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What Does Order Closed on Aliexpress Means

|order closed on aliexpress
order closed on aliexpress

I know you might be so excited about your order on AliExpress to arrive home, but you have seen  that it is tagged as “order closed”. There are a lot of reasons why your order can be tagged as closed, and we will be resolving this issue by giving you straightforward answers.

As a quick guide, the order closed warning usually seen after the order has been checked out. It usually tells you that your order will not be delivered for some reason. But don’t worry, we will be tackling the reasons behind why your order might be closed, and the ways on how you can still receive your order.

Reasons Behind Order Closed on AliExpress

Your order on AliExpress won’t be closed without any valid reason, and we will be saving you the hassle of thinking about what happened to your parcel. Here are some reasons why your order might be canceled by AliExpress:

Used Coupons

You might probably notice that AliExpress has an endless supply of coupons in every store. On the other hand, AliExpress has a downside that they don’t have an automatic detection if you have already used a coupon before.

So, if you have ordered something from AliExpress and it was tagged as order closed, one reason can be used coupons. You might have used an expired or a previous coupon from your orders back then. 

Security Reasons

There might be instances where your account can be blocked for security reasons. Fraudulent activities or other discrepancies might have been detected on your account and because of this, all your orders might have to be canceled by AliExpress. 

But don’t worry, as long as you can verify your account and AliExpress has made sure that no fraud is involved in your transactions, you can get your orders back. 

If ever your account was blocked, you can contact the site administrator of AliExpress and provide them any of these documents:

  • Credit card data
  • Contact information
  • Business verification
  • ID/ Passport / Driver’s License

Before contacting the site administrator, it is highly suggested to reach out to customer service first. They will be taking notes of what happened on your account, then endorse you to the site administrator for further investigation and other verification procedures.

Failed Transaction

Insufficient funds on your credit or debit card account might also be one of the reasons as to why an order closes. AliExpress will automatically consider your orders as closed if it detects that your credit card is currently blocked for reaching the maximum allowed transaction limit. 

As for debit cards, you have to check if you still have sufficient funds to prevent any orders from closing. Once you add more money and funds on your card, it will be automatically detected by AliExpress, and the site will continue processing your ordered goods.

Aside from using a debit or a credit card, you can also try using PayPal for your transactions if it is allowed in the country where you are currently residing. Using PayPal for payment gives you a more easier transaction since it detects how much money you have in your account. Just also make sure to add funds on your PayPal account for an effortless transaction on AliExpress. 

Potential Fraud 

If AliExpress noticed that you are ordering a lot - like $10,000 or more in just one day, they might take extra precautions to make sure that no fraudulent activities are involved. Don’t worry, all you need to do is verify that your purchases are legitimate for your orders to be processed without any other issues.

Confirmed Delivery of the Order

Once you have received your order and you confirmed it on AliExpress site, the administrators will automatically tag your order as closed. This is to confirm that not all reasons behind your orders closing are negative. Receiving your goods properly means that AliExpress can already tag your order as closed and successfully delivered afterwards.

Order Cancellation

In case you have changed your mind regarding your order and you decided to cancel it, your order can also be tagged as closed. The seller also has the authority to cancel the order depending on the situation (i.e. insufficient supply or duplicate orders).

Order closed can also appear when the seller hasn’t shipped the products yet, and  the customer has already paid for the products. In case there are mistakes with the tracking number or the products itself, AliExpress will tag the order as closed. The customer will get a refund within 20 days after the order has been canceled.


If a customer was not satisfied with the order and they have encountered some issues like incomplete products, wrong items received, etc, they can always file a dispute against the seller. After the dispute has been processed and resolved,  the site administrator will automatically tag the order as closed.

Order Closed by Administration

If the seller was suspected to be doing fraudulent activities or they are violating some of AliExpress’ policies, the order can be tagged as closed for the customer’s safety. The order might be frozen and closed until thorough investigation has been completed. In case there are no violations identified, the order can be opened for delivery again. Otherwise, you can get your money back.

Accidental Cancellation

There are instances wherein the customer accidentally closed an order, and there is no way that it can be restored. In case this happens, the customer can re-order the items back. Take note that you never need to click the order received button especially when you haven’t received your order yet. When the item has been delivered, you can click on confirm the order but if you fail to do this, there’s nothing to worry about. There is a confirmation time and it will automatically tag your order as completed once the confirmation time has expired.

What to do if the order was closed on AliExpress?

There is no other way to re-open a closed order on AliExpress. Depending on what the reason is, it is the jurisdiction of the AliExpress management if the order can be opened again. If you didn’t receive the goods that you ordered and your order has been tagged as closed, you can still get your money back.

The best thing to do when an order is closed is to reorder it again. Also, you have to be careful on clicking the “order received” button especially if you haven’t received your products yet. For electronic products, make sure to test all the products and wait for 2 to 3 days before confirming the delivery. In this way, you can still file a dispute if any product was seen as faulty.

How to Get a Refund If the Order is Closed

If you have noticed that you were charged for your order that was closed, you have to look for the refund notification from AliExpress. In most cases, the order was closed due to security reasons. It was most likely because the seller was banned from violating security standards.

The best thing to do is to contact the AliExpress Customer Service to let them know about the status of your order. The customer service department can help you process and expedite the refund procedure. There is nothing to worry about getting your refund because AliExpress always makes sure that the arbitration for the refund process will always be fair for the customer and the seller.

Preventing Your Orders from Closing on AliExpress

Sometimes, it is inevitable to prevent orders from being tagged as closed on AliExpress. This is due to the reasons that we have thoroughly discussed above. On the customer’s end, the only thing that you can do to prevent your orders from closing is not to tag or click the order received confirmation before you receive your goods.

Shopping on AliExpress is indeed a delightful experience, especially because we are privileged to have access to affordable items. But sometimes, there are negative experiences that we never wish to happen, just like the orders being tagged as close.

As customers, we can always reach out to the customer service support of AliExpress, or directly contact the seller to ask for further reasons about the closed orders. After all, AliExpress will always find a way to resolve your issues to enhance your whole online shopping experience.

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