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Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
Mid-Season Sale Up to 70% OFF.Shop Now
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15 Top British Clothing Brands For Men | 12 Best Menswear Brands Of 2024

Top British Clothing Brands For Men

Want to look your dapper best? Try these top British clothing brands for men. From British luxury brands to affordable street wear, find them all!

The Big Ben, River Thames, The Buckingham Palace, James Bond, Finely dressed Men. What do all of these have in common? They are all British! Talking about finely dressed men, Britain is one of the countries that has given us some of the best designers and brands for men.

Which is the best British clothing brand for men? 

I’ve tried many British clothing brands but Marks and Spencer is the top British clothing brand for men because of their quality, designs, and comfort.

Marks and Spencer is another brand that is amongst the top British clothing brands for men. Marks and Spencer fall under the category of formals. M&S is also great for home and food products. This brand has outlets almost everywhere in the world. Marks and Spencer clothing has a splendid quality and confidently styled garments that are always in line with the latest fashion trends. They also follow sustainability.

There are some remarkable designers out there that have emerged on top with some noteworthy fashion trends. So here are some of the top British clothing brands for men.

British Clothing Brands For Men

There are so many British luxury brands that have kept their reputation high and soaring with some best quality clothes for men. While we have listed some top British clothing brands we have also given you an insight on the reputation of the brands some well practiced styles.

Men’s clothing  British clothing brand  Links
Jeans  Paul Smith Link to website
Jackets  Blackshore Link to website
Suits  Burberry Link to website
Winter wear Dashing Tweeds Link to website
Shorts  Big Fox Link to website
Formal clothing  The Cotton London  Link to website  
Semi Casual Sir Plus British clothing Link to website
Outdoor Barbour Link to website
Sports Reebok Link to website

Paul Smith

Paul Smith was launched by the designer in 1976 in Covent Gardens, London and is today one of the most preferred brands of clothing for men in nearly 70 countries. 

  • These are clothes that will make heads turn no matter where you are or what the occasion is. Paul Smith makes clothes that are modern with a touch of tradition and classic about them.
  • They are quirky without being over the top or too loud.
  • These are clothes that can be worn by people of all ages and all that you need to accessorize is the right attitude.
  • Paul Smith clothes are positioned between high street fashion and formal wear, a blend that not many designers have been able to achieve.
  • This gives the wearer a sense of comfort and that is why this is one of the top British clothing brands for men. This is the best shirt brands in UK that works well for men with different tastes.

Take a look at some of the clothes designed by Paul Smith:

The formal clothing is as good as the casual clothing designed by Paul Smith.

The formal wear section that they have is handpicked with a wide range of colors and styles.

Here’s a little bit of the British quirkiness blended with the simplicity and elegance of the country. They have a wide range of exotic jackets and other overcoats that is a great add on with tees. If you are looking for some of the best British men's casual fashion, then this is the best option for you.


The choice of many celebrities, Burberry is mentioned over and over again as a symbol of luxury. 

  • Burberry is definitely one of the most luxurious brands for men’s clothing from Britain. 
  • People flock to Burberry from across the world to shop for their best clothes. 
  • The trademarked checked design is something that sure stands out, but this brand is not only about that. 
  • There are plenty of other designs that are absolutely stylish and classy while ensuring the wearer’s comfort. 
  • This brand has also kept up with the times with its innovative technology incorporated into making their clothes better. 

Check out this Quilted Bomber Jacket that is padded with thermo-regulation technology to make sure that your body temperature is always maintained and it never goes lower so that you are never uncomfortable:

Here is a suit with the traditional Burberry checks, tailored to fit perfectly with a neat and clean cut. 

It can be worn with jeans or with a formal pant and it will still look like the perfect look to wear for any occasion.

The Burberry checks have sort of become a status symbol and will never go out of fashion. 

It is more of an evening outfit and has evolved to become one of the most sophisticated looks that is out there. 


Blackshore may not be a brand that is popular across the world but it is one of the best British brands you can find. 

  • They find ways and means of manufacturing sustainable clothing and are therefore referred to as a “green” brand. 
  • They are mostly found in smaller towns rather than high street or populated urban places with their unique clothes that have a sense of personalisation. 
  • Most clothes are handmade and are therefore one of a kind, made just for you. 
  • This is not a brand for everybody. It is for those men who appreciate the effort and art that goes into making clothing. 
  • Being one of the top British clothing brands for men, Blackshore sells everything from casual clothing to more formal clothing, jackets, scarves and other accessories. 

Check out one of their handmade clothes here below:


Big Fox Apparel

While it is easy to get clothing when you are sized between a “small” and an “extra large”, it is always difficult to get fashionable clothes for men who are on the plus sized side.

  •  This is very unfair but some brands like Big Fox Apparel are a great solution. 
  • This British brand not only makes plus size clothing but also ensures that they are ethically sourced fabrics and sustainable. 
  • This makes their clothes more expensive than a lot of run of the mill brands available in the market.
  •  But, you get to save the environment as well as wear guilt free clothes while not compromising on your sense of style! 
  • They make clothes beginning with “small” size, right up to 5XL. 
  • Now, that’s a huge range of sizes and every person can find clothes that fit him in this brand. No wonder they are one of the top British clothing brands for men.  

Here is a basic tee shirt designed for a big man:

The Cotton London

You can get some of the finest cotton clothes from Britain’s “The Cotton London”.

  •  These clothes don’t come cheap as they are made from the best fabric you can get, tailored to perfection. This is again a sustainable clothing brand and its designs are minimalistic and simple. 
  • The range of clothing by The Cotton London is soft on the skin and a pleasure to wear.
  •  They are durable, easy to maintain and last a really long time. These fall under the category of luxury clothing for men. 
  • This is also a brand that really goes out of its way to give back to the community in the form of donating to charities and building awareness about human rights violation, education and the environment. You could say that your money is well spent here!

Here are a few stunning clothes from this top British clothing brand:

Check out an amazing wool and cotton blend knit from their collection:

Dashing Tweeds  

One of the very English things that we can think about when it comes to clothes is “Tweed”. 

  • Many of us have envied those actors in movies dressed in some smart tweed and have wanted to own a couple of suits in the fabric. 
  • Tweed is a fabric that is soft, has a vintage, yet regal look and it does feel super comfortable. 
  • Dashing Tweeds is a British brand for men that stays true to its name, selling some of the best Tweed fabric you can find. 
  • These are the best because with the times that have changed, this brand has evolved with their designs, putting a twist to the Tweed and making it modern.

Here are some of their modern tweed fabrics for you to check out:

Dashing Tweeds is a little traditional, only because they realise that only tailored outfits can give a man the real elegance. 

They have in house tailors who can tailor your clothes to fit you perfectly. They, however, do offer some pre-tailored fashion and accessories as well. Take a look at them here

Sir Plus  

Sir Plus is an interesting brand of clothing for men, originated in Britain, making waves in the market today. Sir Plus thought out of the box and took sustainability one step further. 

  • This British brand ensures sustainability by using surplus fabric and garments. 
  • What started as a company that made boxers out of surplus fabric that would otherwise be thrown away is today one of Britain’s top clothing brands for men. Who would have thought that clothing that is surplus can actually be turned into something really interesting, fashionable and something that appeals to men of all ages! 
  • These clothes are really cool, simple and elegant and can be carried off by people with the right attitude. 
  • Most of their garments are made in the UK, locally by tailors and very few clothes are made abroad. This is one of the most shopped at stores by the men in Britain for their laid back style, apt for a light summer party or a day on the beach. 

Here is a casual shirt for men by Sir Plus:

Here’s another one:

Check out Sir Plus’ take on the Nehru Jacket:

You can also find a range of formal clothing from this brand as they haven’t limited themselves to just casual wear. Check out some of their other interesting clothes here below:


The name of this brand might ring a bell when you see good quality jackets and sweaters from the same brand. 

  • The color palette this brand offers is very complimentary to people with different styles.
  • If you are looking for British casual men’s fashion styles, then this brand has everything to give you including casual sweatshirts and jackets.
  • It is cotton handcrafted with delicate clothing that will work for you for every occasion.

Watch out for their exclusive jacket collection that works out very well for winters and for casual fashion styles. 

The leather shoes they offer work really well with the other outfits in keeping up with the outfits and shirts they provide. 

Olive Spencer

Olive Spencer is one of the best and renowned brands for men’s fashion in the UK. If you are looking for functional clothing for British men then you will be sure to find them here. 

  • Olive Spencer is one of the best affordable brands for British men’s fashion with great offers in store for you. Make sure to check out their 60% offers on their casual outfits. 
  • They have modern styles that are contemporary and very laid back. This brand is very appealing to those who are into casual clothing for men. 

They have a wide range of shirts which come in a bunch of subtle colours. 


Reebok is no stranger to the world’s most renowned fashion apparel for both men and women. Reebok is one of the most preferred brands for casual British clothing for men. 

  • Even though Reebok is known for sports apparel, the clothing for men is super attractive and can be luring to the young crowd. 
  • The best part about Reebok is the shoes and other accessories that go with the clothing for men that they provide. 


Rab is one of the rarest brand out there which targets adventure and travel. It’s not often that you come across brands that delve more into sleeping bags and shirts and jackets. 

  • The jackets and mountain clothing for men are pretty much what you want for an adventurous and sporty vacation. 
  • All the shorts and jackets they have are very sporty and are made up of a strong and comfortable material. It gives the wearer a soothing feeling once worn and can be super sporty. 

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is another brand that is amongst the top British clothing brands for men. Marks and Spencer fall under the category of formals. M&S is also great for home and food products. This brand has outlets almost everywhere in the world. 

Marks and Spencer clothing has a splendid quality and confidently styled garments that are always in line with the latest fashion trends. They also follow sustainability. Their elegant detailing with comfort makes it one of the top luxury brands for men.


Clarks is a well-known British fashion brand for men. They’re very well known for their footwear, be it boots or casual footwear. Clarks footwear are famous for their comfort and exceptional quality. From sneakers to formal shoes, they’ve it all!

Clarks is apparently one of the largest footwear brands around the world. They’re quite expensive but worth the money. Also, their shoes are pretty durable. The wide toe boxes make the shoe experience a really comfortable one.

Gieves and Hawkes

Gieves and Hawkes is a luxury British clothing brand for men. You’ll find the finest, tailor-made garments here. It’s one of the oldest tailoring houses in the world. The company was founded in 1771 and currently has 45 stores in 25 cities as of March 2020. 

Gieves and Hawkes is perfect. You get your tailor-made formal suits, shirts and all the elegant garments. The neatly finished suits, with minute detailing made with the finest quality materials is definitely something you’d love about this brand. They also have retail items in store.

Which are the top men’s clothing brands in the UK? 

Some of the most reputed British clothing brands for men are Paul Smith, Burberry, Big fox apparel and Calvin Klein. While these provide the best clothing brands for men in the UK, they are also well known around the world. Some of these brands have women's clothing too. Here is where you can find some of the best affordable British clothing brands for men.

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