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What To Wear With Joggers For Men? | 8 Jogger Outfit Trends for 2024

What To Wear With Joggers For Men

Looking for what to wear with joggers for men? Check out this styling guide of men's jogger outfit ideas that are cool and trendy. Read further to know more.

Joggers have really become the new cool. It goes well with anything and everything on the top and gives you a stylish look. This athleisure look is cool for indoor as well as outdoor. It gives you a classy and confident vibe.

Why wear chinos or jeans when joggers are more comfortable and make you look extremely trendy. It has become a new must-have clothing in the wardrobe as it’s definitely the new fashion trend these days not only for men but also for women.

What to wear with joggers for men?

Men can pair joggers with a lot of outfits like sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, denims on top, blazers, polo t-shirts, or track jackets. The colour combination should be kept in mind while paring the jogger outfits. Some shoes that go along with joggers are boots, sneakers, loafers and sports shoes. You can accessorise your look with cool sunglasses, caps or scarves.

I sport my joggers everywhere, literally! I remember going on a trip and taking only joggers as it is so comfortable while travelling and makes me look class apart when I pair them with my hoodies, shirts or tee, anything basically!

If you’re looking for what to wear with joggers for men, your search should probably go on hold as I have for you the best styles that will make your jogger outfit look super vogue and latest. 

So, let’s check out some of the best outfits of what to wear with joggers for men below.

What to wear with Joggers for Men Best For  Available on
Adidas Sweatshirt Casual wear, Outdoor wear, Loungewear Amazon
Champion Powerblend Hoodie Casual wear, Outdoor wear Amazon
Men Patched Drawstring Hoodie Casual wear, Outdoor wear, Loungewear Shein
Pineapple print Crew-Neck T-shirt Casual wear, Outdoor wear, Beachwear Shein
Mens Denim Jacket Outdoor wear, Party wear AliExpress
Mens Grey Blazer Party wear, Formal wear AliExpress
Flamingo Print Men Polo Casual wear, Outdoor wear Shein
Grey Men Track Jacket Sportswear, Casual wear, Loungewear Amazon
Quilted Bomber Jacket Casual wear, Loungewear Shein

What are joggers?

Joggers are lightweight, comfortable and conventionally designed to wear for sports activities. They are ankle-length with elastic on the ankles and the waist. Joggers also have drawstrings to adjust the pants fittings.

However, today joggers are one of the most popular pants that have become closet essentials. They can now be worn not only for exercises but also for casual hangouts, parties and traveling, depending on the way it’s styled. 

How to wear joggers

  • Keep your look relaxed and casual
  • For maximum style, accessorize with scarf, sunglasses and side bags
  • Choose multiple layer clothing for variety of options
  • Opt for shorter jackets such as bomber jackets, denim jackets etc.
  • Pair a good and matching sneakers with your look

What To Wear With Joggers For Men

There are innumerable ways in which one can style their joggers. They can be styled depending on the occasion. The only place where joggers are not meant for is a formal occasion. Let’s check out jogger pants outfit mens paired with sweats.

Casual looks are the best with joggers especially because they can easily go with sweatshirts, hoodies, or tee. Thanks to the rise of athleisure wear, we can look cool, trendy, and still be comfortable all at once. 

Okay, now let’s check out the best trends on what to wear with joggers for men.

Sweatshirt + Joggers

This is probably the coolest look because it always looks so classy. If you’re too lazy to pick an outfit for a hangout or a day in, you should definitely just pick a sweatshirt that goes well with your joggers and roll. 

This is more like an everyday wear sort of outfit. Go for this Adidas sweatshirt that can never go wrong with your joggers. It will look good with all the colours of joggers you’ll have. You can preferably go for a black and grey look or an all black look for being a class apart.

I love this Adidas sweatshirt because the material is super soft and comfortable. It’s true to its size and doesn’t fit loose. I personally love to wear it with my black joggers because it’s my favourite colour.  So, what to wear with joggers for men? This sweatshirt for sure.

You  can go for this look if you’re confused about what to wear with joggers for men. You can wear sneakers, sports shoes or boots, whatever you feel comfortable in. This jogger pants outfit for mens is the coolest ever.

Hoodies + Joggers

This is my favourite jogger pant outfit idea. Hoodie is one thing that everyone loves until the girls don’t them from you *wink* What to wear with joggers for men? Well, hoodie is the answer.

It’s simple casual wear that can be sported wherever you go or just stay at home. If you’re calling it a movie date night at home, I’d suggest you wear a cosy hoodie you can snuggle in that also has a cap that can make you look cute. 

You can go for this hoodie if it’s cold. It’s full sleeved and provides warmth. The ombre light blue and dark blue looks very trendy. It’s made with 50% polyester and 50% cotton and doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin. 

This hoodie is true to its size and looks casual and smart. Go with dark grey or black joggers when you’re wearing this. You can choose your footwear according to the place you are in. 

You can also go for this half sleeved hoodie that looks so cool, just look at the picture. It’s material is thin, which makes it perfect for all occasions. It’s ideal for summers but if you wear thermals inside it’ll look great in winters as well.

It has drawstrings that can be adjusted according to you when you wear the hoodie. The sizes available are from S to XL and they’re true. 

If you want a baggy fit then you can for a size up whereas if you want it to be a regular fit, go for your true size. This is my go to hoodie whenever I’m confused about what to wear with joggers for men.

T- Shirt + Joggers

So it’s a summer evening and you don’t know what to wear with joggers for men. Don’t worry because the solution to this is very simple. It’s a tee that goes well with your joggers depending on it’s colour.

This tee from shein is so comfortable and gives out a casual yet classy look. It’s great for indoor as well as outdoor and also for a beach stroll or picnic. It has a print of coconut trees that reflects summer vibes and also looks airy. 

The material is extremely comfortable and it's true to its size. The sizes available are from S to XXXXL so that shouldn’t be a problem. 

What to wear with joggers for men? Definitely this beachy-vibe tee! These jogger pants outfit ideas are awesome, yeah?

Denim Jacket + Joggers

This can be your go to, honestly. Denim Jackets look so cool and can be a great fashionable outfit to go with your joggers. The denim look has been famous since the 70s, it was in trend in Y2K as well in gen Z too.

This denim Jacket is basic and is dark blue in colour. If you wear a white tee inside it, it will look super cool. This denim jacket will look super cool with black joggers or white joggers. However, you can also pair it with other colour joggers. 

This denim jacket is made with pure jeans material and is comfortable. The round buttons give a statement look to the jacket. It will look really cool if you wear white sport shoes or sneakers beneath. 

You can also accessorise your look with a scarf and cool sunglasses. 

Blazer + Joggers

Joggers have a great versatility. It goes well from something like a normal tee to something like a blazer. Yes friends, a blazer. It’s a combo between comfort and uptight. It’s better to keep your colour palette with this look a neutral tone. 

You need to go for a less structured blazer or the one that’s not completely formal. You can choose a casual fit also. This is a formal joggers men's outfit that you should try.

This blazer is a very cool knitted fit blazer with two buttons. The material of the blazer is very nice and doesn’t cause any irritation even in the collars. I wore it with my black joggers last time and everyone complimented me for my look.

What to wear with joggers for men if you want a semi-formal look? Yeah, here is the answer! joggers for men can be now made amazing with just a blazer.

Polo T-shirt + Joggers

This is one of the simple sporty vibe joggers outfits that you should definitely wear. If you want to look more polished and trendy, go for a heavy knitted polo tee with prints and pair it with light neutral colour joggers. 

This is one of the best polo tee, it is super cute with flamingos on it.  The material is extremely soft and perfect for summer outdoor wear. It’ll make a great outfit if you wanna wear it on a picnic. This is the best joggers fit for men

It was gifted to me by my friend and I loved it. I wear it with black joggers and my classic jordan shoes that look so cool with it. Here’s the best style for what to wear with joggers for men.

Track Jacket + Joggers 

This is definitely the most basic athleisure combo ever. You can go for matching colours or a mismatched one but try choosing your colours wisely if you’re going for something other than neutral. Don’t be confused about what to wear with grey joggers guys anymore.

This track jacket is made with polyester and spandex and feels soft when worn. It’s lightweight and also has side pockets. 

If you’re confused about what to wear with joggers for men on a light rainy or cold day, you can go for this track jacket. Remember to pair it with the best sport shoes you have!

Bomber Jacket + Joggers

Pairing your favorite bomber jacket with joggers i one of the most relaxed looks you could go for. A nice polyester shell bomber jacket will provide a well refined sporty vibe and you can complete the look with a nice comfy pair of minimalist sneakers.

Not only will this look be perfect for any occasion, but when winter hits you are ready to brave the cold and if it gets too cold then simply slide on a light colored hoodie underneath the Bomber and you got a new look you can easily pull off

It's super casual and I personally love wearing my grey hoodie with an olive green bomber coupled with a navy blue pair of cotton joggers and black VANS.

What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

If you're looking for something comfortable to wear on your feet that also compliment the whole athleisure look then the safest bet is to wear a nice pair of sneakers.

Sneakers + Joggers

Nike's are the perfect kind of sneakers to wear and they go well with light colored joggers or if you're wearing a jacket with your joggers. You can also opt for a pair of black Puma or Adidas runners if you're planning on hitting your jogging path.

Boat Shoes + Joggers

Boat shoes are another option if you're heading to the grocery store and would like to look smart in the process. These shoes work in all situations and are really comfortable to wear. Moreover, you don't need socks to pull off this look.

Espadrilles + Joggers

Espadrilles look like neat formal slippers and they go really well with joggers. If you're interested in something casual, lightweight and breathable then they're your best bet. Also, they look fantastic if you're heading to the beach or simply lounging around at home.

What are the best jogger brands?

  • Nike 
  • Adidas
  • Balmain
  • Y-3
  • Alexander Wang
  • Lacoste
  • Cadet
  • J Crew
  • Theory

Why are joggers popular?

Joggers are popular because they’re versatile. They are comfortable yet reflect a trendy vibe. Many catwalk shows have also put models with joggers. They’re a great option for streetwear.

Is it okay to wear joggers in public? 

Yes, it’s okay to wear joggers in public as it’s no longer only restricted to gyms or exercise. You can pair cool topwear to make a great outfit with your jogging pants. 

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