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Next Best Drone to DJI 2024

Next Best Drone to DJI

Last updated: March 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Drones revolutionize aerial photography and videography, offering bird's-eye views with ease and accessibility.
  • The market offers a range of drones, from budget-friendly to high-end models, each with unique features.
  • Alternatives to DJI drones include the Parrot Anafi, Emax Tinyhawk ll, Ryze Tello Boost Combo, Autel Robotics Evo ll, and PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer.

In the quest for the ultimate sky-high shots, DJI has dominated the drone market. Yet, for those seeking alternatives, there are contenders that offer impressive capabilities without the DJI price tag. This guide explores drones that balance cost with performance, proving that sky's the limit for both novices and pros alike.

Featured Snippet:
What are the best alternatives to DJI drones? For those looking beyond DJI for their aerial imaging needs, the Parrot Anafi, Emax Tinyhawk ll, Ryze Tello Boost Combo, Autel Robotics Evo ll, and PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer stand out as formidable options. These drones offer a range of features from 180-degree camera tilts to 8K video capabilities, catering to various budgets and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned flyer, these models provide a flight path to capturing stunning aerial footage without defaulting to DJI.

Drones have allowed us to see things from above. So, it is safe to say that this type of camera changed how we view the world.

Before, taking videos in bird’s eye view during moviemaking is expensive and difficult. But with drones, videos that require expensive cranes, a camera crew, and long hours of filming can now be done in a span of minutes.

Moreover, drones are not simply flying cameras.

Rather, they are modern take to remote-controlled vehicles. And thanks to these devices’ intelligent collision sensors, users will never have to worry about their flying cameras catching any mishap.

There are a plethora of choices in the drone market. However, the important thing to remember is you are always getting what you pay for.

If you buy inexpensive drones, they will not fly very well or give you the best photo or video results possible. On the other hand, expensive models will only give you the very best.

But if you are not worried about impressing people with your video masterpiece, then you do not have to spend too much to get a good and fun drone.

In this article, I have listed down some of the best drones for every budget.

Here are some of our top picks on:

Cool Uses for Drones

Apart from filmmaking, aerial surveillance, and other formal uses, there are other cool things that you can do with drones.

So, if you are considering buying your own drone but you are not sure of how you are going to use it, don’t worry because there are a number of cool things that you can do with this amazing device.

Photography and Videography

To take shots of their subjects in a different way, many avid photographers and videographers turn to drones.

The height and new perspective that this device can reach provide people with a new world of creativity and possibility.

In addition, having a drone will allow you to meet new people with the same interests as yours. This is because there are leagues and groups of drone enthusiasts that you can join in.

By joining those, you will not only meet like-minded people but you will also gain more knowledge about your craft.

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Property Surveillance

When we hear the word surveillance, the first thing that comes to our mind is spying or watching over someone.

But contrary to that, you can use drones to watch over your property. You can also use it to shoot a 360-degree aerial view of the property that you own for insurance purposes.

Needless to say, a drone is an extremely useful tool that keeps you on the ground while allowing you to see everything from above.

Document Special Events

Drones give you the ability to capture special events from a new perspective.

If you are at a friend’s or relative’s wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, or any event, you can use your drone to record footage and take photos. This way, you will have something that can serve as a remembrance of that event.

Be a Freelance Aerial Photographer

Flying a drone is not just all fun and games. Instead, you can turn it into a source of income. Once you have gotten used to flying your drone and taking photos and videos using it, you can offer freelance services to people.

However, if you are planning to get into the business, it is important to note that you need to invest in a high-resolution drone. This is to ensure that you are giving people what they paid for.

In addition, there are some documents and permits that you first need to settle before becoming a freelance aerial photographer.

Next Best Drone to DJI Price (USD)

Parrot Anafi


Emax Tinyhawk ll


Ryze Tello Boost Combo


Autel Robotics Evo ll


PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer


Best Alternative to DJI Drones

5 Drones to Consider When Looking for a DJI Alternative

1. Parrot Anafi

Next Best Drone to DJI is the Parrot Anafi, Are Parrot drones made in the USA?, Where is the parrot Anafi made?, Why did parrot stop making drones?, Does parrot Anafi have remote ID?,

Parrot Anafi - Best DJI Alternatives

The Parrot Anafi is equipped with a camera that can tilt a full 180 degrees. It also has a “dolly-mode” that is similar to the Hitchcock technique and a built-in zoom function.

This drone can take some videos that no other devices on this list can shoot. With a solid flight time of 25 minutes, you’ll surely get the best out of your shots.

What is even more compelling is that it is one of the most silent drones that you can ever fly.

Moreover, the Anafi shines in terms of image quality. It has 4K 100Mbps footage that looks excellent, you can even compare it with the footage taken from the Mavic Air.

But unlike Mavic Air, this one has a built-in HDR video option. Such is one of the best features that you will only be able to get on more expensive drones. but the Anafi is not that expensive compare to a DJI air 2.

So, being able to get an HDR video option at a less expensive price is a good deal.

Get this drone for

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2. Emax Tinyhawk II

EMAX TinyHawk 2 Micro Brushless FPV Drone w/ RunCam Nano 2 (BNF) is The Best Drones for Photos and Video this year

Emax Tinyhawk II - Best DJI Alternatives

High-quality drones like the DJI can undeniably fly fast. However, racing drones like the Emax Tinyhawk ll can fly even faster.

This DJI alternative drone can hit a speed of up to 50mph. In addition, it is more agile than other drones. But since it is built for acrobatic maneuvers through manual controls, that means that this drone will require you to undergo a learning curve.

Still, the Emax Tinyhawk 2 is keeping things relatively simple.

And aside from the simple features that it has, it also comes with a quick-start guide to help you get familiar with the functionalities.

Moreover, this drone works well as DJI alternative and comes with two battery packs. The 1S has a 450mAh capacity while the second one has 300mAH.

On the other hand, it has an adjustable camera tilt, so you can fly it without issues.

Get the Emax Tinyhawk 2 for

3. Ryze Tello Boost Combo

Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo - Mini Drone with 5MP Camera, RC Quadcopter with 720p HD Video, 13min Flight Time, Powered by DJI, White is The 5 Best Drones this year for Budget, Toys, Professional Video Best non-DJI drones

Ryze Tello Boost Combo - Best DJI Alternatives

The drone brand Tello is owned by DJI. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Ryze Tello Boost Combo can sit next to DJI drones in terms of quality.

It can fly 300 feet and 90 feet up and has a number of features such as aerial stunts.

You can fly the Ryze Tello Boost Combo by tossing it in the air. Another amazing feature that it has is the tap-to-record video in flight patterns that are predesignated.

In addition, this drone has a programming app called Tello EDU. You can use it to access a coding tool called Scratch. There, you can design your own flight patterns for your drone.

The Boost Combo Package includes spare propellers, extra batteries for longer flight time, charge cables, and propeller guides for safety.

Get this drone for

4. Autel Robotics Evo II

Autel Robotics EVO 2 Drone 8K Camera Folding Quadcopter (2021 Newest) is The best drone for 2021: the finest flying cameras from DJI, Parrot 2022

Autel Robotics Evo II - Best DJI Alternatives

The Autel Robotics Evo II has a number of excellent functions. However, the best and most unique part of it is that you can swap in a new camera.

During the early days of drones, the ability to swap cameras is available for general consumers. But now, only the professional side can have access to it.

But Autel wants to be different. So, if the company releases a new camera model without scraping your Evo ll, then you can possibly get a new camera and swap it with your old one.

Additionally, this drone as good as DJI can shoot 8K videos. It can also capture 4K at a doubled frame rate, making your photos and videos crisp and smooth.

With its Google Map integration, it is handy for spotting subject matter while flying.

Get the Autel Robotics Evo ll for

5. PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer

PowerEgg X Explorer 4K/60FPS Multi-Purpose Drone for Professional Photography, Video Conferencing & Vlogging Is a better drone than DJI

PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer - Best DJI Alternatives

The PowerVision PowerEgg X Explorer is the very first drone in the world to have the ability to pick up sound. This is made possible by PowerVision’s patented technology called SyncVoice.

The technology automatically synchronizes the sound that your phone’s microphone picked with the photo. Moreover, this ability ends all the silent aerial photography.

What is even more amazing is that the PowerEgg X Explorer can fly for up to 30 minutes at a speed resistance of 29-38kph. With a maximum flight distance of 3.7 miles, users have the ability to control real-time image transmission at 1080P.

This DJI alternative’s operations are also powered by the built-in 13-core AI processor. That works together with a single-core GPU, 5-core high-performance CPU, and a 4-core DSP.

With all these combined, the PowerEgg X Explorer is indeed one of the best drones right now.

Get this product for

Is there a better drone than DJI?

Drones are indeed useful tools that can give people a new perspective when taking photos and videos.

And aside from photography and videography, there are more things that you can do with drones.

This makes them a very flexible tool. Also, with all the things that you can do with them, they make your investment really worth it.

When it comes to drones, there is no denying that DJI is one of the best. But for beginners in flying these cameras, there are plenty of alternatives that they can get.

Most of them are very simple to use and beginner-friendly. So if you are a beginner, you will never find a hard time learning how to fly drones.

You just need to find the right device that will suit your needs.

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