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Is it safe to use credit and debit cards on Aliexpress?

aliexpress debit card and credit card

Credit and debit cards make it easier for us to shop online. We no longer have to think about the bills coming our way and it’s convenient. You just browse for the items you want to get and put some card details before you finally purchase it. Quick and easy.

But sometimes, this convenience makes some people wary about paying their bills online. Is it really secure? Are we really not putting our savings at risk?

One of the most popular online shopping platforms is Aliexpress. And there are tons of people around the world who patronize this platform. So far, they’ve been making a lot of improvements for customers when it comes to safety and payment options.

Let’s dive deeper and learn more about the use of credit and debit cards on Aliexpress.

debit card and credit card on aliexpress-min

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is almost the same as Alibaba. The only difference is that Alibaba is mostly for wholesale businesses and Aliexpress is consumer-based. In Aliexpress, you can find tons of individual businesses selling their goods from people around the world.

It’s located in China and it’s exclusive for Chinese manufacturers and retailers only. You can find a wide range of product categories on Aliexpress including electronics, fashion, toys, furniture, beauty products and many more.

If you compare it with Amazon, you can find more less expensive stuff here in Aliexpress compared to the other platform.

Is Aliexpress legitimate?

The prices here in Aliexpress are relatively low, but don’t worry. This is a legitimate platform. It's a given that most people will doubt a low price especially once they’ve compared it with other platforms. But it’s definitely safe to shop on Aliexpress.

Aliexpress implements strong and secure buyer protection policies.

  • Guaranteed refunds - The customer gets a refund if the package is damaged or lost.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery - The customer gets a refund if he or she didn’t receive the product on time.
  • Dispute process - The customer can dispute the shipment via Aliexpress customer care service.
  • Secure payment methods - Aliexpress ensures secure modes of payment for online credit and debit cards.

With these policies, you can guarantee that Aliexpress is 100% legitimate and safe to use. Nothing to worry about!

Is it safe to use credit and debit cards on Aliexpress?

Now, here’s the burning question. Is it really safe to use your credit and debit cards on Aliexpress? Definitely yes! In fact, most buyers on this platform use cards for a more convenient buying process, especially today that we’re still dealing with a global pandemic and we want to reduce physical contact with other people.

Still having doubts? Here are some measures to make sure every customer is secure on Aliexpress.

  • Privacy protection - Customers’ personal details are protected under the data protection law.
  • Payment protection - Aliexpress uses an escrow payment system. Your payment will not be directed to the seller until you receive your package.
  • Delivery protection - You can file a dispute if your product didn’t arrive like it was supposed to.
  • Genuine product protection - All products on Aliexpress are guaranteed authentic and in good condition.

It’s definitely normal to feel wary about the payment options online. You just have to be vigilant about the sellers and don’t get caught by very low prices that are too good to be true. The security measures inside the Aliexpress are nothing if it’s the customer who’s lacking vigilance.

aliexpress debit card and credit card

Aliexpress payment options

Aliexpress caters customers all over the world, and this is why they offer a wide range of payment options to suit every customer’s preferences. All these options are enhanced with smart and secure functions to bring a smoother customer experience.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards remain the most commonly used mode of payments when it comes to online shopping. And this is what most people who shop on Aliexpress use. Banks offer favorable terms when it comes to fees and you can get money back from your purchases.

Aliexpress supports Visa Credit and Debit cards, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. This is a very versatile way to purchase on the platform wherever country you’re currently in. Convenient and hassle-less.


Paypal, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to link your bank account with Aliexpress. Most of the customers feel more at ease knowing that their personal and bank details are shared to a platform.

However, this payment method isn’t applicable to all products and shops on Aliexpress. Before making a purchase, make it clear with the buyer if they accept Paypal payments. If the shop accepts this payment platform, it should be applicable across all of their products.


When it comes to flexibility and versatility, Payoneer is probably the one that stands out across all payment methods on Aliexpress. In this platform, you’re allowed to open as many credit cards as you want. This takes away the worry of having to link your bank account directly to Aliexpress.

It’s a virtual bank, but it’s secure and there are tons of online shoppers using this platform. In fact, even freelancers rely on this because it’s authorized and regulated by different international bodies.

Western Union

Western Union is another international payment solution you can use when you purchase on Aliexpress. This is commonly used for money transfers so you can trust this platform even though it’s a lesser-used payment option.

However, you can’t use Western Union all the time. It’s only available for purchases over $20. And it’s kind of less convenient for sellers since the transfer of funds takes longer than usual. You have to go to the office, fill out a form and wait for three days for the verification process.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are the least recommended forms of payment when purchasing on Aliexpress. Why? Because just like Western Union, you have to reach $20 and above in order to pay via a bank transfer. Also, you will have to pay in dollars so you can make an international transfer which also costs additional fees.

So we can say bank transfers are safe, but it’s less convenient and more expensive.

Can you pay in your local currency on Aliexpress?

Yes! Everyone around the world can pay in their local currency on Aliexpress. All you have to do is to select the Aliexpress currency settings on the website. Modify it based on the currency of your bank or other payment method you prefer.

As of today, almost all currencies around the world are supported by this online shopping platform. But in case your currency isn’t supported by Aliexpress, the payment will be taken care of by the currency exchange of your chosen bank.

Your currency will be converted with incurred charges. Before shifting to this process, we recommend you to check in with your bank first and see their current exchange rates and fees. You’ll be the one to pay for the additional charges so to prevent confusion, check on them first.

Another wise tip you should do first before purchasing is to check where your package will come from. This will help you know the total cost even before you place an order. Depending on where you’re currently in, there might be special offers, or additional charges.

Can you get scammed on Aliexpress?

Almost all online shopping platforms have risks of being scammed. This highly depends on the customers. As mentioned a while ago, every customer must be vigilant about the pros and cons of the platforms they’re using.

For example, just because an item is less expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal available yet. Sometimes, scammers use low prices to attract customers. If it’s too good to be true, check for other shops instead.

Also, consider the guarantees shops are offering. If it’s a legitimate shop, it should have buyer guarantees so you can get a refund in case the product is damaged or didn’t arrive at all. With protective guarantees, you have all the rights to make a dispute when something goes wrong. In the end, you won’t lose anything.

Finally, you should never agree to pay a seller outside Aliexpress. This platform has an escrow system so the payment from the customers won’t be directed to the seller unless the product has reached its destination or the customer acknowledges the receipt of the item.

When you deal with a seller outside the platform, Aliexpress is no longer liable for any conflict. You won’t have any right to file a complaint about a damaged product, or if your package didn’t arrive as expected.

Key takeaways

All in all, Aliexpress is safe as long as you maintain proper precautionary measures just like how you protect your personal details in your other platforms. It all depends on you, actually. When you use it mindfully, you can differentiate those legitimate offers against the illegitimate ones and avoid them entirely.

Planning to purchase something through Aliexpress? You might want to consider reading this article first so you know what payment method you should go for. Remember, mindfulness and responsibility are the key!

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