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10 Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin 2023

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

As we grow older, our hair starts turning grey and while many men prefer the salt and pepper look, there are some who would prefer to dye their facial hair so as not to look older than they actually are.

Hair dyes have been around for ages and while there are many to choose from, not every man would be comfortable with beard dye since our facial skin is a bit more sensitive than the others. 

That being said, there are some brands of products that cater to men with sensitive skin and if you were having a tough time picking the right one, this article will surely help you make an informed decision.

Our team has tested over 25 different beard dyes and have found the following 10 products to be designed for those who have sensitive skin. 

So, on that note, here are the top 10 best beard dye for men with sensitive skin.

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Top 10 Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Beard Dye

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Natural Dark Brown

Grizzly Mountain’s Organic & Natural Beard Dye is by far the best beard dye on this list and is one of the safest dyes to use on your beard if you’re suffering from sensitivity issues.

It has been formulated entirely from organic and natural ingredients making it perfect for any man with sensitive skin.

This hypoallergenic dye has been designed to be easy on the skin and does not leave your skin feeling irritated. You will need to dilute the formula with a little water before applying it on your beard and it takes around 30 minutes for the dye to set and once done.

This all-herbal powder is made from Emblic, False Daisy, Neem, Indigo and henna with no traces of chemicals or adulterants. Each pack contains 100 grams of beard dye and 30 grams of organic base that is chemical free.


  • Doesn't have any chemicals
  • Uses natural and organic ingredients
  • Helps keep the beard conditioned
  • Delivers a permanent dark shade


  • Takes time to apply

Cremo No Mix Hair & Beard Color

Color - Available in multiple colors

The Cremo no mix hair color is a foam formula that doesn't create a mess and the kit contains everything you'd need to color your beard without having to buy any additional accessories or tools.

It's a super easy to apply color and it takes hardly 5-10 minutes for it to take effect. After applying the cream, simply wash it off with water and it's as simple as that, no complications, no extra waiting time.

Each bottle contains 2.7 oz of color and there are over 6 different colors to choose from including black and brown. Everything in the color is organic and there are no parabens or sulfates included in the mix.


  • Tube comes with a comb applicator cap making it easy to apply
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Does not create a mess
  • Can be used on the beard, hair or mustache


  • Some people might be allergic to some of the ingredients

Bigen Hoyu Permanent Power Hair Dye

Color - Black

If you're looking for a natural dye that's strong enough to cover greys and which will last for a few months then there's no better dye than the permanent powder hair dye from Bigen Hoyu.

It's an easy to use product that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide that's known to damage the scalp. The dye also lacks the nasty smell of other typical hair dye products and is easy on the nose.

The kit contains 6 grams of code 59 oriental black color and if this is not the ideal shade for you then you can choose from one of their other 10 colors that are available on Amazon.


  • Only requires water, doesn't need a developer
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Doesn't have ammonia or peroxide
  • Is available in powder and doesn't create a mess


  • None worth mentioning

True Sons Intense Gray Coverage Foam

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Auburn, Brown Black, Dark Brown, Dirty Blond, Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Black

True Sons Intense Coverage Foam is an ammonia-free formula that has been created to cover gray facial hair and can even be used on your head.

This product is available in 7-shades of brown and black giving you a variety of choices to pick from and does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives that cause harm to your skin.

The only way you can get the results you’re looking for is by mixing the foam along with the booster which comes in a separate bottle. It works wonders on men with coarse hair and has shown improvement in hair color for men who have at least 50% of gray/white hair.

It’s available in the form of a full kit and each kit will include the dye foam, dye booster, gloves, wipes and a comb.

The foam and booster together will take a total of 5 minutes for the effects to kick in whereas, if you use just the foam dye, then you might have to wait for around 15 minutes for the dye to take effect.


  • Can cover greys easily
  • Available in 7 shades of brown and black


  • Slow acting
  • Booster has to be bought separately

BlackBeard Formula X Dye for Men

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Dark Brown

One of the most effective and easy-to-use beard dye for men with sensitive skin is the BlackBeard Formula X. While it may not be considered a beard dye, it’s effective and can be applied anywhere as long as you have a mirror handy. 

This is an easy to use product that can be applied on the area of your beard that’s gray and you will instantly notice the difference. 

Formula X does not contain any allergens or chemicals which is great, so those with sensitive skin can use this product everyday. It’s water-resistant and even if you wash your face a couple of times, the formula will stay in place. 

The only drawback we found using this product is that it doesn’t last for a very long time. A single coat will last for a day and will provide you with a more natural appearance, but you will have to apply regular touch ups and carry it with you if you do go on a vacation. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Formula is hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof results


  • Short lasting - 1 day

Just for Men - Touch of Gray

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Black

The Just for Men Touch of Gray is a beard dye that offers the perfect salt ‘n’ pepper look and stays in place until your hair grows out. It’s been known to make men confident and will greatly boost their physical appearance after just one application.

It features an AirActiv technology which is basically the first ever oxygen-activated formula that is capable of coloring your facial hair while preserving any natural coloring as well.

This formula takes roughly 5 minutes to set in and is completely free from ammonia and peroxides making it perfect to use on sensitive skin.

Each kit comes with a comb in applicator that you attach to the beard dye cream tube. As you brush through your beard make sure to gently press the tube and this will slowly release the beard dye in place and color your beard accordingly.


  • Great for covering greys
  • Turns the beard a dark shade of black
  • Comes with the necessary applicators
  • Lacks peroxides and ammonia


  • Has many chemicals and is not organic

Just for Men Mustache & Beard Color

Color - Black

Quite like their Touch of Grey dye, the mustache and beard color is a dye that's made specifically for men who have a coarse and thick beard where other dye's normally wouldn't be effective at coloring.

The package contains the dye, a base and a developer along with a brush and mixing tray. There are a total of 12 shades available and because it doesn't contain ammonia, it is perfectly safe for all skin types.

Also, since the color of this dye is quite dense, you may not require a touch up for some time. However, even though the kit is considered to be safe for men with sensitive skin i'd recommend getting a patch test done before using it for the first time.


  • Doesn't contain any harmful ingredients
  • Package can last for 3-4 applications
  • Ideal for men with sensitive skin


  • Color has been known to fade quickly

RefectoCil Cream Beard Dye

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Natural Brown

Here’s another product that is ideal for men with sensitive skin, the RefectoCil Cream Beard Dye is a ten-minute product that permanently covers grays and is designed to last for several weeks, so there’s no need to worry much about frequent fades.

This beard dye is both light and water resistant which is wonderful especially if you’re someone who hates maintaining the look or having to do so on a frequent basis. It’s all natural and is capable of dying not only your beard but even your sideburns and pubic hair.

Once you have applied this hair dye, you will notice all your gray hair turn into black or brown, depending on which color you bought. The only issue with this product is that it does not come with any developer and you will have to purchase that separately.


  • Creamy formula that's easy to apply
  • Offers a matte finish
  • Long lasting results


  • Have to buy the developer separately

My Perfect Goatee & Beard Temporary Color

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Auburn, Blonde

The My Perfect Temporary Color is not a beard dye per se, but is effective at what it’s designed to do so we’ve added it to this list. T

his is a temporary beard color kit that features a brush-on application process and has been designed with safe-to-use natural ingredients making it ideal for men with sensitive skin.

This facial hair dye works well and blends well with your beard. It helps cover up patchy grays and is easy to use with an application time of a few minutes. You will need to gently apply the powder in your beard and  you will notice a change in the color of your beard almost instantly.

Each kit comes with a temporary beard color, a brush-on formula, a brush-in applicator and is available in a range of colors to suit your needs.

The best part about this product is that all the colors mentioned above come in a single kit so you wouldn’t have to spend more to get a particular color.


  • Quick acting
  • Covers patchy greys
  • One kit contains multiple colors


  • Temporary and doesn't last long

Taykoo Non-Toxic Beard Color Cream Gel

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Color - Black

One of the strongest products on this list and probably the most affordable of the lot is the Taykoo beard color cream gel. This product is designed specifically for men with sensitive skin and can color your whole beard in under 5 minutes.

Depending on how thick your beard is, this cream gel can be used for around 5-6 times and offers a long-lasting effect with an impressive 2 month stay-on period.

This cream is all natural and does not contain any toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals that can damage your skin.

Each kit includes two tubes of beard cream dye and a pair of disposable. It’s ideal for all hair types and works well even if you have thick and coarse hair. It does not contain any ammonia or peroxide and is definitely one of the best beard dye for sensitive skin.


  • Strongest beard dye in the market
  • Works in under 5 minutes and lasts up to 2 months
  • Doesn't contain ammonia or peroxide


  • None worth mentioning

Things to consider when buying beard dye

  • First and foremost, check if the beard dye is safe to use on your skin type. If you're a man with sensitive skin avoid dye that contains ammonia, peroxides or other chemicals that can harm your skin. Instead choose one that's hypoallergic and uses organic ingredients as these will sit will on your beard and are generally safe to use irrespective of your skin type.
  • Next, ensure the beard dye is long lasting and stays for a couple of weeks at the least even through washes. Basically, make sure to get a product that's worth the amount you're going to spend and it should at least give you 10-15 applications so you don't have to keep buying new product.
  • Make sure the dye kit comes with the necessary tools to get the job done. If the dye requires to be mixed with a developer then make sure you get the developer included in the package. Similarly, opt for a product that's non-messy where you won't have to go out of the way to buy anything extra for you to apply the dye.

How to dye your beard at home?

If you're not going to spend a couple of bucks at your local salon to get your beard dyes then you can choose to do it yourself at home by picking up a DIY beard dye kit.

However, there are certain steps you have to follow in order to dye your beard safely at home.

The most important rule to dyeing your beard at home is to make sure the product you use is specifically designed for your beard.

  • Step 1 -- Perform a patch test to check if you're allergic to any of the ingredients in the dye. Apply a drop of the formula on to your skin (elbow or wrist) and wait to see if there's any irritation or itchy sensation in that area.
  • Step 2 -- Wash your beard using a good beard shampoo and conditioner before applying the beard dye.
  • Step 3 -- Mix the dye with the developer in a bowl and follow the instructions listed on the packaging
  • Step 4 -- Apply the dye into your beard in an up-down motion and make sure the dye stays on the beard and is not applied onto the skin
  • Step 5 -- Keep the dye in your beard for a couple of minutes (as mentioned on the packaging) and wash it out with running water
  • Step 6 -- Finally use a good color protection product to help maintain the shade of the dye.

How to learn if the beard dye is safe for sensitive skin?

Sensitivity issues crop up when the skin is exposed to harmful external elements and if the products you use contain any additives or chemicals in them, chances are they will not be safe to use on sensitive skin.

Only those products that have been formulated using all-natural ingredients are safe to use for men with sensitive skin and it’s best to always do a small patch test to see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.

Can I use a beard dye on my hair?

Beard dyes normally contain the same ingredients as hair dyes and while most of the beard dyes on our list can be used on your sideburns, head or even eyebrows, there are some that won’t be suitable for anything but your beard. It’s best to always check the product details on the packaging to determine if that dye can be used on other forms of hair.

Is it safe to dye my beard using my hands?

While it’s safe to do, it’s best to always wear your gloves and use the brush that comes with the beard dye. This will limit the amount of dye that gets applied on your beard and a comb or brush will let the dye get applied evenly with no patches or clumps.

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