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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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Stores like Lowes

stores like lowes

Are you tired of endlessly browsing through aisles of home improvement supplies at Lowe's? Well, fear not my dear DIY friends because there are other stores like Lowe's that offer a plethora of options for your next project.

8 Stores like Lowes

So, my DIY friends, the next time you're in need of some home improvement supplies, remember that there are other options aside from Lowe's. Whether you're looking for exceptional customer service, eco-friendly options, or even just a good deal, there's a store out there that's perfect for you. Happy fixing!

True Value

Stores like Lowes


The True Value Corporation is a wholesaler based in the US with an online store and more than 4,500 physical locations worldwide. True Value would have to be your final stop if you're looking for a hardware supplier that offers high quality at competitive pricing.

They provide a wide range of goods from many product categories, including building supplies, paint, plumbing, tools, hardware, home appliances, and many more. The goods sold in True Value shops are recognized and of a top quality. The items have consistently met the demands of the consumers. Customers enjoy shopping at True Value because of the well-kept condition of their establishments.

In comparison to many other businesses in this sector, True Value has been able to expand significantly and establish a more powerful network, making them one of the home improvement firms with the quickest growth rates. When sending goods to various locations around the United States, this robust network is a huge asset. The use of debit and credit cards as well as a few other platforms are accepted by True Value.Their major goal is to enhance people's quality of life by offering them high-quality items at reasonable prices.

As compared to other local hardware manufacturers, True Value offers higher-quality goods with more affordable pricing. The online store's customer support team provides prompt responses and actively works with you to resolve problems, which is a plus.

Home Depot

shops like Lowes


One of the greatest shops similar to Lowe's is Home Depot, sometimes known as Home Depot. It is the largest home improvement retail business in America and offers building materials, tools, and appliances.

Together with appliances and fixtures, it also includes suggestions for remodeling the kitchen, patio furniture, picnic areas, as well as power tools. To put it simply, they provide everything you'll need to renovate or build your dream environment.

Deliveries of the best quality are what Home Depot strives to provide. In order to ensure the safe delivery of your shipment, this involves proper packing, labeling, and other associated elements. In order to avoid being bored with the same ideas for an extended period of time, they also provide fresh ideas and developments.

Empire Today

retailers like Lowes


With a focus on installed flooring, window coverings, and installation carpet, Empire Today is a home remodeling and furnishing company with headquarters in the USA. It is among the most well-known retailers similar to Lowe's and has actual stores in more than 75 US metropolitan regions.

Using their website, Empire Today enables you to schedule your free in-home estimate. Each of their high-quality products is accompanied with first-rate services and uses. They provide a broad selection of premium products. One of the top American home improvement firms, the company has never compromised on quality and you may freely arrange an estimate on the Empire Today official website. One will be able to choose the best flooring and other items via Empire today without making purchases and risking it. Check it out!

To help you understand each category better and to make it simpler for you to find the item or things you seek, it has been further broken into subcategories in their online store. As long as you have a reliable gadget and network connection, the website operates without difficulties.

Ace Hardware

Lowes alternatives


A hardware store association with headquarters in the United States, Ace Hardware is another great alternative to Lowes. The largest non-grocery shop cooperative in America and the largest hardware shop group in the world are both affiliated with this company.

You get to go shopping for tools, lawn & garden supplies, and other stuff. Also, you can choose to browse and place an order online before choosing from an Ace Hardware shop. The Ace Hardware website has a store finder that may be used to find the closest Ace Hardware location.

Everything needed for remodeling, altering, and fixing up a home may be found at Ace Hardware. Ever since Ace Hardware was formed, it has always upheld the quality of its products. Also, Ace Hardware sends its products all throughout the United States. Customers who choose to pay more for expedited deliveries have the option of choosing express delivery as well.

30 days are allowed for returns. They accept credit cards as payment, and Ace Hardware offers rewards to consumers who shop there regularly, which encourages them to make further purchases.


lowes competitors


Bedding, household furnishings, and appliances are all sold at Kohl's. The business has 1,158 locations throughout 49 states. That’s a lot and you better check them out!

Often regarded as a store chain, Kohl's is an American-based department store that first opened for business as a neighborhood corner store in 1927. Such as Home Depot, Target, as well as other home improvement businesses, it is one more competing to win the title of most dependable business in the industry.

In order to create a strong network and compete in the competitive retail environment, Kohl's has been successful in opening locations similar to Home Depot all across the United States. A vast variety of consumer items from several categories are available from them, including apparel, shoe, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetic products, electronics, but also home appliances.

Their primary goal is to make it possible for families to lead comfortable, secure lives. They actively participate in charitable endeavors. With, Kohl's delivers its goods throughout the United States as well as to foreign nations. They provide a 12-month refund policy as from the moment they were sold to their consumers.


lowes similar


One of the top American home improvement retailers when it pertains to house remodeling is Lowe's. It is the perfect spot to explore if you're looking to begin your house remodeling because sales and deals drop regularly there. However, Menards is a fantastic option to Lowes, but you can always look at other retailers like those I mentioned and will discuss.

Menards is a home improvement retailer with more than 300 branch locations in the United States where you can get great deals on items for home remodeling. On Menards' official website, you may browse products in a variety of categories, including appliances, lumber, and lawn & garden.

Also, they provide a wide range of products in the equipment, floor and carpets, doorways, window frames, woodwork, and bathrooms categories, all at competitive costs. Of course, the craftsmanship of the goods is uncompromised, and they are designed to last and be utilized successfully.

The company ensures that the items will arrive in the specified amount of time. Further, in terms of everything from powered tools to paint to generators, Menards' inventory is identical to that of Home Depot. To appeal to consumers who are careful of their spending, the business adopts a slogan that promotes savings.

Floor and Decor

lowes and its alternatives


Another Lowes substitute that specializes on selling hard surfaces along with related equipment as well as supplies is Floor & Decor Holdings Inc, sometimes known as Floor & Decor. originating in the US, it is a cross brand.

Whether you are remodeling or building a house, the flooring and tile products from Floor & Decor will work best for you. Hence, get things with the finest warranties and floors at affordable rates. Also, you may browse their website for possibilities or go to one of their actual locations for a hands-on experience.

Several tiles are available for various locations throughout your home. Floor & Decor provides everything you need, including porcelain tiles, backsplashes, and bathroom tile. Also, the products have lovely designs and are easily within the means of middle-class consumers.

They feature the greatest selection of tiles as well as other necessities for flooring.


is ikea like lowes


In the furnishings and home improvement sectors, IKEA is regarded as the most well-known and significant brand. It is a formidable rival to establishments like Home Depot, Target, Kohl's, and others.

Because of the size of their product selection, which is so extensive that one could spend hours in their store simply browsing it, they draw a lot of clients from the target market. IKEA is a well-known brand because of its distinctively designed and environmentally friendly goods. People enjoy shopping at IKEA because of the exceptional quality of the things they offer and the affordable prices they charge.

Furniture for the living area, bedrooms, restroom, and kitchen is offered by IKEA. They also sell products in a variety of categories, including food, furnishings, and more. IKEA is able to remain in the market because they consistently have the vision to spend in product development so that they may provide something improved than the competition.

Because IKEA has not once compromised on the integrity of its goods, customers adore shopping there. One trip to IKEA can pique someone's interest in home furnishings who previously lacked it. IKEA's shops are so expertly created that shoppers are instantly persuaded to purchase their goods without giving it a second thought.

Moreover, IKEA has a generous 365-day refund policy as well as accepts payments made using debit and credit cards plus various other methods.

To summarize

First off, we have the infamous Home Depot. This store is the biggest competitor to Lowe's and for good reason. Home Depot offers a similar range of products and services such as appliances, tools, flooring, and more. But what sets Home Depot apart is their top-notch customer service. They offer free design consultations for kitchen remodeling and even offer in-home installation services for certain products. So, if you're in need of some upgrades to your humble abode but want the added bonus of personalized service, try heading over to Home Depot.

Next up on our list is Menards. Now, you may not have heard of Menards before, but this Midwest store is definitely worth checking out. Menards has a vast selection of building materials, tools, and even groceries. Yes, you heard that right, grocers. Menards is the only home improvement store that offers groceries, making it a one-stop-shop for all your household needs. Plus, similar to Home Depot, they offer design and installation services, making it easy to start and finish your project all in one place.

Looking for a more eco-friendly option? Check out The Home Improvement Co-op (THI). This store focuses on carrying sustainable and non-toxic building materials. They offer options such as solar panels, non-toxic paint, and even composting toilets. If you want to make a difference in the environment while still making improvements to your home, then THI is the store for you.

For those who want to save some money, there's always Harbor Freight. This store offers tools and equipment at incredibly low prices. While Harbor Freight may not offer the same extensive range of products as Lowe's or Home Depot, it's a great option for those on a budget. Plus, who doesn't love a good deal?

Lastly, we have Ace Hardware. While Ace Hardware may be a bit smaller in size compared to other home improvement stores, they make up for it with their exceptional customer service. Ace Hardware is known for their knowledgeable staff and their ability to always have the necessary supplies on hand. Plus, they offer a rewards program where you can earn points on all purchases, which can then be redeemed for future discounts.

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