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SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara Reviews

SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara Reviews

Did you know SHEIN has launched its own makeup collection called SHEGLAM?

It's quickly becoming a favorite among beauty enthusiasts! I recently added over 10 SHEGLAM products to my makeup drawer, and I must say, their mascara has completely won me over. 

It's a remarkable product that beautifully combines both volume and length, leaving you with those perfectly fluffy lashes we all dream of. Absolutely love it! 

My Experience with SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara

I recently tried the SHEIN SHEGLAM mascara and here's what I found:

I was able to create a bold and voluminous look , despite having double eyelids!

Overview of SHEIN Cosmetics

SHEGLAM cosmetics offer fast shipping, with my order arriving within eight days. I'll focus on reviewing their standout product: the mascara.

Undeniably, the most acclaimed SHEIN mascara!

Famous SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara

There are different SHEIN (SHEGLAM) mascara options but The "Volume & Long" mascara has received the highest ratings among SHEIN's mascara offerings. 

Product Details:

  • Name: SHEGLAM All-in-one Volume & Long Mascara
  • Cost: 844 yen
  • Shade: Monochrome
  • ID: sbbeauty03200603953

After trying this mascara, I've found it to be the most volumizing one I've used, which is why I'll definitely buy it again! SHEGLAM, SHEIN's own makeup brand, is famous for the safe ingredients in their products. If you're wondering if it's right for your skin type, it's so easy to give their mascara a try!



The SHEIN mascara arrived sealed in a clear plastic film, indicating that the package had not been tampered with and that the mascara was fresh and clean.



I was hesitant about the SHEIN mascara based on its online photo. But after receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised. The design is both classy and cute, and it looks even better in person.


Unique SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara

SHEIN mascara has two sides: one for volumizing and the other for lengthening. You can choose to use just one side, or mix and match to create the perfect look for you.


Affordable SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara

The mascara made my eyelashes look fuller, which is great for people who want thicker lashes.

Stylish SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara

The mascara has a comb-like brush that makes it easy to apply and adds length to the lashes by just combing through them.



Both the aspects – volume and length - of SHEIN mascara were user-friendly.

Depending on the look you're going for, you might want to adjust your application method:

  • To enhance the volume: Lengthening (first) → Volumizing
  • For a stunning length: Volumizing (first) → Lengthening

For a Dramatic Look: Start by applying a lengthening mascara, letting it dry. * Then, add a volumizing mascara for a bold effect that draws attention to your eyes. 

For a More Subtle Look: Apply a volumizing mascara first. * Immediately follow with a lengthening mascara to create elegant length with a hint of volume. 

Recommendation: Amongst the various mascaras available, I highly suggest SHEGLAM's mascara for its superior performance.

What Cosmetics should you buy together with SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara?


When purchasing the SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara, there are several other cosmetics that are ideal to pair with it to enhance your overall makeup look. 

Firstly, the SHEIN SHEGLAM Compact Eyeshadow Palette would be a great addition. This palette has a variety of shades that are vibrant and intensely pigmented. They will give your eyes a stunning allure, and when coupled with the mascara, will create a mesmerizing eye makeup effect.

Additionally, consider buying the SHEIN SHEGLAM Liquid Eyeliner for a dramatic eye look. Its precise tip enables you to create sharp lines effortlessly, thereby ensuring that your eyes are well-defined.

In addition to eye cosmetics, you should also consider purchasing some other complementary makeup items. Grab the SHEIN SHEGLAM lipsticks, particularly the Matte-allic Liquid Lipstick for a flawless lip finish. These lipsticks are long-lasting and come in a range of beautiful colors to complement your eye makeup look. 

Moreover, consider buying the SHEIN SHEGLAM complexion pro long-lasting breathable matte foundation, which will ensure that your skin has a natural, smooth finish acting as a perfect canvas for your makeup. 

Finally, don't forget the SHEIN SHEGLAM makeup brushes as they ensure seamless application of your makeup, thus enhancing its overall look.

Summary of SHEIN SHEGLAM Mascara 

SHEIN's SHEGLAM Mascara is all about adding volume and length to your eyelashes. Its popular formula allows you to achieve lush, fluffy eyelashes effortlessly. Moreover, it's reasonably priced, signaling that beauty doesn't always have to be expensive. With SHEIN's SHEGLAM Mascara, the ultimate goal is simple - to make fluffy, alluring eyelashes an attainable reality!

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