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iPhone 11 Clone Reviews 2024

Best iphone 11 clone from China

Last updated: March 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • The DOOV X11 Pro has been found to feature fake cameras, misleading consumers.
  • This discovery raises concerns about transparency and honesty in smartphone marketing.
  • Consumers are advised to be vigilant and research thoroughly before purchasing devices.

Featured Snippet Question: Does the DOOV X11 Pro have fake cameras?
Answer: Yes, the DOOV X11 Pro includes fake cameras. Investigations and teardowns have revealed that some of the lenses on the device's rear camera setup are not functional and are placed for aesthetic purposes rather than performance.

In the competitive smartphone market, the DOOV X11 Pro stands out for the wrong reasons: its use of fake cameras. This revelation highlights a deceptive practice in the industry, where appearances are given priority over genuine functionality. Consumers are reminded to approach new devices with scrutiny, as the integrity of features like camera setups may not be as advertised.

iPhone 11 Clone Review

Here is a list of iPhone 11 clones, where we picked the best of the best from stores on DHgate – down to the physical features, the battery life, the processor, and even the camera. All of them are running on Android so do check our list and choose which iPhone 11 clone will most suit your preference.


buy iphone 11 Pro Max clone price in US

ECrazyBaby is the first on our list. Their Goophone 11 is a phone with a soul. The tech store retails the iPhone 11 clone that uses Quad-Core MT6580P processor that runs on 1.5GHz which delivers a pretty incredible speed for smartphones today. China Product’s iPhone 11 clone has a 6.1-inch screen, the perfect size for watching videos and playing games. The iPhone 11 clone runs on 1GB RAM and is available with 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB/ 256GB of RAM, depending on your selection.

This smartphone also offers an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera and can perform well in 2G/GSM/3G/WCDMA networks. The iPhone 11 knockoff has Bluetooth 4.0, a 3.5mm audio input, and a 2600mAh battery, which all in all is a close imitatation of the features of the original iPhone 11. What’s more, this electronic store offers these iPhone 11 clones in various colors depending on your choice.

Check it now – iphone 11 clone!

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iphone 11 clone price

Memorysky launched its iphone clone in Dec 2019. This smartphone seller offers the replica phone with standard MTK6580 Quad-Core processor with a huge 6.5inch display, suited for gaming or watching videos. The iPhone 11 copy also has a single nano-SIM slot and a memory card slot that can be used with up to 32 GB of storage. It also has a 5MP camera and works with supported 3G networks. The battery life of the Memorysky iPhone 11 clone is fairly decent, performing with 1800mAh power.

Clearly a device to consider, this iPhone 11 knockoff is available in black, white, gold, and green colors to make your phone really stand out. Memorysky is one of the oldest and largest retailers on DHgate, with a massive 28000 deals of satisfied customers, and 95% positive feedback within 11 years.

Shop for your iPhone 11 clone now at!

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kimtien Store

iphone 11 clone for sale

The flashy iPhone11 lookalike that Ibaby888 offers has a 6.5inch screen, 5MP front camera, and a 12MP back camera added with flashlight and autofocus. What’s great with Ibaby888’s iPhone 11 clone is that it has dual nano-SIM slot - a unique feature that other iPhone 11 clones are missing. Similarly this phone also uses the fastest standard Quad-Core MTK6580 processor. This iPhone 11 knockoff contains a powerful 35000mAh battery which allows you to use it for a great amount of time without a need to charge. Furthermore, this device can be charged wirelessly. The iPhone 11 clone runs in 1 GB RAM plus 4, 8, or 16 GB ROM.

Speaking of tech products, DHgate won’t fail you with the unlimited products. kimtien Store is also one of the biggest and most trusted retailers of the iPhone 11 clone with great validations to proof you will surely feel safe with their products. This tech device seller has a 95% positive feedback in DHgate plus a stunning 45000 transactions made with their valued clients.

Get the iphone 11 lookalike in space gray, gold, midnight green, or silver.


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12 MP on camera

Tigerstay888 is a tech retailer in DHgate that made over 7000 transactions closed with their amazing products. So it is expected that they are also selling the recent iPhone clone release, which is the iPhone 11 copy. Tigerstay888 is undeniably the best retailer of iPhone 11 clone, with a 97% positive feedback as evidence.

The iPhone 11 clone of Tigerstay supports LTE network connection, with a clear 12 MP on camera perfect for shooting images and taking videos. It has a 2 GB RAM that really connects you to a pleasant phone performance side-by-side with its Quad-Core processor. The Tigerstay888 flagship iphone 11 knockoff comes in jet black, black, silver, gold, and rose gold colors.

Buy it now – the all new iphone 11 clone!


iPhone 11 knock off from China
A rear camera with 8MP, a front camera with 5MP

Another contender of the best iPhone 11 clones out on the market is from Mystartingheart’s shop. Mystartingheart is quite new on DHgate, but it has amassed an astonishing 6500 customers since it started retailing its quality products, and it has harnessed a high 98.8% positive feedback. The shop sells iPhone 11 clones with great specifications of MTK6580 Quad -Core running in 1.3GHz, and 1GB RAM plus 4GB16/GB ROM. It also has a massive 6.5-inch HD screen, a rear camera with 8MP, a front camera with 5MP, and 2G/3G networks. The iPhone 11 knockoff from Mystartingheart is available in silver, gold, space gray, and midnight green colors.

See it now – iphone 11 clone!

Top Mall

best iPhone 11 replica
6.5-inch HD screen

Another newcomer on DHgate is Top Mall. But despite being a new retailer, Top Mall also gained a whopping 97% positive feedback for over 2000 transactions dealt with satisfied customers. Top Mall offers a 3G mobile network smartphone with a Quad-Core processor for a perfect speed, an amazing 1 GB RAM plus 16 GB ROM. Top Mall’s featured iPhone 11 knockoff offers the same specifications the previous clones have, such as a 6.5-inch HD screen, rear and front camera with 8MP and 5MP respectively, and supports 2G/3G networks.

Shop for your iPhone 11 clone now at!


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Ap_store from DHgate sat on our list for the capable iPhone 11 clone it offers. They have iPhone 11 lookalikes in-store that comes with 1G RAM and 16 ROM. Beijing 2008’s iPhone 11 clone runs by MTK6580 Quad Core processor making it really responsive and reliable. The camera is pretty good for a clone, with a rear camera of 8MP and a front camera of 2MP.

With the exteriors appeared to be made out of similar materials of original iphones, the iPhone 11 clone is available in multiple colors that you can choose from including green, gold, white, or black. This mobile device can show HD resolution videos as it is also equipped with a 6.5 inch screen. On top of these, Ap_store’s iPhone 11 knockoff supports Face and Iris ID security. Insert up to 32GB memory card to this smartphone clone for extra space.

Buy it now – the all new iphone 11 clone!

minibaby88 Store

buy iphone 11 clone online

Phone Gate is one of the winning retailers of iPhone 11 clones at DHgate. This is because they produce quality products that do not fail to impress their customers with a stunning 96% positive feedback on their shop with over 7000 transactions made. The iPhone 11 copy from Phone Gate includes features like MTK6580 Quad-Core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB ROM. It also uses 2G and 3g networks, a standard transmission for internet browsing and data download, with a 3.0 Bluetooth for media connection. Phone Gate’s iPhone 11 clones also use Face ID for security which is a great thing, as most iPhone clones come without. USB 2.0 is also available for file and media transfer.

See it now – iphone 11 clone!

World Product

cheap iphone 11 lookalike with awesome features

Another pioneer of tech product retailers at DHgate is World Product. With its 10 years history and counting of transactions on DHgate, World Product gained a rating of 95.5% on positive feedback and over 9000 successful transactions for their items. We all enjoy purchasing an iPhone 11 copy from World Product, as it features a 6.50inch screen, 2G and 3G networks, FACE ID feature, and 2100mAh battery - pretty much like the original iPhone 11. It also uses a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM for the memory and MTK6580 Quad-Core for the processor. The camera is quite solid and clear as well considering that it has 8MP on the rear and 2MP on the front. World Product’s iPhone 11 knockoff is available in various colors that you will love including original black or white, red, yellow, gold, purple, and green.

Check it now – iphone 11 clone!


cheap iPhone 11 clones, Where to BUY iPhone Clones?, Top 12 iPhone X Clones From China

Last on the list is Ibaby888 that offers iPhone 11 clones with a 6.5-inch HD display, a Quad-Core processor, 1GB RAM plus 4GB/8GB/16GB ROM, *MP camera, and 2G/3G networks. The iPhone 11 clone from Ap Store has a stunning resemblance to the original iPhone, which makes it even more worthwhile. Have the Ap Store’s iPhone 11 copy at DHgate and experience the power and quality of the iPhone on your hand.

Buy it now – the all new iphone 11 clone!

Where to Buy iPhone 11 clones?

It is true that many iPhone 11 clones have already swarmed the market, but the question is they worth it? With the best iPhone 11 clone reviews, see for yourself the stunning identical quality, power, and physical features of these cheaper replicas.

Shop for iPhone 11 clones at or download the DHgate app to get exclusive discounts on your next purchase now!

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