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Which Direction Should you Shave your Head | Guide to a Smooth Bald Head

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

For men, shaving your head is a popular trend and considered a fashion statement. However, do you know which direction you should shave your head in order to get the best results? Read more here.

No matter what reason men choose to shave their head for, which can be anything from undoing a bad haircut to getting a bit cooled down during the summer, the first and foremost thing to consider is the safety of the process.

You want to learn the right way of doing it, or else the result might be just the opposite of what you’re expecting, which won’t be that pleasing.

Getting well informed about the procedure beforehand will not only save you from any unexpected cuts and bruises but also prevent any future skin irritations. It’s also quite important to know the direction in which you should shave your head.

Should you go in the direction of your natural hair growth, or just the opposite?

Let's take a closer look at which direction should you shave your head, to clear any doubts you might have.

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Which Direction Should you Shave your Head : An Overview

As a beginner or if this is the first time you're shaving your head, you will have to shave in the direction of hair growth. This is the safest way to go and will result in a clean shave sans any nicks or cuts.

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head?

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

The general rule of thumb, especially for beginners, is to go in the direction of hair growth. As you are just starting out with shaving your head, going this way will be much easier and safer. This will save you from any bad cuts and bruises or any kind of skin irritation.

Once you gained a bit of experience with the craft, you can also go against the direction of the grain. Although it gives a closer and more precise shave, it’s only recommended for people who are over their first few head shaves. And the smooth sensation won’t even last for more than 2-3 days.

In no time your hair will grow back and will feel no different than if you would have shaved it in the direction of the hair growth. So you wanna take every pros and cons into consideration before choosing your way to go about it.

How to Shave your Head Safely

Okay even if it's not as complicated as it sounds, the actual shaving process does require a lot of care and patience.

The steps mentioned below will come in handy if you’re really thinking about shaving your head for the first time, for any good reason.

Trim your Hair

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

First, you wanna make sure your locks are no longer than three or so inches.

Hairs longer than that can get caught up in the clippers pretty quickly and the razor blade itself won't be effective on your long hairs and end up getting clogged very easily.

Trim your hair as much as possible as the very first step of your shave.

Prepare your Hair and Scalp

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

It’s the first and most important step of your overall shaving process. Just like for any other grooming session, properly prepping up your skin and hair is equally important if you want a smooth, hassle-free shave.

  • It's best to shave your head right after a nice warm shower as it’ll cleanse your scalp, soften the hair, while also cleaning your pores.
  • Start by rubbing a soapy washcloth against the direction of your hair growth so that the hair gets a little lift for an easier shave.
  • Make sure to be careful here and not apply too much pressure here, as being gentle with your shaves is the key to getting the best results.
  • Now, apply a good quality shaving cream thoroughly over your head. And let it stand for at least a few minutes. Doing this further softens your strands which is always a yes for a good shave.
  • You should also stay away from gels that come in those cheap tubes and only promise lather. Such gels have a high content of menthol in them which closes your pores and desensitizes your skin.
  • A good quality shaving cream will help the razor glide over your scalp, and save you from unwanted cuts, bruises, and skin irritation. This preparation part is extremely important, never skip on this step.

Shave your Head with Light and Gentle Strokes

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

To begin with, use a clean, sharp razor, not some old, blunt one. Start shaving with light, gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth. And as you know with all your experience in shaving your beard by now, being gentle is the key to a more precise shave.

It also prevents any irritation or growth of ingrown hair. Gently glide the razor down and at the sides of your head. Then go from back to front, till the top of your scalp.

Take it slow and, avoid applying any pressure to your glide.

Use an Aftershave

Which Direction Should you Shave your Head

After you're done with your shave, take a small amount of lather in your hands and apply it all over your head. Check if there are any missed rough spots that need to be shaved again, especially the areas at the back of your neck and behind your ears.

Once you’ve checked and everything is shaved and clean, apply an aftershave product, better something anti-microbial.

Also, make sure the product is alcohol-free, to avoid unnecessary drying of the skin. A good aftershave balm moisturizes the skin of your scalp and accelerates healing.

Tips for a Smooth and Safe Head Shave

Try these tips and tricks for a smooth, hassle-free shaving session

  • Always use a brand new, multi-blade razor. It prevents the sensitive skin of your scalp from going through multiple passes of the razor, as the first few ones give you a clean and close enough shave. A three-blade razor works best in such cases. If you’re getting your head shaved professionally, make sure your barber uses a new, multi-blade one too.
  • The same kind of shaving cream, that you use to shave your face, can be used to shave your head if it doesn’t contain a lot of fragrance and additives. To further avoid irritation of the skin on your scalp, it is recommended to go for the ones made specifically for sensitive skin.
  • Shave in front of a mirror, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Start with areas that you can see and are comfortable with, where you have better control over. The front and sides of the head are good places to start with and to get the feel of the razor. Getting comfortable with razor gliding over your skin is extremely important as you will be shaving in some blind areas too, which needs a lot of patience and practice.
  • Don’t rush the process. As mentioned above so many times already, the game here is all about being gentle and patient with the strokes. We are talking about shaving the hair on your head, your scalp is one of the most sensitive areas to shave. Calmly gliding the razor over your head will give you the best possible result, without second thoughts.

How Often Should you Shave your Head?

It depends on how well-shaved you prefer your head to be, and what look you want to go for. Are you someone okay with a bit of hair growth on the head, or do you want it completely clean and smooth?

If you’re okay with the first option and a little growth of hair doesn’t bother you, you can choose to shave at least once a week. And if you want no fine hair growth at all, that’s the second option, go for shaving daily, or every other day.

You can combine the process with shaving your face too. It's all about trials and errors before you find your ideal frequency.


What tools are required to shave your head?

The most important thing in shaving your head is to make sure you have a quality razor. Nothing below three or four blades works that well. Other than that, a good shaving cream, a brush, a clean towel, and a good aftershave product are almost all you need for shaving your head.

Are there any prerequisites to shaving your head?

There are no such prerequisites to shaving your head, but you should definitely consult a hairdresser or stylist if you have any particular queries about shaving your head for the first time.

Is it necessary to moisturize the scalp after you shave?

When you shave your head it gets more exposed to, drying, irritation, and other elements. Moisturizing aftershave keeps your scalp from being dry and itchy. You can also apply any anti-inflammatory balm in case you have gotten any cuts or irritation while shaving.

Do you feel irritation after shaving your head?

It's not usual to feel irritation after you’ve shaved your head, but some men tend to have more sensitive skin, so they might experience some sort of tingly or itchy sensation afterward. In any such case, a good anti-inflammatory aftershave balm is your best friend.

Does shaving your head cause baldness?

No, it doesn't cause baldness, in fact, shaving the head has been proven to accelerate the usual growth of the hair to great extent.


So, there you have it. You’ve got your answer to “which direction should you shave your head”, with some more trips, trips, and FAQs around a more safe and smooth shaving.

Always remember, it all comes down to multiple trials and errors and being patient with the whole process, so be calm, and slowly try to find what works best for you.

Happy shaving!

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