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Are Wahl Clippers GOOD for Black Hair

Best Wahl Clippers

If you're looking for the best clippers to do more than cut your hair, then no other brand will provide you with the features and functions that Wahl does.

Wahl is by far one of the most popular hair clipper manufacturers in the world and this American company has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades.

Is Wahl clippers good for black hair?

Yes, Wahl clippers are generally considered to be good for black hair. Wahl is a reputable brand that produces high-quality clippers that are designed to work well on all hair types, including coarse and textured hair commonly found in black hair. Additionally, Wahl offers a range of clipper models with different blade sizes and motor speeds, allowing you to find the right clipper for your specific hair type and styling needs.

But, which is the best Wahl clippers for Black Hair?

According to us and based on our experience, the best Wahl clipper you can buy in 2022 is the Wahl Ion Trimmer 9888. It's an ergonomic and highly versatile trimmer that you can get on a budget. It's powerful enough to cut through thick hair and is quite easy to maintain.

The best Wahl clippers are those that are preferred by barbers and hair stylists around the world. They are great to use for trimming your hair and keeping your beard in check.

After testing out numerous Wahl clippers, we at Mammoth Men have managed to zero in on the top 8 best Wahl clippers that money can buy.

Check them out!

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Best Wahl Clippers - An Overview

Best For
Wahl Ion Trimmer Model 9888 Best for Performance
Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Model 79602 Best for Beginners
Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Hair-cutting Kit Model 79467 Best for Personal Grooming
Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit Model 79524-3001 Best Barbers Clipper Kit
Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip Best Cordless Clippers
Wahl Clipper Cordless Kit Model 79608 Best for Quick Charge Technology
Wahl Professional Cordless Clipper Model 81919 Best for Durability
Wahl T-Styler Pro Model 9686-300 Best Budget-Friendly Clippers

Best Wahl Clippers Buying Guide

Based on this article, it's evident that there are plenty of high-quality Wahl clippers in the market. It's definitely not easy to decide on one particular model, so I will take you through the main points we took into consideration before shortlisting these 8 best Wahl clippers.

  • Manual or Automatic - Automatic clippers are all the rage these days and there are not many manual hair clippers in circulation, this is something to consider only if you're a stylist who prefers manual levels over the automatic settings.
  • Brand - It's possible to get hair clippers from unknown brands for a fraction of the price, but you're losing out on quality and performance. Always pick brands like Wahl who have dedicated their existence to producing some of the best hair clippers in the market.
  • Weight - Another thing to consider before buying Wahl clippers is their overall weight. You will need to buy something that's lightweight and easy to use. This is something to consider especially if you're someone who is going to cut hair on a daily basis. For those who would use the device occasionally, you wouldn't have to worry about how heavy the device is.
  • Guide Combs - One of the most important things to look for when buying a Wahl clipper is the number of guide combs that come in the kit. Guide combs come in a range of sizes so you must choose a clipper that provides you with combs to suit those hair lengths.
  • Cordless or Corded - The freedom to move around with the clippers in your hand is surely important. Some users are fine with corded clippers with a long extension cable whereas other users are satisfied with cordless clippers because they don't have to worry about the cord coming in the way.
  • Accessories - This condition depends on whether you're looking to buy a simple clipper or one of those professional kinds which come equipped with different accessories and components.
  • Noise - Finally, the last thing to consider is how much noise the device produces when in use. If you're going to trim or cut hair at odd hours of the day then a nice quiet trimmer will do, but if you don't care then a regular Wahl trimmer will work well.

How did we test the best Wahl clippers?

We put over 30 different Wahl clippers through a variety of performance and durability tests to shortlist the best. The performance test involved us using each clipper on thick hair and thin hair to ensure that they all deliver the same levels of performance regardless of the hair type.

We also made sure that these clippers are safe to use on sensitive skin and offer a wide range of attachments so you can use them as you please.

For the durability test, we checked how well these clippers worked under stressful conditions and dropped them from the height of a barbers table to see if they can withstand the drop or if nothing happens to them. These 8 clippers are extremely durable as they managed to pass the durability test with flying colors.

To make your selection easier, I have rated each product based on their performance levels and how durable they are.

Take a look!

Top 8 Best Wahl Clippers

Wahl Ion Trimmer 9888

Yes, Wahl clippers are generally considered to be good for black hair.

I seriously love trimming my hair with the Lithium Ion Total Trimmer. It comes equipped with 13 guide combs that allow you to trim or cut hair to any length or width you want. Simply clip the right size on and you're good to go.

Ideal to use for haircuts, bread trimming and adjusting your mustache, the Model 9888 comes with a charger, beard comb, cleaning brush, blade oil and even a storage case to carry the device with you. We even took advantage of the styling guide and instruction manual that came with this kit to try out some new hairstyles.

Best Wahl Clippers for black hair

In terms of battery life, the model 9888 lasted us for a complete 3 hours on a single hour of charge and if you're someone looking for a quick trim, then you can take advantage of the quick charge feature where you will be able to use the device for around 4-5 minutes from a single 3 minutes of charge.

One of the main reasons why this product is at the top of the list is because it provides you with over 19 different cutting lengths to choose from and the device comes equipped with self-sharpening stainless steel blades which is truly worth the money.


  • Great design with a durable body
  • Budget friendly clipper
  • Comes as a combo set as well


  • Takes roughly 3-5 hours to recharge


  • Performance - 5/5
  • Durability - 4/5

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602

Wahl offers a range of clipper models with different blade sizes and motor speeds

The second best clipper, one that's truly meant for detailing is the Elite Pro Model 79602. This hair clipper comes with fine precision self-sharpening blades and a quiet motor making it one of the best silent hair clippers to buy.

It's an extremely safe device to use at home and is a great selection for those who are starting their hair-styling journey. The Model 79602 comes with a lot of accessories and you can try out any haircut or style you want with a simple change of the cutting clips.

Best Wahl Clippers for black men

Whether it's a night trim or a day time trim, this clipper is super quiet and you won't wake up your partner if she's asleep. All this is thanks to the whisper quiet motor and this particular model is pretty smooth on the hair.

In the box we found a styling comb, a cutting cape, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, scissors, cord wrap and a storage case.

Considering the price and that this pair of clippers comes with a lifetime warranty, there's no reason you should not consider and pick up the Elite Pro Model 79602.


  • 40% faster than other Wahl clippers
  • Equipped with self-sharpening blades
  • Powerful motor lets you cut thick hair with ease


  • Heavy to use


  • Performance - 5/5
  • Durability - 5/5

Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit 79467

Yes, Wahl clippers are generally considered to be good for black hair. Wahl is a reputable brand that produces high-quality clippers that are designed to work well on all hair types, including coarse and textured hair commonly found in black hair.

The Wahl Model 79467 is a great looking modern day hair clipper that comes with an ergonomic design that improves your cutting accuracy and control. It's easy to use and lightweight making it one of the best compact Wahl clippers around.

This model left a lasting impression on us, thanks to the long cord which provides you with the right amount of leeway to cut hair from different angles. Not only that, the motor used in the Model 79467 is whisper quiet so you can comfortably cut your hair at any time of the day or night without disturbing others.

Best Wahl Clippers for blacks

The blades are self-sharpening and you can take advantage of this fact when you're cutting thick hair. It's also good to note that this kit comes with a total of 22 pieces including scissors, cleaning brush, combs, 12 different attachment guards and a storage case.

Ideal for amateurs and professionals, the Wahl Self-Cut Professional Haircutting Kit is a must buy for those looking to experience a professional grade haircutting experience at home.


  • Equipped with self-sharpening blades, ideal for low maintenance
  • Kit is loaded with accessories that are essential for a good haircut
  • Whisper quiet motor, perfect for night trims


  • Not wireless, this would have sealed the deal
  • Quality of the finish is not as good as the Elite Pro


  • Performance - 5/5
  • Durability - 4/5

Wahl Clipper Home Barbers Kit 79524-3001

Another popular and highly recommended set of hair clippers is the Home Barber Kit from Wahl. This particular model has a load of positive reviews and is by far one of the most high-quality clippers around.

The Home Barber Kit comes with over 30 different pieces and not only do you get a full-sized hair clipper to do the job, the kit comes with a added cordless touch-up trimmer that you can use for fine cuts and to add detail to the hairstyle.

Best Wahl Clippers

The primary hair clippers come equipped with an extremely powerful motor allowing you to trim and shave with no snags or pulls. The blades used are self-sharpening and you can adjust the taper level allowing you to switch between blending and fading or longer and shorter haircuts.

Not only is the Home Barber Kit the ideal solution for your haircuts, the kit comes with another detail trimmer that you can use to trim your nose hair and hair around the ears. Perfect all-rounder and considering the accessories you get with this kit, it's worth every cent.


  • Value packed kit with all the essentials
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Self sharpening blades and a powerful motor


  • Does not feel great in the hands, too many plastic parts


  • Performance - 4.5/5
  • Durability - 4/5

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

Ideal for barbers and professional hair stylists, the Professional cordless magic clip is designed to deliver peak performance at all times. It comes equipped with high-quality blades that are safe to use and you can even go cordless with this bad boy.

The battery on this clipper will last on average 90 minutes from a single charge and that's more than enough time required for a professional or someone who knows what they're doing to get the job done.

Best Wahl Clippers

What's truly amazing about this kit is that when you buy it you get, 8 attachment combs, cleaning brush, a charger, oil and the clipper.

There's even a small instruction manual that you can go through in case you're not sure about certain functions of these clippers.


  • Offers an impressive 90 minutes of runtime
  • Highly durable with an ergonomic design
  • Designed for performance, will not overheat


  • Noisy when running for long periods of time


  • Performance - 4.5/5
  • Durability - 4.5/5

Wahl Clipper Cordless Kit 79608

The Wahl cordless clipper model 79608 is one to consider especially if you're determined on buying a cordless hair clipper that is powerful and durable.

It offers the exact same levels of performance as those corded clippers and can last for an amazing 2 hours before you have to recharge the device. Another reason to consider the Model 79608 is because it comes with a quick charge functionality that lets you use the device after charging it for only 15 minutes.

Best Wahl Clippers

The blades are whisper-quiet and extremely powerful allowing you to perform precise cuts without having to sharpen the blades or replacing them. The Wahl Clipper Cordless Kit comes with 10 different cutting attachments including an ear taper guard.

While this model is not on the cheaper and more affordable end of the spectrum, it's definitely something to consider buying especially if you're looking for a device with Quick charge and a quiet motor.


  • High performance motor
  • Wireless and easy to maneuver
  • Quick charge capabilities


  • Expensive and not easily affordable


  • Performance - 5/5
  • Durability - 5/5

Wahl Professional Cordless Clipper 81919

While this particular hair clipper might not be the most affordable, it surely is one of a kind and is something that stylists who are passionate about the Wahl brand would consider buying.

This limited-edition hair clipper is made to deliver the performance levels you would need to cut hair on a daily basis.

It's cordless and lasts on average 70 minutes from a single charge. There's even a cord that you can plug into the clipper in case you're looking for non-stop peak-performance.

Best Wahl Clippers

The model 81919 was crafted to commemorate the 100 years that Wahl has been in existence and it comes equipped with a metal housing that will keep the clippers safe even if they are dropped from a height.

This hair clipper also comes with a set of traditional sized blades that allow you to cut between 1-3mm of hair.


  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy casing
  • Decent battery life
  • Limited edition design


  • Few attachments
  • Expensive to buy


  • Performance - 4.5/5
  • Durability - 5/5

Wahl T-Styler Pro 9686-300

One of the most affordable Wahl clippers for men is the T-Styler Pro. This device can be used either as a beard trimmer, hair clipper or a grooming detailer since it comes with 12 different blade guards that let you cut hair ranging from 1/8" to 1".

The T-Styler is designed to provide you with a clean and precise shave or trim. The blades are durable and lasts a long time as compared to other models in the same price range.

Best Wahl Clippers

The T-Styler Pro Model 9868-300comes with a couple of accessories that you can use while trimming your hair, there's a barber comb, a pair of scissors and even a beard brush included in the package.


  • Great for trimming your hair and beard
  • Extremely affordable Wahl clipper
  • Nice packaging and good quality attachments


  • Not wireless


  • Performance - 4.5/5
  • Durability - 4.5/5

Things to follow before using clippers to cut your own hair

There are certain things to follow if you want to give yourself a haircut using Wahl clippers. These tips will ensure that you get the final outcome you're looking for.

  • The first thing to know is what hairstyle you want. Clippers can help you achieve the style you want with little to no effort. There are different Wahl clippers as we have covered above and each one would be ideal for different hairstyles.
  • Consider investing in a hand mirror or a three-way mirror. This is pretty important if you're planning on styling the back of your head and is definitely something to consider.
  • Ensure that you have a designated area like your bathroom or a section of your bedroom that you can use to cut your hair. It can become a messy affair and in order to contain your fallen hair, it's best to either use a barbers cape to catch the hair or to stand over a large sheet of paper.
  • For an even and clean look, make sure that you start with the largest attachment and work your way down till you reach the size that you're looking for. Using clippers is a process that requires a bit of patience.
  • If your clipper requires oiling, do so on a regular basis. This will ensure that the blades are kept strong and sharp at all times, thus giving you a close cut/trim.
  • Whatever you do, never cut your own hair while sitting down. You need to move around with your head close to the mirror so you don't mess up the detailing. Standing up will keep you focused at all times and prevent a mishap.


Are cordless clippers better than wired clippers?

The only thing cordless clippers offer is the freedom to move around and the convenience of being lightweight and compact. In terms of lasting power, wired clippers are ideal because they do not require any charging and you wouldn't be stuck with a half head of hair and a drained out battery.

Are all hair clipper blades the same?

Well, not all hair clippers use the same blades. Some come with stainless steel blades whereas others use titanium or ceramic. Newer Wahl clippers come equipped with waterproof and rust-proof blades that are much more versatile and long lasting. The only difference is that they cost a bomb.

How do I maintain my Wahl clippers?

Every pair of hair clippers you buy from Wahl comes with accessories that you can use to clean and maintain the clipper as well as the blades. You would either receive some blade oil if the device requires it or a cleaning brush that can help you remove strands of hair from the clipper. Whatever you do, never immerse your clippers in a mug of water or under a running tap unless it's waterproof and the manufacturer says it's okay for the clipper to get wet.


There you have it, the best Wahl clippers in the market is the Ion Trimmer model 9888. They are surely an all-round fan-favorite with thousands of barbers and hairstylists using it daily.

It depends from person to person, so make sure to use the buyers guide before picking your favorite Wahl clippers.

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