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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Fake Airpods Max Review

airpods max clone review

The Apple AirPods Max are wire-free over-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation that retail for around USD 670. Given its brand, it is undoubtedly a pricey pair of headphones, as we all know, Apple is a technological business that sells quite expensive items, notably electronics.

Because it is expensive, several online stores produce and design a replica of it and offer it at a lower and more affordable price. Just like Airpods 3, Apple Watch and Apple Pencils.

AliExpress is one of the online stores that sell counterfeit or fake AirPod Max. AliExpress, a Chinese online commerce platform, is owned by Alibaba Group. It is a popular online store for purchasing items at far lower prices than Amazon and other comparable sites. Because AliExpress has a strong buyer protection system, you may seek a refund if your shipment is damaged or missing.

AliExpress's service never ceases to please me, especially with the things I've lately purchased, specifically the fake AirPod Max. If you are still hesitant over buying a fake Airpod Max, you think twice and read this product review first. I guarantee that by the conclusion of this review, you will have added it to your cart and purchased it pretty quickly.

Where to buy Airpods Max Clone?

Looking for a less expensive alternative to the new Airpod Max? I can't wait to put them to the test! Check out this Airpod Max Replica review for more details!

P9 TWS Airpods Max Replica

fake airpods max review

Originally, the Airpod Max is available in five distinct colors: Space Gray, Pink, Green, Sky Blue, and Silver. However, on AliExpress, this fake AirPod Max is available in six colors, the same as the originals, with the addition of white.

If you look closely at this fake Airpod Max and compare it to the original ones, you will see that it is a superb replica because the general design is similar to the original ones. However, because it is a replica, you should limit your expectations and expect some small defects, such as the canopy spanning headband, which was considerably different from the original models because it was not made from a breathable knit mesh. But I can confidently tell you that it is comfortable to wear and does not place excessive weight or strain on the head.

The original models are roughly USD 670, however, this replica is only USD 15.98 on AliExpress! Can you imagine how much money you will save if you buy this replica? The design, color, and quality are excellent, and it truly seems like I purchased an original model, even though I only paid USD 15.98 for it. There are no regrets, and it is an excellent buy!


Type: Headphones

Transmission distance: 10m

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Sensitivity: 105 ±3db

Speaker diameter: 40mm

Playing time: about 10h

Standby time: about 120h

Charging time: about 2h

Built-in microphone: Yes

TF Card: Support

Charging port: USB

Song switching: Support (short press the function key)

Volume adjustment: Support (long-press the function key)

Answer the call/hang up the call: Support (short press the function key)

Audio I/O interface: Support

Check price on Aliexpress

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AIR 50 MAX Wireless Bluetooth Headset

fake airpods max aliexpress

The GYSO B1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is also a replica of the AirPod Max, which is also available on AliExpress! It is a music gaming headset with a microphone for mobile airpodding max Xiaomi, iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei Tablet that costs only $23.84.

It is well worth purchasing for me because I can connect it to both my iPhone and my other Android devices, which is convenient. After all, if I purchase an original model of this Airpod Max from the Apple Store, I would be unable to connect it to my other Android devices because the original Airpod Max can only be connected to Apple or IOS devices.

As you can see, it initially appeared to be an original model because the dome on the headband of the headphone is made of tight and breathable fabric, specifically a knit mesh, just like the original model, which also helps to distribute the weight and reduce pressure on the head.

Overall, I have no complaints about this replica because it well exceeded my expectations.


Work mode: Bluetooth or AUX

Bluetooth: V5.0

Microphone: HD Mic

Charge Time: about 2 hrs

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Working time: about 12 hours

Get your new replica Airpods Max here!

Air 90 Max 1:1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Expensive but real features)

This replica differs from the original because it lacks active noise cancellation, unlike the other replicas on AliExpress. However, the sound quality is still excellent, and my favorite feature is the concave woven earmuffs. Because the outer layer is covered with a special mesh fabric, it substantially expands the mobility space of my ears and does not give a sensation of pressure when I wear it.

The outstanding feature of this replica, nonetheless, is the 110-degree rotating earmuffs. It allows the earmuffs on both sides to be rotated separately, which not only balances the pressure on my ears when wearing but also provides for easy storage and transport.

Generally, if you don't mind the minor flaws, mainly the lack of active noise cancellation, this replica Airpod Max is well worth your money!


Work mode: Bluetooth or AUX

Bluetooth: V5.0

Microphone: HD Mic

Charge Time: about 2 hrs

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Working time: about 12 hours

Get your new replica Airpod Max here!

Authentic Vs. Replica Airpod Max

To reiterate, the quickest approach to detect fake Apple Airpod Max in 2021 is to inspect the charging hole's features, as well as the "L" and "R" inscriptions on the inner side of the headphones.

Most fake Airpod Max pairs will feature charging holes that are too wide, as well as inscriptions on the inside of the headphones that are too thin.

How can you spot a fake Apple Airpod Max in 60 seconds?

1. Verify the charging port on your Apple Airpod Max. Most imitation Airpods feature excessively wide holes, particularly around the charging hole, which is surrounded by a silvery metal border.
2. Examine the "L" and "R" inscriptions, which denote the left and right headphones, respectively. Typically, the inscriptions on the counterfeit Airpod Max pairs are too thin.
3. See the text written on the profile side of your Airpod Max box. The package of the replica Airpod usually merely says "Max" rather than "Airpod Max."
4. Examine the writing on the bottom of your Airpod Max. In most cases, the fake Airpod just includes the words "Max" instead of the entire phrase "Airpod Max."
5. Examine the diffusers. The diffusers on the majority of fake Airpod are too close together.

Is it worth it to purchase a replica of the Airpod Max?

The AirPods Max Replica is one of the greatest headphones available under this financial reach. It not only provides the same sound quality as the AirPods Max at a significantly lesser price but the usage and battery life of 10 hours is also impressive. Most significantly, the interior components are built of high-quality materials, which improves both real-time and long-term performance.

Conclusion on buying fake airpods max

If you want to get a more durable set of Airpod Max, I recommend going with the originals if your budget or money allows it. However, if you want to save a lot of money, I still recommend that you get a replica Airpod Max since I can promise you that it is worth the money and you can use it for a longer time if you use it properly and handle it with care. Thus, if you enjoy music and games, it is also ideal for everyday use.

Still, have hesitations? No need to worry since, as previously mentioned, when you buy from AliExpress, you will instantly receive a 75-Day Buyer Protection with a Money Back Guarantee if your shipping or item is damaged or lost.

So, what are you waiting out for? Add it to your cart right now and enjoy the tranquility that these replicas provide.

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