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Jimmy Butler Haircut and How to Style

jimmy butler Hairstyle

Jimmy Butler is the elder statesman of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He's a two-time All-star, and he has led the team to three playoff appearances in four years. But it's not just his game that makes Jimmy Butler a household name—it's his hair.

The 31-year-old shooting guard has been sporting a high fade for years now, and it's become one of his signature looks.

It's no surprise that fans want to get the Jimmy Butler haircut, but they may not know how to go about doing that. In this post, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about replicating this style at home!

Who is Jimmy Butler?

jimmy butler Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

Professional basketball player Jimmy Butler plays for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He has been selected to the NBA All-Star team six times, has been named to the All-NBA Team four times, the NBA All-Defensive Team five times, and has earned an Olympic gold medal in 2016.

Butler was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 30th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. After six seasons in Chicago, he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in June 2017.

Butler was traded again in November 2018, this time to the Philadelphia 76ers. He joined the Heat in July 2018. During his first season with the team, Butler reached the NBA Finals.He had the most steals in the league in 2021.

In a game against the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James on January 23, 2022, Butler passed James to take the top spot on the Miami Heat's all-time list of triple-doubles.

On February 3, Butler was selected as a reserve for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, marking his sixth All-Star appearance overall.

Jimmy Butler Famous Haircut Name

Most Recommended Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

The Jimmy Butler haircut is a low fade with long dreadlocks. It's one of the best haircuts for men who want to keep their hair long, but also want to look sharp.

This style is perfect if you have thick or curly hair that you want to wear down, but still have the freedom to mess around with it. You can also use this style as a way to grow dreadlocks!

Most Popular Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

A low fade is a hairstyle that involves cutting hair at the scalp, so that it fades gradually into the next section of hair. This type of haircut is popular with men who have curly or wavy hair, as it gives their hair texture and definition.

While, a long dreadlock is a style of hair where you twist your natural hair into long strands, which are then tied together. This can be done with both natural hair or extensions.

This haircut is similar to The Biggie, but it has less hair on top and more hair in the back. It is also similar to The Slim Shady, but it has longer dreadlocks in the back.

It is the perfect haircut for someone who wants to keep their hair short but also wants to show off their natural hair texture.

Jimmy Butler Famous Haircut

Butler has been named an NBA All-Star three times and won an Olympic gold medal as a member of Team USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

He was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team twice and won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of Team USA. Butler's nickname is Jimmy Buckets, due to his ability to score points quickly and often.

Butler has had many different haircuts throughout his career. Here are some famous haircuts he had:

Jimmy Butler low fade with long dreadlocks

Best Jimmy Butler Haircut 2022
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

Jimmy Butler low fade with long dreadlocks is a hairstyle that is popular among men. The haircut features a long, low fade on the sides of the head and a long, curly hair on top. The haircut is popular among men who have curly hair.

It allows them to show off their natural curls without having to style them every day or use products like gel or wax.

Best Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

In order for this hairstyle to work well, you need to have thick or curly hair that has enough length to cover your head when you pull it back into a ponytail or braid.

If your hair isn't thick enough, then it won't look good when pulled back because there won't be enough volume in the front of your head to balance out how thin your sides are going to look when they're shaved down close.

If you want this haircut but don't want any part of your head shaved off, then you may want to consider getting an undercut instead—this will allow you to keep more length on top while still giving yourself a clean-cut look at the same time!

Jimmy Butler Ruffled Micro Coils

Famous Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

The Jimmy Butler Ruffled Micro Coils hairstyle is a beautiful, intricate way to show off 

your natural curls. The curls are tightly wound around the head to form an elegant updo that looks great in any situation.

It is a great option if you want to try something new, but need something simple enough to maintain throughout your busy day.The style uses micro coils, which are small and tight curls that are held together by hairspray or gel.

The result is an elegant and sophisticated look that will make your hair look like it's got its own personality.

Top Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to look like they're on top of the latest trends while still maintaining a low-fuss lifestyle.

The style has been seen on Hollywood stars like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, so you'll definitely be making a statement with this cut!

Jimmy Butler Long Dreadlocks

Latest Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

The Jimmy Butler Long Dreadlocks is a cool style that requires dedication. The hair needs to be pulled back into a bun and wrapped around itself so that it can be braided. This braid is then secured with an elastic band, which will hold the dreads in place when they are ready to start growing out.

It is a style that is one of the most popular styles for men, because it allows you to have long locks without worrying about them getting tangled or messy. He has been growing his hair out for years, and he's been known to wear it in a variety of forms: braids, ponytails, and sometimes even loose.

Recent Jimmy Butler Haircut
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

Butler's look isn't unique in the NBA; many players have long hair, but what sets him apart is his commitment to keeping it long as an expression of self-confidence and individuality.

His long Dreadlocks are formed when hair locks itself into a knot that grows together over time as it continues to grow outwards from where it began to lock itself together as it grows outwards from where it began forming into dreadlocks.

Steps in Getting Jimmy Butler Low Fade with Long Dreadlocks Haircut

Top Jimmy Butler Haircut 2022
Source: Instagram @jimmybutler

Jimmy Butler's low fade with long dreadlocks are not only stunning, but they're also easy to recreate at home. All you need is a hair dryer and a few hours—we recommend setting aside at least two hours for this style, so you have enough time to get it right.

Here's how it works: First, you start by getting a low fade haircut. The higher the fade, the more room there will be for your dreads to grow longer and fuller.

Then, you start by twisting each lock of hair around its own axis (the same way you would if you were using a rubber band).

Once this is done, you have two options: You can simply let them sit as they are or braid them together so that they look like one long piece of hair rather than individual strands twisted together like yarn balls (which is what happens when you don't braid them).

You can also add beads or other decorations around the base of your dreadlock if you want them to look even more unique!


To get Jimmy Butler's haircut, you need to know your face shape, hair length, and how to maintain your hair. Once you have that down, it's time to get creative!

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to get the right cut for your face and hair type. If you want more information on how to style or cut your hair, check out our other guides on the subject.

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