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14 Best Women Clothing Brands on AliExpress 2024 | My review of buying clothings from Aliexpress

14 Best Women Clothing Brands on AliExpress 2024 | My review of buying clothings from Aliexpress

Discover the best women's clothing brands on AliExpress, offering stylish, high-quality, and affordable fashion. From trendy outfits to timeless classics, our curated list highlights top brands that cater to every taste and occasion.

Elevate your wardrobe with these must-have pieces and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. 

My experience of buying clothes from Aliexpress

You’ll find a mix of both positive and negative reviews from customers who’ve bought clothes from AliExpress.

Generally, customers report being pleased with their purchases, but there are some points that buyers should take into consideration. Those who bought their clothes from AliExpress note that they often take a while to arrive and might look slightly different than the photos – retailing caveat emptor here!

Furthermore, the quality of some products can be a bit meh, although the price is (usually) quite low.

On the other hand, some items look exactly like the photos and come with decent quality. Overall, shoppers are quite satisfied with the clothes from AliExpress, especially when compared to the price.

There are some reports of buying disappointing items and goods taking a long time to arrive, but these instances seem to be the exception rather than the rule. If you’re looking to purchase clothing online, AliExpress should be able to meet all of your requirements.

I as a frequent buyer of Aliexpress women clothings am so happy. In fact I rate the buy better than SHEIN.

Why Are Clothes on AliExpress So Cheap?

One of the main reasons why clothes on AliExpress are so cheap is because the retailers provide their items directly from manufacturers who operate on a much lower scale than traditional retailers.

This means that AliExpress can offer clothes at lower prices than traditional stores as it does not have to cover the same overhead costs. Additionally, AliExpress offers free or low-cost shipping fees to buyers who live in many countries.

This makes it attractive to customers looking to buy fashion pieces at more affordable prices than they would find elsewhere.

Top 14 Clothing Stores for Women on Aliexpress I love

In general, the assortment of clothing on AliExpress is much more extensive than what you might find in a typical store. This means that shoppers can find a range of styles and sizes that suit their needs without having to break the bank.

We have been reviewing the feedback of some of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress to narrow down the top choices for you.

If you want to know what is trending on TIKTOK, Check here to find what TIKTOKERS love to buy.

You can now take your pick from the list below and save your time and energy for what really matters - Shopping!


Top Shein Finds

Top Mens Clothing Brands and Stores on AliExpress

Chinese Wholesale Clothing Sites

#1 - Shein (no longer exist)

Check out our review of SHEIN on

Top SHEIN Finds

Top SHEIN Dresses

Top SHEIN Plus Size

Shein is a brand that took every woman’s world by storm. Introduced in the year 2008, this brand slowly but steadily gave every woman the best fashion at her doorstep.

Shein sells clothes that are in vogue, be it cool and funky or classy and elegant, all at a price that will make your jaw drop. This store does not compromise on the material, stitching or overall quality of the dress.

No matter what your style is or what the occasion is, you are sure to find an affordable dress in Shein. This is, therefore, one of the highly rated stores and the best women clothing brands on AliExpress. 


You can find the latest styles available in this store easily.

You can buy the newest and most fashionable dresses from this store to look cool and sexy. Women across the world love the boho dresses and graphic tees from this brand.

Latest reviews

Very comfortable for everyday. Quick shipping

Delivery is super, as always. And the product is of high quality.

I did not get the pack after waiting for 2 months but I get a refund back

Fabulous if you have curves!

I'm so impressed with the shipping speed.. ten days to Europe is FAST! I'm used to waiting two months! and the fabric is quite thick and good! it fits my body really good. S is my to go to size normally and I'm 1.68cm and around 63kg +/-.

Aliexpress vs Shein clothing

When it comes to online shopping for clothing, two big names that come to mind are AliExpress and Shein.

Both of these platforms offer a large selection of trendy, affordable clothing that appeals to a wide variety of customers. But, which one should you choose for your wardrobe needs?

It all depends really on how much you are willing to spend and the type of clothing you are looking for. When it comes to AliExpress, many shoppers have noted that the quality of the clothing is quite good, with some pieces rivaling those of more expensive stores. The prices are also quite reasonable and often, it's possible to find items that are much cheaper than they would be if they were purchased from a physical store.

However, the downside to AliExpress is that their delivery times can be quite inconsistent. On the other hand, Shein offers a more extensive selection of clothing, in a wide range of styles. Prices tend to be a little higher than AliExpress, but they often offer excellent discounts and deals.

Additionally, the delivery times on Shein are typically much faster than on AliExpress. When deciding between AliExpress and Shein for your clothing needs, think about what factors are most important to you.

If you're looking for cheaper clothes with consistent delivery times, AliExpress might be a better choice. However, if you're looking for an extensive selection of clothing with better discount and deals, then Shein is most likely the way to go.

Check out more shein review here

Earning SHEIN points - How to

 #2 - Ever Pretty

Over eight years ago a store opened online to change the way fashion was worn by women. Ever Pretty is the store we are talking about. One of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress.
It soon started ruling the hearts of ladies worldwide. This brand understood that women want to look good without paying too much for their clothes. The positive review rating of 98.6%, speaks for the quality of Ever Pretty.

What’s even more commendable is that this brand has a lot of beautiful options in PLUS sizes as well. This is truly a brand that strives to make every woman pretty!

Women can get their choice of dresses at this store at discounts and affordable offers. The clothes are designed as well as manufactured by this company and the pricing of these clothes are affordable.


You will always look stylish after wearing the clothes of this brand. Many styles to go for...


love you seller!!!! You’re my best!!!!

Very pretty just like the picture and I recommend seller.

beautiful dress and perfect size, first time of getting the best dress online with perfection

Amazing dress. Just as you see it, it is sooo beautiful. The white dress also have sparkle and shine just like the red one. Good communication with the seller, answers all questions and offers to help with the size. Came fast, in 15 days with FedEx. Recommend this store. Thank you

#3 - Simplee Apparel

With over 3 million followers on their official store, Simplee is easily the most popular Women’s Fashion and best women clothing brands on AliExpress.

Combining high-quality materials with trendy yet classy designs, Simplee offers customers access to fashionable, brand-new clothing and apparel at bargain prices, and it’s easy to see why they have a fantastic 95.3% positive feedback score.

Simplee offers a comprehensive range of Women’s Fashion items, including tops, bottoms, matching sets, dresses, coats, women’s suits, sweatshirts, rompers, and jumpsuits.

They also offer Plus Size clothing, swimwear, pajamas, and sleepwear, as well as a range of trendy accessories. Their best selling items include their winter coats and print dresses.

No matter what the occasion is, you can be sure that you will find something stunning to wear from Simplee Apparel. Whether it is a picnic with your friends on the beach or a special date, just browse through the several options and take the one that appeals to your style. This store on Aliexpress has a customer feedback rating of 98.4% which is super high, enough to prove how popular this brand is!


This store has been on Aliexpress for four years, and women love shopping for clothes like coats, jackets, jumpers, cardigans and many other types of dresses from this store.  

If you have already tried this brand you would know that the quality of the clothes is simply awesome. This brand pays attention to the quality of the products they manufacture than the quantity. You can get the latest fashions on this site. 


It’s a beautiful set, quality is alright. I’m 68 kg, 169 cm, had a baby recently and ordered a size M. It fits very nice, just my tummy is a bit sticking out ( for now) for such a price, it’s ok to order! I will look fancy next summer pushing a stroller in the park :) shipment was very fast! Received it in 3 weeks!

OMG I loved it so much! The dress is just like the photo and fits really well, one of my favorite orders from this store. I am 1,54 tall and wear size small on the United States and Brazil - I ordered size small and it fits perfectly. Really good seller. 

The seller is really honest. The coat was smaller than it was mentioned so he refunded some part.

#4 - Vadim

Vadim Official store from the best women clothing brands on AliExpress has made it to our list because this is a store that sells clothes for every season and is up to date with the fashion trends.

This brand has been on Aliexpress for 6 years and is a favourite with the women because of the type of fabric they use. They sell clothes to suit any type of physique and body in fabrics that are exceptional while keeping the prices very nominal. 

With a positive review of 96.8%, this store has managed to rank among the top ten clothing brands on Aliexpress.


You can get tops, jumpsuits, skirts, pants and various other types of clothing options at this store. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this clothing store.

#5 - Sisjuly

While other sellers cater to fashions of all kinds, Sisjuly stays unique with the kind of clothes they sell. Retro style never goes out of fashion and that’s the kind Sisjuly specialises in.

If you are one of the ladies who love clothes inspired by the classics, do check out this store.

You can surely get lots of options in high-quality fabric and excellent tailoring of stylish clothes. You can get classic styles of all the past decades, right from the 1930s to the 1970s. Wear them and feel like you belong to another era, altogether!

You can buy jackets and tops along with one-piece dresses from this store. This brand has been serving its customers for around two years with Aliexpress.

With a positive review of 95.6%, this brand ranks among one of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress.


You can get huge discounts on clothes at this store, making sure you get plenty of value for the money you spend here on fashion. 

  #6 - COLROVIE (merged with SHEIN)


Even though Colrovie is a fairly recent brand in the market, it has quickly built a reputation for itself of being reliable and trustworthy.

This brand has had a lot of sales with repeated customers coming back to check out new styles and fashionable clothes that are updated regularly. Do visit the page to check out all the brand new clothes on it that you will fall in love with!


Whether you want to get an off-shoulder top or you want to try out a single sleeve jumpsuit, this is a one-stop store for you to shop till your heart is content.


Shop for these dresses at unbelievable prices and at deals and discounts you can't even imagine!

    #7 - ToYouth

ToYouth is a store with an amazingly high customer rating of 99.1% which is something every store strives to achieve, but only the best manage to achieve!

ToYouth, true to its name, has the best clothes and most youthful fashion for younsters and teenagers.

Get the most colourful and attractive hoodies, over sized tees and funky trousers from this store.

Some of these styles are timeless and never go out of fashion. With a great number of options, browsing through this store never gets boring! 

With a very rating, this is one of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress with a huge number of good reviews.


Customers love the low priced hoodies and shirts sold by To youth which come with high quality.


Everything is as always super.

Thin HB blouse. With free at 90-63-94. Quality is good, no smell, delivery is fast


When winter comes, every woman wants to wear the suave looking puffer jackets that we see celebrities wearing! These jackets are often expensive and don’t come in too many lengths or colour options. Those are no longer our worry with MIEGOFCE store. They have a wide range of puffer jackets in several styles, attractive colours and lengths that you can pick and choose from. Moreover, these uniquely designed jackets are sold at really affordable prices too! 


The store also provides discounts and offers on these jackets from time to time. Whatever your budget is, you are sure to get your favourite jacket when there is a slash on the price. 

#9 - Gagaopt

Want to look sexier than ever? If yes, then Gagaopt has everything for you.  Whether you want to get a single piece bodysuit or a gorgeous swimsuit, this store has a great range of options in fabrics that are beautiful to touch and wear, just for you. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this store.

With a high rating of 98.6%, this store has proven that it is one of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress and has won the hearts of ladies out there who purchased sexy apparels. 

You can also get plenty of choices in any type of clothing you desire from this store, not only in color but also in cut, style and size. Do check out the store and try a few pieces of clothing from here! 

#10 - GareMay

GareMay is another one of the top-rated stores and best women clothing brands on AliExpress for stylish women’s apparel. We especially love their range of attractive denim shorts with cute and wonderful designs. If this is something you are looking for, head to the GareMay official page on Aliexpress and you can get them for an affordable price. Get Embroidered jeans, distressed jeans and denim shorts and a variety of options in skirts as well.

Whether you want to wear a mermaid skirt or you want to look trendy with a midi skirt, you can decide and get the best clothing at GareMay store. Asymmetrical skirts are also available at this store, and you are definitely going to get the best discount prices on it.  

#11 - EAM

If you are looking for modern fashion, then EAM is one of the best women's clothing brands on AliExpress to find. You can find quality pieces from their wide selection featuring the most beautiful and modern pieces online. They have dresses, shirt-dresses, sweaters and more. Take note; their clothing is like the future!

Their aim is comfortable and fashion-free clothes for ladies and mostly in the shades of black and white. They also offer jewelry and accessories like bags, scarves, and hats.

They have been an active brand in AliExpress since 2014 with 97.6% positive feedback, and there is no wonder why many trust this brand and like their products. 


#12 - Mishow Apparel Store

This cute boutique on AliExpress has the best clothing pieces like coats, dresses, blouses, or shirts. Imagine wearing elegant pieces as your everyday wear. Why not? For the autumn and winter seasons, they have the best collections for you.

In just a few years, they have been one of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress, offering more than 10,000 deals. 


#13 - TwoTwinStyle

From postmodern styles to cute ones, we have some crazy fashion tastes on our list. Inspired by European fashion, TwoTwinStyle features clothing pieces that are a bit crazy to look at. There are puffy sleeves, huge bows, and such. But, never underestimate these pieces because they are of great quality and many people love them!

TwoTwinStyle is one of the most popular and best women's clothing brands on AliExpress and always has trendy clothes to offer! The store provides colorful clothes for encouragement. They aim to bring out the uniqueness of every woman.


#14 - Chicever

The eternal women's fashion brand and one of the best women's clothing brands on AliExpress, you can never go wrong with the best styles at Chicever. Since 2016, they have offered the trendiest fashion styles with modern women's standards.

They offer blouses, jeans, hoodies, shirts, nightwear, and so much more. Aside from that, they also have accessories like necklaces, earrings, hats, and rings to match your outfit.

There is also a word to describe Chicever's fashion, and many would say it's electric.

Since most of their pieces might not probably be what many women love, a clothing piece in this store would be great if they are looking for something more unique to mix and match in every outfit.


Our Picks for the Best Women Clothing on AliExpress (Non branded on Aliexpress)

Our criteria are 1) Good quality 2) Good shipping time frame 3) Vast collection of quality clothing.

Here are some top picks we find

#1 Bike Shorts

Gone are the days when bike shorts were meant just for the bike. I love wearing bike shorts instead of regular jeans and dresses when I want to feel extremely comfortable and relaxing. Today, bike shorts are gaining a lot of popularity thanks to The Kardashians.

It is extremely comfortable, body-hugging in the most flattering way, and can be styled in a very versatile manner. You can make your bike shorts look both very casual and chic.

Once you start wearing bike shorts, they will definitely become your favorite styling option. You can pair it either with heels or sneakers as per the different occasions you are dressing up for. For sure you can find one at the best women clothing brands on AliExpress.

#2 Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are all the rage and you can see it everywhere around you. Changing your sleeves to puffed-up ones can add so much glamour to your whole look. You can easily transform from a regular college look to a party outfit without putting in a lot of effort.

I love this red shirt that is perfect as a multi-purpose clothing item. You can pair this shirt with the right accessories to make you look absolutely elegant, chic, and gorgeous. You can wear it to college or a party, and you can make it work out just by changing a few things about your look. No matter what you decide to pair it up with, you will definitely get a lot of attention.

#3 The Cargo

Cargo pants have often been seen as the style statement of the 90s, but it is back with a bang. Cargo pants are extremely easy to style and they can be used in our everyday lives in several ways.

Look at some of the best women clothing brands on AliExpress to find one cargo pants for you!

Cargo pants are not just sporty, they can also be made to look extremely chic depending on the way you style them. I love pairing up my Cargo pants with combat boots and sports shoes.

To go for a very chic and stylish look, wear it with a body-hugging crop top. This combination is absolutely effortless as well as very trendy.

#4 Bows

Adding bows to your look is a very feminine trend. The bows come in very pretty colors and can be added to everything from dresses to tops. The bows basically amp up your fashion quotient and make your outfit look absolutely stunning and beautiful. You can use dresses that have pretty bows in the back to make a style statement.

The bows are also a very enchanting reminder of your childhood days. You can choose from a wide range of clothes that have bows in them. You can also use a dress with strings that can help you make your own bow.

#5 Tuxedos

Who said only men wore tuxedos. In today's time, the tuxedo has become extremely popular and is being donned by women all over. You will most often see celebrities wearing these tuxedos and looking at them, I literally drool. The Tuxedo looks extremely desirable and makes you look polished, sharp, and sensual.

There are different styles available right from fluid midi styles to the sharper silhouette. It also increases your confidence and is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Many stores or best women clothing brands on AliExpress sell this kind of outfits, and it's easy to find one!

Happy shopping.

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