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How to get refund and return from Shein

how to get refund from shein

Our purchases from Shein occasionally don't live up to our expectations. If they haven't sent our order yet, we must seek a cancellation; if they have and we don't like it, we must request a return, and we will afterwards obtain a refund of our money.

Best way to get return and refund from SHEIN

We must be in one of the following circumstances in order to receive a refund for our Shein purchases:

  • The clothes have already been delivered, but they don't fit as described or we don't like them. In this instance, a return rather than a refund will be required.
  • Shein customer support has stated that they will proceed to repay us by requesting a cancellation because the order hasn't arrived.
  • Orders that have not yet shipped out are canceled. We will have a refund in our account in a few days.

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How to ask for a refund at Shein

In any event, as soon as we request a cancellation or request a refund, the money will promptly transfer to our account.

We will first get an email confirming that the refund has been successfully completed. We will have the money in our account in roughly 5 to 10 working days.

Shein will provide us a variety of options for money refunds if we return something.

way to get return and refund from SHEIN

Source from Shein App

Our Shein wallet or having the return processed using the original payment method will be our options when canceling an order, nonetheless.

how to get return and refund from SHEIN

Source from Shein App

The features of each refund method are as follows:

Shein wallet refund

If you are a frequent shopper, we advise you to transfer the refunded funds to your Shein wallet instead of using another method because it will be more simpler and you will receive the funds in no more than 24 hours. You can withdraw the money and get it back if you decide not to make a purchase in the end.

However, occasionally the system is undergoing maintenance and you are unable to get the money back into your Shein wallet.

Refund on credit card

The best course of action is to request the money using the original payment method if you don't want to make another purchase or if the refund amount is large.

The issue is that if we pay using a credit card, it can take a few days for the return to go to your bank. Although it typically takes between 3 and 15 working days to arrive, in some instances it has taken as long as a month.

PayPal Refund

Given that PayPal is a popular payment option in most online retailers, this way of refund is a fantastic choice. You can withdraw money to your credit card, debit card, or bank account so that you can use it in Shein and other stores. Within 2 to 7 business days, the money is received.

Refund for gift cards

If you paid using a gift card, you should be aware that the money cannot be taken out as cash; instead, it will be returned to the original gift card. Contact assistance if you can't remember your PIN.

However, they can also deposit it to your Shein wallet or through Paypal if the system isn't working.

Refund for Clearpay

If you used your credit card to make an installment payment using Clearpay, the refund will be issued immediately to the card used to make the installment payment, and it cannot be changed.

Subsequent payments will be canceled if there are still payments due and the order has been fully canceled.

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How to check a SHEIN refund's status

The time between our request and the refund will be a few days. Go to the details of the refunded order and click on "Return & Refund Record" to see the status of your refund. You may view the status, total, and refund method; if you want more details, click "Details".

refund from SHEIN
refund from SHEIN

Source from Shein App

Next, select "Refund Track." We'll be able to check to see if our request was fulfilled. Shein has already sent the money as of that point, and depending on the type of refund, it might take a few days.

Source from Shein App

How long do Shein refunds take

Depending on the method used, this reimbursement time may take hours or days:

  • Shein Wallet: The transaction time is under 24 hours.
  • It will arrive by credit card in three to fifteen business days.
  • It takes 2–7 business days for PayPal.
  • Gift card: Your funds will be delivered in under 24 hours.
  • Your money will arrive through Clearpay in 3 to 15 business days.

Why does the refund total differ from what I originally paid?

In some nations, Shein may charge you for the cost of the return label if you return several items. Additionally, shipping and insurance fees are never reimbursed.

It is significant to note for those who utilized coupons and points that just the amount we paid for the clothing is refunded after all reductions have been applied.

Can I ask for a refund if I have already paid customs?

We are informed in Shein's terms and conditions that if we purchase from Europe, we won't experience any customs issues. However, if you have encountered any issues with customs, we advise that you obtain a copy of your payment receipt and get in touch with Shein support to request a refund.

Are your points and vouchers returned if you request a refund?

Yes, you will receive your points and even discounts returned if you ask for a refund on everything you ordered. But there might be a problem—they might have run out of time.

It is not guaranteed that you will receive the used coupon back if you return a portion of your transaction. In such event, the points will be repaid proportionately.

What should I do if I get an order for which I have already gotten a refund?

You have a few choices if you asked for a refund and the order has finally, if tardily, arrived. The most frequent is that they'll want additional payment. You can be asked to send the order back as well (if it has not yet been delivered to you, it is sufficient to refuse the order).

They might say you can keep it for free as a final resort. You must get in touch with Shein in order to learn more about the procedure in either scenario. If you follow the directive without first consulting Shein, you risk being punished and barred from the platform.

SHEIN gives much importance to customer satisfaction. Somehow if you are not comfortable with your purchase then return your items to get a full SHEIN refund. Once your return is accepted then you will get a refund from SHEIN. You will get your refund via same payment method used at the time of placing the order. Mostly, people use PayPal while placing an order. If same is the case with you then your refund will be processed through PayPal.SHEIN is the best choice for you. If you will reach to free shipping threshold then you can send items back free of cost. Read some best tips to get a better experience with SHEIN returns.

  • Try on all the items and not wash them.
  • Don’t take off tags and labels from the items.
  • Items must be unwashed, undamaged and unworn.
  • Use original SHEIN bags for your returns.
  • Original packaging will contribute to getting a speedy refund.

It must be noted that the first return is free and after that, you might see some charges for returns. After your first experience with SHEIN, you will get a better idea of your measurements for next time shopping.

Once you submit order cancellation or return request to SHEIN then you will get your money back within 5 to 10 working days. However, it may also depend upon your bank processing time. Some of the credit card companies or banks may take more time to show funds on your account. In some cases, customers have received their refunds within 6 days.

However, if the 10 days have passed and you haven’t received your SHEIN refund then contact your financial institution first and ask them to update any pending funds on your account. Still, if you are facing any problems then contact SHEIN customer support.

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