the shipping charges as well. If you are thinking about not buying them because they are priced so low, you are wrong. They are a lot better than their prices suggest them to be. Anyone who is an avid game player can buy these replicas as they are good and come at a low price, meaning you can buy 2 replicas at the price of 1 original.



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